Sunday, 5 April 2015

LUSH Easter 2015

Here's a quick look at a few bits from the fun Easter collection from LUSH that won't be around for much longer! The range has been out for a while and should be around til stocks last, so there is still time to shop the range both online and in stores. LUSH limited ranges are always eagerly anticipated and very popular, the Easter collection is definitely one of the most popular launches of each year.
The Easter range is full of bath and body products to satisfy everyone! With bright colours, fun designs and yummy scents, it ticks all the boxes of what you want from a LUSH limited collection.

Pot O'Gold- Why wouldn't you want to make showers fun by using a gorgeous scented jelly for a deep skin cleanse! Open the lid and you literally have a tub of sparkly gold jelly. You can break pieces off to use, however this take a lot of effort, or simply rub the whole jelly over your body. I may be a bit of a big kid but it really does make a shower fun. My favourite thing about this is how beautiful is smells! It has a sweet vanilla and citrusy scent that is almost good enough to eat.

Carrot Soap- I wasn't sure if I'd like a chunk of soap named after a vegetable but thankful the Carrot soap doesn't actually smell like carrots! Carrot Soap can be used all over but I've been using it as a hand soap as I'm much more of a shower gel (or jelly) girl. It's not the most moisturising but does leave your hands feel very clean and smelling lovely. The scent is an uplifting and zingy mix of lemon oil and bergamot.

 Bunch Of Carrots- I'm a complete bubble bath addict so I love it when LUSH do 'reusable' bubble bar's that work out slightly cheaper to purchase. Bunch Of Carrots is a bubble bar with three carrots that can be used several times depending on how bubbly you like your bath to be! I held one whole carrot under the tap to create the bath above. I love the fruity scent that fills the bathroom when you use these, it makes it hard to ever want to get out the tub!

There is a whole bunch more products in the range so make sure you check out the collection online or instores!
Have you tried anything from the LUSH Easter collection?
*pr samples, review 100% honest as always


  1. I was rather surprised with the Carrot Soap too but I have fell in love with the scent, really hope they bring it back next year :) xx

  2. I picked up the Carrot Soap, to me it smells tropical. I'm yet to use it though I have so much Lush stuff to get through!

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  3. I've got this but I'm yet to use it - its so pretty!!

  4. Those carrots look adorable haha, it all looks amazing xx

    Love Vicki |

  5. I hope you've put it to full use!x

  6. It's great fun! I love how fun they make something like a shower gel be!x

  7. It's a lovely scent, I don't want mine to end!x

  8. It's a lovely scent, I hope mine last ages!x

  9. Pot O' Gold looks amazing! I don't know how I didn't spot this when I was last in Lush. They always come up with the quirkiest products - I'm definitely a sucker for their novelty seasonal products.



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