Friday, 12 September 2014

Tips to save money when online shopping

 Apart from The Sims, YouTube and Netflix, the ability to shop from the comfort of my own home (bed) is one of my favourite things about the internet! To be honest it's very rare that I'll buy things on the high street unless I'm heading to Primark, most of my shopping is done online as there are always discounts and vouchers available to make it cheaper. Who wouldn't want to save money whilst not even having to leave the house?

There are lots of ways to save money when shopping online but something I always do is check for discount vouchers, deals and codes to reduce the total cost of my shopping. I always check if there is a discount available before purchasing something online, whether it's fashion, technology, travel or ordering a takeaway because there is little worse than finding you could have saved some money after you've spent it!

One of my favourite websites that I use to find discounts is I like a website that has all the discounts in one place and is updated regularly so you can find the best savings. lists all the latest and best offers from discount codes to sales in a website that's simple to use and has a huge range of brands. You can search by store if you are after something specific or by general category like travel. You can also search by what you are looking to purchase, I've been searching for 'flights' regularly as I need to book them for Disney World next year!

Another way to save is to use cashback websites. I've only recently found out about them and am now trying to get myself in the habit of using them whenever I buy something. Cashback websites are simple to use and can earn you back a decent amount of money. You sign up to the website then click through the link and purchase, depending on the percentage of cashback you can earn a little back back that can be put into future sales funds (or save!)

My final online shopping tip is to make sure you are signed up to your favourite brands loyalty schemes. Brands reward shoppers whether it's with exclusive discounts or points to spend back in store so making sure you are maximising the offers and collecting your rewards can save money or earn you some to use again. Whether it's a points card or just signing up to a database it's worth doing so you are first to know about discounts and offers!

What's your number one online shopping tip?

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  1. I defo need to look around for voucher codes before purchasing things online x


  2. Thanks for the website link, will be having a look at the codes!
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  3. I need to start looking around for voucher codes before purchasing things online, thanks for sharing xx

  4. My number one online shopping tip is to sign up to their email updates so whenever they have the latest offers, you are updated straight away and can save huge amounts of money. I know getting constant emails can annoy people but I just love to sign up to my favourite websites and brands to get exclusive offers first and save loads!! xxxx


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