Thursday, 14 May 2015

Benefit Brow Bar Experience Vlog

If you head to a Benefit Brow Bar this month and book in for a brow wax then not only will 100% of profits Benefit make go to charities helping women and girls, you will also receive a free full size Gimme Brow (my absolute favourite brow product!)

I popped to Benefit yesterday to get my brows 'wowed' but also wanted to share with you a vlog I did from March when I filmed the whole process to show how Benefit wax and tint brows to give that amazing brow we all long for. I'm a massive wimp with pain and actually think the brow wax is completely fine, I wouldn't have been back so many times if it was in anyway uncomfortable.
My favourite part of the Benefit Brow Service is the tint as it makes a huge difference to my brows. I have fairly sparse brows that need a lot of work to give me that defined arch I love, but the tint makes a huge difference as you will see in the vlog!

You can watch the vlog online here.

Don't forget to book in for your #boldisbeautiful brow wax in May and be part of an amazing cause!
Find your nearest Benefit Brow Bar here.


  1. OMG that pizza looks so good its making me hungry!! Also love your new brows!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  2. I've hears so much about Benefit Brows! xx



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