Monday, 10 August 2015

imPRESS accent press on nails

imPRESS Accent Press on Nails £6.98

I'm terrible at nails, I can just about paint them nicely but can't do any sort of nail art. I love the idea of well manicured nails but I'm too scared to get any sort of gel or acrylic nails done properly. I've used imPRESS nails before and think they are great for a quick and easy manicure. 

imPRESS Accent Nails come in a range of different designs, I've tried out the Bells and Whistle print which I think are really fun. The nails are mint green, one of my favourite colours, with an aztec print accent nail. In each set of imPRESS Accent Nails you get a range of different nail sizes with numbers on for you to match up the correct sizes. There is also a nail file and wipe. 

Even for someone as incapable as me, imPRESS nails are so easy to apply. You simply wipe over nails and file them, then match up the correct sizes and press them on. I like to apply pressure for a minute or so on each nail just to make sure the nail is properly secure. This set of nails lasted four days before they started to fall off. I don't think that's bad at all for nails that don't use any glue or anything that could cause damage to your nails.

If you've got a last minute event or party to go to, or are heading to a summer festival or generally just want an easy manicure, then you should definitely check out the imPRESS range. There are so many fun colours and designs. 

You can pick up imPRESS Accent Nails in Asda and other beauty suppliers.
Have you tried imPRESS nails before?

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