Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Boots Beauty Haul

Yesterday I 'fell' into Boots, this lot 'fell' in my basket and my card 'fell' in the machine. £48 later, I had a tiny amount of regret but this lot should have cost around £80 and I got triple Boots points so really it was a bargain (justification!)
There were quite a offers on across most brands so I decided to pick up a few bits I'd wanted to try for a while and a couple of new releases. I think some of the offers are different in stores and online but if there is anything you are longing to try out now may be a good time, not that I'm an enabler!

I only went in for a couple more of the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains after featuring them here and loving them. I went for Miami Fever and LA Exclusive, if you haven't tried these yet definitely go have a swatch as the shade range is lovely! Revlon eyes, lips and nails were buy one get one half price.

Soap & Glory was also buy one get one half price. I swatched the Supercat Eyeliner Pen and it was very pigmented so it went in the basket. After the hype I've wanted to try the Archery Brow Tint and Pencil but it was sold out, I went with the Archery Pencil and Brush. I've never used an eyebrow pencil but I'll definitely keep an eye out for the Archery Tint too.

Seventeen was buy one get one half price and I'd been meaning to pick up the Phwoarr Paint Concealer (cringy name) as I've heard good reviews and comparisons to Benefit Erase Paste. I wasn't too sure what other product to go for so went for the Skin Wow Highlighter that says it can be used as a primer but I'll probably stick with using this as a liquid highlighter.

L'Oreal, also buy one get one half price, was my last stop and they had a lovely woman on counter as a brand ambassador. I needed a new matte bronzer and saw the Glam Bronze duo with a highlighter. I haven't bought a new foundation in ages and loved the rose gold bottle of the Lumi Magique. It's a light infusing and hydrating foundation that I'm really looking forward to trying.
The L'Oreal ambassador kindly gave me a Dress Like Diamonds gift set which they used as a Christmas offer which had a full size mascara, lipstick and nail polish along with a moisturiser sample and two sachets of BB creams.

It's safe to say I'll be staying away from the shops for a while!
If there are any products you'd like me to do a full post on please let me know in the comments.
Have you splurged on any beauty bits lately?


  1. I really want to try the Phwoarr Paint it sounds like a great concealer apparently its a dupe as well?

  2. Great buys. I love the Lumi Magique foundation :)

    Sophie x

  3. Oooh good choices! Lots of things I want to try, especially the 17 products. x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. A great haul! I fancy a trip to boots now haha x

  5. You picked up so many bargains - amazing products! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  6. I wish I could just fall into boots then every product I wanted fall into my basket ;) You got a great selection though, don't feel guilty, little life's pleasures and all that jazz xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  7. Ahh so many amazing products!
    Dying to try the supercat eyeliner!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  8. Great Post, I just reviewed the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stains on my blog.
    Beautiful Blog. Katie x

  9. I really wish i could just splurge! I always stop myself though hah
    Love Victoriajanex

  10. Good little Boots trip! The seventeen concealer is meant to be really good. I agree very cringing name :o)

  11. Great haul, I love Supercat eyeliner, I hope you will love it too.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  12. I absolutely love the revlon stains - I have Parisian Passion and I absolutely lurrrrve the formula. Everything you bought is stunning, L'oreal is my favourite drugstore brand:-) The bronzer looks beautiful - really want the supercat liner from s&g, which I've asked for for my birthday tomorrow so fingers crossed I get it :-) Lovely post, I love hauls!!!xxxxx

  13. Great haul xx

  14. I love the look of all the stuff you got! It's very lucky the loreal brand ambassador gave you that! Great post xx

    Beauty Girl

  15. OoOo love the look of that L'Oreal bronzing powder! Fab haul.. totally justified haha xxx

    Gemma |

  16. agh! I want it all! You've picked up some lovely bits and It happens to me too, when in boots my wallet cries a little lol

  17. Woah! That's one incredible haul!



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