Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Magical Orlando Tag

 If there is a tag related to Disney/Orlando/Universal etc then there is no way I'm not going to do it!
 I love these sort of questions because Orlando is my most favourite place and I love absolutely anything to do with it! I'm currently planning my trip back for October next year and really cannot wait.

Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
I'd like to say Gryffindor as I'd totally love to be best friend with Harry and the gang but I'd also fit fairly well in Hufflepuff. I'm a Leo starsign so I do have that fiery side to my personality that you'd find in Gryffindor but I'm also a lot like the Hufflepuff traits too, so it would probably depend on  my mood!

Name a Disney character you’d like to have dinner with?
It's impossible to pick just one character, I literally cannot do it. I'd love to have dinner with Mickey Mouse as he is the character that started it all! I'd love to have dinner with any of the princesses but Belle is my top pick as I've always loved her the most as I really relate to her. 

Which Marvel superhero power would you choose?I must confess I have only ever watched one Marvel film and it's not something that appeals to me. I've had a Google and would go with Mystique from X Men's power to shapeshift, not for vain reasons but simply because it would be so fun to change the way you look all the time!

If you could bring back one dinosaur breed from Jurassic Park, which would it be?
I think we all learnt that you should not bring back dinosaurs as it always ends in disaster, clearly the people in the new Jurassic World film know nothing ha! I'd definitely bring back a vegetarian dinosaur that has a calm nature so maybe a diplodocus.

You can ride a dragon at the Triwizard Tournament and visit the Owlery at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but where else would you go on a school trip to Hogsmeade?
 Another impossible question! I'd love to visit Honeydukes and stop up on all the strange but tasty sweet treats, I'd definitely have been a chocolate frog card collector. I'd also have to go for a meal and a Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks!

A scene in any Disney, Harry Potter or Marvel movie you wish you could experience?
Another question that doesn't have just one answer because there are so many beautiful scenes in Disney films. The winner for me is the Tale As Old As Time scene in Beauty and the Beast. It's just such a magical moment and has always been special to me. It's incredibly romantic, the song is beautiful and Belle's gown is perfect! 

Name one item from any Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel movie would you want for Christmas.
Definitely the invisibility cloak, I'd love to be able to disappear and go wherever I wanted too. I'd also love any of the princess gowns just so I could wear it all the time and feel special! Can I also go for a Fairy Godmother to look out for me?

Name one unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Orlando Parks.Absolutely nothing will beat the experience of walking into Magic Kingdom for the first time. The first day of our trip last year we headed to MK and I was already emotional as we were on the monorail approaching the entrance. When we walked under the arches and through to the entrance of the park I was honestly the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I can't explain how that moment felt, it was just perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this tag, I loved answering the questions although some of them are quite hard!
I tag Brogan, Charlotte and anyone else who loves Orlando!


  1. This post made me feel so happy! :) I haven't been to Disney world since 2010 and it was the best holiday ever! Maybe i'll have to persuade my parents for us to go next year... ;)

    -Anna - Annalalee.blogspot.com

  2. This is amazing!! Definitely going to have to do this one :) xx


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