PR Enquiries

If you would be interested in working with me please read my full Disclaimer below. 
You can contact me at elliegracex@live.com


All content on this website is created by myself unless otherwise clearly stated. All reviews on this blog are 100% honest and based on my own personal experiences and thoughts. I write all of my posts honestly, so that I can give the reader my true opinions on a product/brand etc. I never write anything that I do not believe is true. I can only give my opinions based on my personal experiences with a product/brand etc. Of course what works for me may not work for you, so please take that into consideration. Everyone is different!

I am sometimes lucky enough to be sent products/samples by brands for consideration of review on my blog. When something I am featuring has not been paid for by myself (or is not a gift from a friend/family member) I will always make this clear to the reader by using * next to the name at the start of the post. Items marked with * may have been provided through a brand directly contacting me, receiving a sample in a gift bag, attending an event, through gift card/store credit compensation etc.  I will never not disclaim when something has not been paid for by myself, unless it is a gift from family or friend.

Being sent an item will not change how I write my review, my opinions will still be 100% honest, I never write a positive review simply because a product was a sample. If my thoughts are negative I try to write constructive criticism instead of writing a post full of bad things.

Occasionally I post sponsored content on my blog. This too will always be made clear to the reader by a disclaimer at the bottom of the post, which will usually say "sponsored" or "collaborative" post. It is illegal for someone to not disclaim when a link/content has been paid for in a post. I usually write sponsored content myself so that the post will still be in my writing style and of interest to my readers. I only accept paid content I believe is relevant to the readers of my blog.

Some links on my blog may be affiliate links. I am personally still trying to figure out how affiliate networks works but it's obvious the amount made is never huge. If a link to a page is affiliated and somebody purchases an item from that website after clicking the link, then I would make a tiny % of the sale. However affiliated links will never be obtrusive to you. 

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