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Review | MAC Cinderella 'Stroke Of Midnight' Palette

Review of the MAC Cinderella 'Stroke Of Midnight' Palette Review of the MAC Cinderella 'Stroke Of Midnight' Palette Review of the MAC Cinderella 'Stroke Of Midnight' Palette

MAC Cinderella 'Stroke Of Midnight' Palette* £38.50

When MAC announced their Cinderella collection it's safe to say I was very, very excited. It's a collection that is dividing opinions of beauty lovers and Disney fans but I am completely in love with the whole range. I knew I would be and I'm first to admit I am biased because if you stick the Disney logo on something I'm pretty much guaranteed to buy it.

I adore the iridescent blue packaging of the Stroke Of Midnight Palette, I personally think it is a great fit for a Cinderella collection as it instantly reminds me of her beautiful blue and sparkly ball gown! I think it's incredibly 'Princessy' and a great fit for the movie.

The Stroke of Midnight Palette contains six beautiful neutral eye shadows that I am just obsessed with. 5 of the 6 shadows are permanent in the MAC range. The palette is very grown up and perfect for a neutrals or smokey eye lover. It features the sort of shadows I could definitely imagine Cinderella keeping in her make up bag!

Vapour- A peach-pink with violet pearl with a velvet finish.
Phloof!- A frosted off white with a frost finish.
Omega- A soft muted beige-taupe with a matte finish.
Quarry- A soft muted plum-brown with a matte finish.
Satin Taupe- A taupe with silver shimmer and a frost finish.
Stroke Of Midnight- A warm black plum with sparkle pearl and a velvet finish. (exclusive to this palette)

I absolutely love the shadows included in the Stroke Of Midnight Palette. I know for some people the fact 5 of the shades are permanent MAC shadows is an issue. I personally only owned Satin Taupe before, which is actually my most used MAC shadow so I'm quite happy to have a back up!

I'm a massive fan of the MAC eyeshadow formula. I find all the shades to have a soft and buttery texture, are easy to apply and blend, as well as lasting for around 8 hours on me without a primer. The shadows are well pigmented, although the lighter shades can be slightly harder to build up. I am really impressed with the quality and it's introduced me to 4 new shadows I will definitely pick up when I eventually work my way through this palette.

All I can really say is this palette makes me want to dance round the room singing 'so this is love'...

The Stroke Of Midnight palette retails for £38.50, a good price if you think a MAC shadow costs £10 for the loose refill. 
The MAC Cinderella collection launches on the MAC website and in Harrods on the 6th of March. It will be available elsewhere from the 13th of March. It's a guaranteed sell out!

Will you be picking up anything from the MAC Cinderella collection?


  1. Caroline Cooch2 March 2015 at 17:13

    I love the MAC collections (my bank balance doesn't). Great eyeshadow palette, very neutral tones.

  2. This palette looks gorgeous. I thought I wouldn't be interested in this collection, but from what I've been seeing I will definitely give it a go x

  3. It looks like a gorgeous palette - I'm tempted to get it when it's released...if I can x

  4. MAC collections always excite me! This palette looks so pretty, and all shades are wearable

  5. i really love the look of the cinderella MAC range and i think the shades in this eyeshadow are so so nice, great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  6. They just look so wearable :) I'm liking the look of this whole collection to be honest... x
    Ally |

  7. Gorgeous palette. I so want it and the whole of the collection. Agh! xx

  8. Lets Talk Beauty3 March 2015 at 15:35

    I have been curious to see swatches of these & I have to say I am impressed. I thought they would be a little meh but I would get so much use from this palette.

  9. I'm so jealous you got this collection, i was dying to get it!

    Andrea x

  10. This is such a beautiful palette. I definitely need to try and get it. great post


  11. I hope you got your hands on some of it!x

  12. It's such a great neutrals palette! I'm in love!xo

  13. I love the whole range too, so pretty!x

  14. Me too, but this is the first one I've really wanted everything from!x

  15. I hope you managed to order one! :) xo


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