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Review | Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout

Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout Mango Kit* £14.99

 Keratin treatments have grown in popularity over the past couple of years with most salons offering a treatment to tame frizz, keep it straight and be a little bit more low maintenance. I've always wanted to try one out but they are costly with no guarantee they will work, however Free From Frizz have come out with a budget solution that you can pick up on the highstreet and do yourself at home!

The Free From Frizz Kit come in two varieties, Mango for Thick/Coarse hair and Watermelon for Normal/Fine hair. I went for the Mango as I have thick hair that gets frizzy/wavy easily. Each kit is one application and comes in a cute milk carton box. Inside the box is a Pre Cleanser, the Active Keratin Treatment and a little brush by Denman.

This is quite a lengthy treatment and you need an evening to do it (be aware that you can't tie up or wash your hair for 48 hours after.) The first stage is to wash your hair twice with the Pre-Cleanse Shampoo and then dry it so it is slightly damp. Next divide hair into three sections and apply the Active Keratin Treatment so it evenly covers it. This needs to absorb for 40 minutes, it does have a strong chemical smell but that didn't bother me too much. Then rinse off the treatment and dry hair so it's slightly damp.

The last step is using a ceramic straightener to seal in the treatment by sectioning the hair, starting at the back of the neck. Each section of hair needs to be straightened 7 times moving quickly so not to damage the hair. This took me a hour to do and wasn't the easiest.

After finishing the treatment my hair felt dry and like it needed a good mask but I had to leave it down and not wash it for 48 hours. I didn't feel like my hair was instantly frizz free but I think that's because it felt dry and static.

After 48 hours I washed my hair and definitely noticed a difference. It dried quicker, was less frizzy than usual and didn't take so long to straighten. It's been a great time to test out the Free From Frizz Kit as the weather has been humid and my hair would usually react very quickly by returning to it's natural wavy state. My hair was a lot more manageable and less frizzy than usual, it stayed straight for longer.

I have been using the Mango Shampoo and Conditioner, which can be bought separately, for a few weeks now and I'm not convinced that it extends the life of the treatment but they do smell really lovely. I'm not amazed by the results but it definitely did make a difference for around three weeks, and for the price it's not exactly a disappointment!

For £14.99 it's well worth giving the Free From Frizz Kit a go and I'd repurchase it and use it before going on holiday or when I know the weather is going to be bad for my hair!

Would you try out the Free From Frizz 6 Week Blowout?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always


  1. This sounds like exactly what my hair needs but it just seems like so much effort! It's definitely something I would consider though, it's just finding the time to fit it in that's the problem - my hair can take about an hour to straighten normally anyway :( x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. It's 100% worth trying out if you do have hair that is hard to manage.
      It will definitely take you a lot of time but the results might be worth it!x

  2. This sounds like something I'd love to try but I have fine hair and I'm allergic to watermelon! Interesting review :) xx


    1. That's a shame, I'm sure this one would still work for you though!x

  3. This sounds really good, ive never actually tried it before.

    Jess x

    1. It's worth giving a go if you have an evening to spare!x

  4. I've got this set as well, but the watermelon one. They smell amazing! I haven't tried the blowout yet, but I now know to keep an evening free for it.
    Love the review! :)

    If you're interested there is a giveaway up on my blog! :)

    Amzy In Wonderland

    1. Definitely set a side a night to do it as it did take me quite a while!
      Thanks so much. :) x

  5. I'm going on holiday soon and I've been searching for a treatment that would stop my hair from frizzing so much! Definitely going to look into this product it sounds great!


    1. It would definitely be a great treatment to do before heading on a holiday!x


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