Tuesday, 29 July 2014

ootd | I'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat

kimono*- New Look
grey top- New Look
shorts- h&m
bag*- New Look

(spot the Frozen reference)
So summer seems to be well and truly hear, we've got blazing sun one minute and thunderstorms so you never know if you are going to get caught in a downpour (yep this happened to me on Friday.)

I've jumped on the kimono bandwagon but have stayed faithful to my monochrome love by basically living in this tile printed number from New Look, I love the crochet tassle detail on the bottom too. Pairing it with my ever faithful shorts from h&m that are just the right length to not show off all my bum, will never understand why anyone wears *those* shorts. Because I am the queen of basic outfits and a grey lover this basic top is getting a lot of wear.

The warm weather means I am carrying round lots more things, still mostly unnecessary items but I can't help it! I love big tote bags that you can chuck everything into, granted it's a bit chaotic but I know I have everything I need when I use this white tote. I really like the laser cut out on the sides and that it's white! I've never had a white bag before but it goes with pretty much everything!

Useless and sad fact about me.. I love a quiz. Especially one's with Ryan Gosling in!
Take the Summer Personality quiz New Look have created below to find out where you should be spending your Summer, I got Barbados. Now if anyone wants to pay for my plane ticket?

Holiday Vs. Festival Summer Personality Quiz by New Look

*New Look gifted me with vouchers which I used to buy featured items in this post

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Paris, day two.

Our second day in Paris was one of the best days of 2014 so far for me! We got to explore a beautiful city, visit some of my favourite shops and watch my future husband, Mr Styles!
It would be fab if you could have a watch and subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

Have you ever been to Paris?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Review | Barry M Summer Matte Nail Paint

Barry M Summer Matte Nail PaintBarry M Summer Matte Nail PaintBarry M Summer Matte Nail Paint
 Barry M Matte Nail Paint* £3.99 each

If this gorgeous weather doesn't make you want to wear all the bright nail colours then nothing will! Matte nails are a love or hate sort of thing but Barry M have created a Summer collection that is so up my street it's changed my mind on the matte nail look.
Barry M have extended their matte nail line with 6 summer shades each named after a tropical hot spot. It's a bold and bright collection that's going to have you in a bit of a dilemma over which shade to go for first!

Copacabana - a bright red with a coral undertone
Miami - a perfect pink that reminds me of a flamingo
Rhossili - a stunning pink toned purple that is bang on trend as orchid is the colour of 2014
Malibu - a gorgeous bright, cornflower blue
Cancun - a tropical turquoise teal shade with a green tone to it
Waikiki - a yellow toned lime green

I love all the shades so much that for once I don't have a stand out favourite! They are all stunning in their own right and are getting a lot of love from me lately.

The formula is great, two coats gives a completely opaque finish that dries quite quickly. They aren't completely matte so if you aren't sure if you'll like a non gloss finish then it's worth giving these a go. They still have a hint of shine to them and if you just pop a normal topcoat on top then you can turn them to a gloss finish.

The Barry M Summer Matte Nail Paints are out now!
Are you a matte nail fan?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Review | MAC 217 Blending Brush

mac 217 blending brush
mac 217 blending brush

MAC 217 Blending Brush £19

Have you ever bought something beauty related and then wondered how you coped without it? This is exactly what happened to me after finally getting round to buying a MAC 217 brush. It's the first MAC brush I've bought and to be honest I think I was mostly put off by the price but because I wear eyeshadow pretty much all the time I decided it was time to invest!

The 217 brush has fine and densely packed fibers, it's incredibly soft and slightly fluffy with a rounded head. From the first time I used this I knew it was love, it makes my eyeshadow just look better. It can be used for so many different things but I mainly use it for blending out and softening eyeshadow as it requires basically no effort and the result is impressive. It also works with all different textures because of how dense it is, whether you apply a cream, powder or pigment this brush will blend like a dream!

This is 100% worth the money in my opinion, if you look after it then it's going to last a seriously long time. It washes really well and dries quickly. I definitely need to pick up one or two more, especially as it's apparently an amazing concealer brush.

Are you a MAC 217 fan?
If you've got any other MAC brush recommendations please let me know!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Review | Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Collage

Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Eyeshadow
Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Eyeshadow Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Eyeshadow
Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Eyeshadow Smashbox Santigolden Earth As We Know It Eye Shadow Collage* £25 

I'm a sucker for packaging, whether it's simple and sleek or bold and colourful, something unique is always fun. Smashbox have teamed up with singer Santigold to bring out a collection that definitely caught my eye! The collection is called 'The Santigolden Age' and really reflects Santigold's playful and arty personality. 
The collection has a sort of Ancient Egypt/Indiana Jones feel to it with pyramids, snakes and Aztec prints that I really love. The packaging feels really special and luxurious, it definitely stands out in my make up stash!

The Earth As We Know It Eye Shadow Collage has five shadows that can be used wet or dry with shades including a kelly green, sparkly cream, matte dark blue, sparkly forest green and raisin with rose gold pearl. It's not for the faint hearted as the shades are intense when dry and more so if applied wet. The shadows are very pigmented and soft, they blend smoothly too so you can make the colours as subtle or intense as you wish. 

I'm a neutral shadow wearer most the time but I've been wearing the raisin shade all the time and using the cream shadow as a highlight. I've braved the greens and blues too and it's not as scary as I thought it would be. It's not a palette I'm going to fully use daily, but as a limited edition product it's stunning to look it and use. 

If you are a fan of bright shades or a limited edition make up hoarder then it's definitely worth checking the Santigold Smashbox Collection out!
Would you wear the Earth As We Know It shadows?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Get A New Look for Summer 2014

It's time to get ready for summer 2014 by finding the look most suitable for you! 
You don't have to look like everyone else, but you do not have to feel out of place either, find the trendsetter in you! Look at some of this year's top summer trends and give them your own flavour.
Here are some of the summer trends for 2014 with some tips on how you can use them to suit your own personal style.

Elle dubbed orange as the new black when it took over the runway of fashion week, but this does not mean that you have to wear orange all through summer. You can have a simple dress and wear it with an orange accessory for a subtle nod to the trend. This way, others will be wearing the colour, while you will be using it to accessorise your look.

Pastels are always fashionable this time of year, Metro recommends you wear them with metallic. Metallic details add an exciting twist to a pastel outfit. Go for metallic accessories to give your outfit that extra shine. An example would be a pair of metallic shoes that will go with most of your wardrobe. This way, you get more value for money with a timeless piece you can wear again and again.

Tropical Florals
Tropical florals are also in according to Metro. However get the trend wrong and it can be too much! Be careful when choosing a floral design and deciding on how to wear them, it's best to pick one key printed piece and keep the rest neutral. Choose a plain shirt and pair it with floral short or skirt with your favorite summer sandals, s a perfect laid-back look for the summer. If you want to up ante try a sparkling silver ring from Pandora, a great way to add a bit of glitz to your look. 

According to Vogue monochrome is here to stay for summer! Some people might find monochrome a bit too plain but for me it's what I'm trying to build my wardrobe on. Black and white work so well together, you can play on patterns and fabrics to create different looks that work great for the summer and all year round. If it's too dull for you then add a pop of colour, like orange, to give your look more of a summer feel. 

Technicolour is another trend featured in Vogue’s summer 2014 list. Although monochrome is a style classic, colour is a great way to bring out your individuality.There is so much you can do with colour and summer is definitely the best time to be bold and out there with your look. Wear a bright printed dress or a floral technicolour co-ord to kill two trends in one outfit! The possibilities are truly endless. 

One of the exciting things about the summer is being able to experiment with a look that best represents your personality. It is definitely fun to wear the trend but if you give it your own twist you can definitely make the style your own.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Review | Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume* 

Can we all just take a moment to admire the stunning bottle of Lovestruck by Vera Wang, it's definitely one of my favourite perfume designs! I'm a sucker for a perfume bottle, it's the first thing that draws me into a fragrance so you can imagine how long I had been coveting Lovestruck. (The advertising campaign was also fronted by my latest girlcrush Leighton Meester, I'm currently obsessed with Gossip Girl!)
When Chemist Direct offered me the chance to review beauty bits from their website I headed straight to the fragrance section and let out a little squeal when I saw this on the website.

Lovestruck has a romantic theme to mimic the feeling and rush of falling in love. The fancy flowers and ribbon detail on the lid gives a dramatic and edgy feel to the fragrance. It's very unique and adds to the passionate scent inside the bottle.

I'm not usually a fan of floral scents but this is on another level of lushness! It's a very feminine, juicy and rich scent with different floral layers and a hint of fruitiness. It's seriously addictive stuff and I've been pretty much in love with it for the past few weeks.
With notes of lotus, sweet guava, orange, blossom with woody and musk base notes. That probably doesn't sound much but go and have a spritz if you haven't before, it's incredibly beautiful.

The Floral Rush version of Lovestruck is now on my radar!

Lovestruck is available at a bargain price from Chemist Direct here.
Are you a Lovestruck fan?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Giveaway | Win a Remington 5 in 1 Cordless Epilator

I'm a summer lover, well mostly from a distance because I'm so ghost like I burn pretty much straight away. With the hot weather comes an even more intense beauty regime that us girls feel we have to keep up to look and feel our bust in the summer. There is no better feeling than smooth legs, I'm one of those girls that will ask people to touch my legs after I've de-stubbled (classy) and whacked on the moisturiser, just to show off the softness.

Whether you’re relaxing on the beach, heading to a festival or will be praying there is some home sun to enjoy (don't let us down England), smooth and silky skin is perfect for your summer look. 
With superior technology, the Remington 5 in 1 Epilator has 40 high-performance tweezers that remove hair as short as 0.5mm. The 5 in 1 Coreless Epilator also has a massage cap enriched with soothing and conditioning Aloe Vera to leave your skin glowing, soothe and silky soft.
The fab people at Remington have kindly offered you the chance to win one here on my blog!

If you want results that last an epilator definitely seems like a great way to go, the Remington 5 in 1 Cordless Epilator will keep your skin smooth and stubble free – allowing you to get on with your summer fun!

To enter to win a Remington 5 in 1 Cordless Epilator just use the Rafflecopter form below! 
It's a UK only competition ending on July 25th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

With an RRP of £119.99 it's definitely worth entering to win this summer essential.     
*prize provided by Remington 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Review | Degustabox June 2014

It's Degustabox time again, pretty much my favourite day of the month as what's better than getting a box of treats delivered to your door? Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service that costs £12.99 per box including delivery. You can read about my first experience with the May box here to find out more about Degustabox and the service they provide.

The delivery service is great, you receive a text and email the day before to let you know when your box will be delivered by the courier. Everything is safely wrapped in the box so that nothing can break or leak. Like last month, it didn't take long for myself and my Nan to start working our way through the treats in the June box!

The first thing I pulled out of the box is the new Strawberry flavored Lambrini. I actually really liked this, it's very refreshing and tasty. It's a great drink to enjoy in the sunshine and I would definitely pick this up again.
There was also a can of Estrella Damm, a Spanish lager. I'm not a beer drinker but my Uncle really enjoyed this.
One thing I wasn't too keen on in this month's box was the Be Fast Breakfast shakes simply because I don't like banana. My Nan is keeping these in the fridge for when she doesn't have time for breakfast before work.
An extra treat in my box was the strawberry Shaken Udder Milkshake, this took me back to school lunches and I loved it! I'd definitely get these again but probably in the chocolate flavour.

I don't eat cereal but my Nan was happy to receive the Bear Alphabites as it doesn't have any added bad things or sugars. I also think my Nan is enjoying the letter shapes a bit too much!
I eat rice all the time so this pack of Veetee Basmati and Wild was great to receive. I love these packs of rice as they are so easy to cook and very tasty. I'd definitely buy this flavour again.
The Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto Flutes were something I knew would be enjoyed as we loved the Dark Chocolate Flutes from the May box, however I do think it would have been nice to see something different, they are yummy though and kick that chocolate craving.
I'm not a dried fruit fan but my Nan loves it for adding to yogurt for breakfast or snacking on during the day. The Urban Fruit Pineapple snack bag is a handy and healthy thing to keep in the cupboard if you like that sort of thing.
The last item in the June Degustabox was the Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder, this is going to be so convenient for baking!

Between myself and my Nan, the June box has pretty much been devoured, it's funny how much a box of surprise food treats can make us happy!
The total value of this months box if everything was bought individually is around £23.14, so over £10 more than the cost of the box. Degustabox have given me an exclusive discount code for you to use to save £3 off your first box making the cost £9.99. Code 6IJI2

What do you think of Degustabox?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Paris, day one.

Since getting home from Paris I have missed it so much! I absolutely loved spending the weekend in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

Our first day in Paris was a short one, we arrived at about 8pm, dumped our stuff and headed out to the Eiffel Tower as we had a booking to go up to the second level. Seeing something so iconic in person is really breathtaking and a little but surreal. The view was really stunning, the sun was setting as we got to the top and the Tower lit up all sparkly whilst we were up it.

After a late night McDonald's feast we went to bed as our next day was the busiest of the weekend!

If you ever have the chance to go to Paris then go! It's an incredible place to spend a few days, especially if the sun is shining!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Review | Barry M Stain Paint

barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review
barry m stain paint review

Barry M Lip Stain* £4.49

This review could simply be this short, GO BUY THESE. I'm so chuffed with the new Barry M Stain Paints that I am praying they release more shades! If you like your lip colour to last then it's absolutely worth picking one of these up to try.
There are three shades in the Stain Paint formula, packaged in a shiny silver case that I really like.

Eternal Coral- This is my least favourite of the three just because the colour isn't as bright on my lips as I'd like. It's a red toned coral with a pink tone.
Absolute Burgundy- I can see myself living in this from Autumn, it's the perfect berry toned red that is really rich in colour. It's one of those shades that makes teeth look whiter and looks fab with a simple eye look.
Infinite Pink- I bloody love this shade. It's a blue toned pink that's so bright and fun, it's my favourite from the bunch and I've barely worn any other lipstick since I received this.

I applied Infinite Pink before an eight hour shift and five hours in, after devouring my lunch, it still hadn't budged. When I took my make up off, 12 hours since applying, it was still there, the colour was slightly faded and not as bright, I'd probably have topped it up (if I wasn't going to bed!) I was so impressed I sent pictures to my friends, snapchatted it and had a whole conversation with my Nan about it, she is used to my weird make up chat!

Before applying the Barry M Stain Paints I gently exfoliate my lips and apply a small amount of lip balm so they are smooth and that as the colour fades it won't have any dry patches to cling too. The Stain Paint formula feels quite moisturising, they glide on really smooth and evenly. The finish is quite natural but more on the matte side.

I really love these, there one of my favourite products of 2014 so far and I'm really hoping Barry M bring out some more shades. If you want something that isn't going anywhere all day then make sure you try these out!
I'm in love!

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always
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