Friday, 21 November 2014

Review | Barry M Surprise Surprise Lipgloss

 Barry M Surprise Surprise Lipgloss £4.49

If you watch Surprise Surprise then you probably saw the episode featuring the amazing Holly Addison. I missed the epsiode but have since watched it back and after hearing about Holly and what's she achieved I urge you all to make sure you pick up one of these lipglosses to support an awesome cause!

Holly has raised over £7000 in 18 months for charities including the Katherine House Hospice where Holly's Dad stayed whilst being treated for an aggressive form of brain cancer. As part of Holly's Surprise Surprise experience she has teamed up with Barry M to create a limited edition lipgloss where 70% of the proceeds go straight to the Katherine House Hospice.

The lipgloss is called Holly A's Surprise Surprise Lipgloss and is only around for a limited period so make sure you get your hands on one. The gloss is a pale and milky pink with a gold shimmer that doesn't really show to much on the lips. It's a lovely nude shade that might not suit everyone when worn alone but paired with a lipstick it's gorgeous. I team this with MAC Creme Cup, my go to daily lipstick, for a perfect nude lip. The scent (and taste) is a yummy strawberry and mango mix, which reminds me of sherbet sweets. It's easy to apply with the doe foot applicator and the formula isn't too sticky.

I'm not a huge gloss fan but have been reaching for this a lot. The fact it looks great paired with my every day lipstick means I've used it a lot and actually ended up really liking it. It does fade over a couple of hours but it's so easy to top up that it's not a problem.

Loosing a parent at a young age is one of the worst pains you can experience, to me Holly is a huge inspiration as she's been through a difficult thing and done something special by raising a fab amount of money that's only going to rise with this brilliant collaboration.

Make sure you pick up the Surprise Surprise Lipgloss whilst it's around for the next few months.


  1. Lovely shade, ones like this are great on top of lipsticks to give an extra shine x
    Emma |

  2. This looks lush, going to pick one of these up over the weekend. I'm not usually a lip gloss fan but I find my matte lipsticks too dry in this weather xx


  3. This shade looks so gorgeous and the idea behind it is amazing!

    Sophie x

  4. The colour of this gloss looks lovely! Such a good cause too x

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  5. this looks gorge! x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  6. it's such a great thing for barry m to do!x

  7. this was the first one i've tried but i'm really impressed!x

  8. I think so too x

  9. I know what you mean, this would be fab over any neutral or soft pink lipstick!x

  10. They really are :) xo

  11. Hi Ellie,

    I am Holly Addison and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for supporting my lipgloss!

    I have struggled to find all the bloggers who have posted about it, but luckily I am finding some more so I can say thank you!

    The lipgloss is only on sale for 1 more month (April 2015) but sales have been great so far! Everyone's support has been amazing and it is bloggers like yourself, that have help spread the word and increase sales!

    So again thank you :-)

  12. I love Barry M's glosses, this one is gorgeous! x


Thanks so much for commenting!

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