Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Beauty Bits!

I was recently contacted by the lovely team at Chemist Direct and offered the chance to pick a few beauty bits to test out. Being a beauty lover (addict), finding a new place to stock up on treats is always a good thing. You need to head straight over to Chemist Direct to have a browse as they have a great range of brands and really good prices. My items arrived by courier about 36 hours after my order was placed. Everything was individually packaged in bubble wrap safely but not excessively so I was very happy!
I spent about two hours browsing Chemist Direct creating a huge wish list of things I have wanted to try for a very long time, they have some of my favourite brands and others I have always wanted to test out.

Essie Mint Candy Apple has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember but for some reason I have never picked it up, so when I saw it on Chemist Direct I knew a love affair was about to begin! It looks like the perfect mint green polish and I am probably going to wear it all summer long.
I've heard only fab things about the Vichy range and was excited to spot the Dermablend Corrective Foundation on the website (and cheaper than the RRP!) I have used it a couple of times so far and am really liking it. It's a very light weight foundation that has a high coverage that will pretty much cover everything you want.
My last pick was a fragrance that I've always wanted to try but only worked it's way back up to the top of my list after my new obsession with Gossip Girl and girl crush on Leighton Meester. Lovestruck by Vera Wang is a sweet and floral scent that is right up my street. The bottle is just stunning and the fragrance even more so.

I'll be featuring everything I was kindly sent from Chemist Direct soon but wanted to introduce you to the website as they have so many amazing brands and a lot of good offers too!
Have you ordered from Chemist Direct?

*items sent to be for consideration by Chemist Direct


  1. What a fab selection of products! I hadn't even heard of Chemist Direct!


    1. It's so worth checking out, some fab bargains on there!x

  2. I love the things you've picked out.
    I had never heard of Chemist direct before so I'll be having a browse.

    1. Definitely go have a browse, there are some great bargains! :) x

  3. You've picked such a nice selection of products. The Essie polish is gorgeous - it would look fantastic in the summer against white clothes and a tan. Lovestruck is my favourite perfume - I'm currently on my third bottle and I still haven't fallen out of love!


    1. I've wanted the polish for so long and can't wait to hopefully get a tan haha!
      I am already obsessed with Lovestruck, it smells gorgeous!xx

  4. Hello! Love the colours the varnish and great products :)
    *new follower in the blog and bloglovin

  5. Love the nail vanish. Pale blue is one of my favourites colours and would look amazing against a tan or on your toes x



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