Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The People's ID Bot

Someone close to me recently went through a horrible case of identity fraud and since then it's been something I take very seriously as I've seen how much stress and damage it can cause.
Identity fraud is where someones personal information is stolen and used to commit fraud. A family friend was at the receiving end of this when someone stole their information to open several credit cards in their name, took out loans and racked up a lot of debts.

Our lives and information are now more public than ever with the internet and social media being such a big part of our lives, it's scary to think how accessible we can be to people who might be looking to steal information or how easy it is for cyber criminals to find out things about us.
The clever people at Experian have created the IdentityProtect bot to help people to stay safe online. It constantly scans the web to make sure your information has not been stolen or is not being used illegally. It alerts you instantly if you are at risk, it basically does the worrying for you 24/7. The IdentityProject bot protects your important information like bank details, credit card numbers, passport number, addresses and more. There are also lots of guides and helpful information to prevent and resolve any problems you could have. I think it's a great idea and have signed up myself for a free trial to see how I get on with it, sign up for yours here.

There is also a Facebook page which is a great community full of news, stories and information to help you stay safe online. I just watched a video on the page about how easy it is to convince strangers you know them just by searching their names on the internet! I 100% recommend having a read of the Facebook page as it's got some great information on there.

I know this post is a bit different for the sort of stuff I talk about, but I was offered the chance to find out more about the website and think it's something that people should think more about as I've seen first hand the damage Identity Fraud causes. It's definitely something that I need to consider more with what I share online!

I've very kindly been given 10 vouchers for 1 year subscriptions to the service to giveaway. If you'd be interested in one then leave your contact info in the comments and I'll hopefully be in touch!

*this post is in collaboration with IdentityProtect


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