Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Disney World Tag!

Before heading to Disneyland Paris I filmed the Disney World Tag with my best friend Chelsea, answering questions all about the most magical place on earth!

I'd love to know your answers to the tag questions:

1- First time you went to Disney World?
2- Favourite park?
3- Favourite land in Magic Kingdom?
4- Favourite Disney resort hotel?
5- Favourite snack?
6- Favourite table service and counter service?
7- Favourite ride?
8- Favourite show?
9- Favourite parade or fireworks?
10- Favourite pavilion in Epcot?
11- What colour is your magic band?
12- Favourite character to meet?
13- A character you haven't met but really want to?
14- Your best Disney memory?

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  1. Your disney ears are so cute!


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