Sunday, 1 March 2015

10 Things NOT to do at Disney World!

If you are planning a trip to Disney World or simply want to know more about it then hopefully this video will help you out! Find out ten things I think you should definitely not do at Disney World!
You can watch the video online here.

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  1. Yes! I HATE people who use iPads in the Disney parks - I got stuck behind two girls using them during the electrical parade and I could barely see anything. The worst part was I could see the photographs and videos they were taking and they were terrible quality, so it wasn't even worth ruining everyone's views for!

    This was such a helpful video - I definitely agree with all of your tips. The only problem is it's made my craving to go back so much worse!


  2. Your blog is perfection! Disney and Makeup... my two biggest passions :') x

  3. Diana Cloudlet2 March 2015 at 09:01

    It's amazing video! Great job! I know that it requires
    so much time to create something unique, but keep doing it!)


  4. It's so frustrating and rude! I wish they would ban them!
    Thanks so much, hope you get a trip planned soon!x


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