Monday, 27 April 2015

Chelsea Harbour Hotel Spa

Last week I finally experienced my first every spa day and all I can say is WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME TO GO SOONER?! I was kindly invited to the spa at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London to try out their facilities and have my first ever massage with my friend Louise! I have to say I had no idea what to expect but I had the most relaxing afternoon and have already begun trying to convince my Nan to book a spa weekend with me. 

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is situated in an exclusive, tucked away area of Chelsea Harbour in west London. The harbour area feels like a hidden away and secret part of London. The hotel overlooks the marina and the River Thames, it also has lovely views of the rest of London. The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is a 5 star retreat that would be the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend in the city where you are close enough to see the sights but can still unwind in peace. 

The hotel has a calming atmosphere that continues through to it's onsite health club and spa. The spa has a range of facilities including a fully equipped gym, health club, hair salon, pool, sauna, steam room, relaxation room and six treatment rooms. Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely team and provided with our gowns, slippers and towels to use whilst there. We were shown to the spacious and modern changing and locker area that had powerful showers with toiletries provided, a make up station and an area to dry and style your hair with tools provided. 

Myself and Louise popped on our swimming gear and robes and really got in the 'spa frame of mind'. We headed down to the pool area to swim a few lengths but mostly just to relax. I loved that the pool space was light and airy, with a wall of windows letting in lots of natural light. Sometimes indoor swimming pools can feel cramped but the Chelsea Harbour Hotel pool is open and spacious. 

After our swim we checked out the sauna and steam rooms. The steam room felt amazing and was a great skin treatment as it opens up the pores to help get rid of any impurities and nastiness. I only popped into the sauna for a couple of minutes and couldn't help myself but recreate the scene from Frozen when Wandering Oaken shouts *YooHoo* to his family in his sauna! 

It was soon time to head to the Relaxation Room to wait for our aromatherapy full body massages, to be honest I would have happily sat in the Relaxation Room for an hour as it was incredibly calming in there! With mood lighting, comfy arm chairs and soothing music, we both almost fell asleep whilst we waited to be taken to out Therapy Rooms. 

I had no idea what an aromatherapy full body massage would be like and was a tad worried it would be awkward but I was so wrong. The therapist put me at ease straight away explaining what she would be doing and asking if I had any questions. At this point I did ask for her not to touch my feet as I am a feet hater, this wasn't a problem at all and I felt very relaxed in her capable and soothing hands! 

The massage itself was incredible, it was strange at points when the therapist was pushing out the tension but she was quick to check that I was okay and her pressure was suitable. I spent most of the hour trying to stay awake as I felt incredibly relaxed, calm and comfortable. I honestly felt so much lighter and like an actual weight had been lifted off me afterwards. 

An afternoon like this isn't something I'd be able to afford every week but I definitely would treat myself to a massage every few months or so. The Aromatherapy Massage costs £80 for an hour, a fair price for a five star hotel in an exclusive area of London. It's definitely worth they money for the incredibly relaxing experience and feeling that stayed with me for days afterwards!

If you're looking to book a spa weekend or just fancy a treatment I'd highly recommend The Chelsea Harbour Hotel Spa, even the two hour long tube journey home didn't stress me out after a wonderfully relaxing afternoon. 

Now go back and count how many times I used the word relaxing, ha!

*pictures provided by Chelsea Harbour Hotel, (wasn't able to take my own due to not wanting to photograph others in swimming stuff!)
*press opportunity, review 100% honest as always


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to have to consider booking me and my friends one of these - maybe after we finish our A level this summer!
    Olivia xxx
    PS. I totally would have done the "yoohoo!" thing too. No shame. x

  2. This looks soo beautiful. I've not had spa day in so long. I must fix that soon.

    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  3. This looks like the most amazing spa.
    Your photos are insane

  4. That swimming pool looks amazing! So jealous!
    Serena /

  5. Ohh this looks amazing. And I just love Chelsea Harbour!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I really want to go here, but I'm waiting for the perfect occasion!

  7. It looks gorgeous! Totally need to make a trip!

    Lorna | xx


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