Monday, 28 April 2014

Review | OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Mist

Organix Nourishing Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist
Organix Nourishing Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist
OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Mist* £6.99

Since getting most my hair chopped off it's the best condition it's been in ages, it's still dry and slightly damaged at the ends from bleach, heat and just general bad things happening too it though! I've always been interested in trying hair care brand OGX, I've heard great things about the shampoo and conditioners so was excited to try out the OGX Nourishing Coconut Weightless Hydrating Mist, bit of a mouthful of a name!

The OGX Hydrating Mist can be used or damp or dry hair. It's so lightweight that it doesn't weigh down the hair if applied tp dry hair, I prefer to spray a few pumps when it's almost dry to tame frizz, smooth and soften my hair. It's a really fine mist that does the job to make my hair look much healthier, sleeker and less frizzy.
It does all this and smells INCREDIBLE. The smell of this literally reminds me of cocktails, holidays and summer. I'd honestly buy this again just because of how good it makes my hair smell on top of how lovely a condition it leaves it in.

This is well worth £6.99 if you have hair that needs help with frizz, hydrating and smoothing out, I still use an oil on the ends of my hair to keep them from drying out, but for mid roots down the OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Hydrating Mist is a new favourite for me.
Have you tried anything from OGX?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review | Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara

Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara
Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara

Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara

Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara

Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara* RRP £21 currently 50% off

Yves Rocher is a brand I hadn't heard of until I was asked to try out a couple of their products recently, the brand was developed over 50 years ago in France and has since become one of the biggest in the country. I was kindly sent the Volume Vertige Mascara and Grand Rouge lipstick, the lipstick shade isn't one I'd wear but my Nan was thrilled to take it off my hands and said she really likes the formula so they might be worth looking into if you are browsing the Yves Rocher website!

The Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara has a specifically designed wand called the 'Reservoir Brush' that is meant to spread the product evenly through the lashes to build up the volume. The formula also is enriched with a 'fixing botanical extract' that is for making lashes look 'sensational'.

The formula is quite wet and can feel gloopy so I make sure I don't have too much on the wand before applying. It's easy to apply and glides well through the lashes, leaving my lashes a lot thicker and blacker, the wand does work really well to distribute the mascara evenly. I definitely think it adds volume and drama to my lashes but doesn't do as much for length or curl as I have fairly decent lashes without mascara so this might be why, but for volume I think this works well. In the image above I applied one coat. I think it would work wonders if you have lighter lashes that aren't full or long!

I really do like the Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara and would repurchase whilst it's on offer at £10.50 but probably not at the full retail price of £21.
Have you heard of Yves Rocher before?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Monday, 21 April 2014

Review | Gosh Lip Lacquers

Gosh Lip Lacquer ReviewGosh Lip Lacquer ReviewGosh Lip Lacquer ReviewGosh Lip Lacquer Review
Gosh Lip Lacquers* £5.99

L-R Hot Lips, Dangerous Lips, Crispy Lips, Sweet Lips, Flirty Lips

I recently attended the Gosh SS14 event to see all the lovely new products that are available to buy now! I will be featuring all the new launches over the next few weeks, the first thing to catch my eye was the Gosh Lip Lacquers. I'm a lip lacquer self confessed addict so any new take on that sort of product always excites me. 

It's definitely best not to keep the Gosh Lip Lacquers near your nail varnish stash as things could go very wrong! The packaging is supposed to reflect a glossy manicure for the lips. I'm not really sure where I stand on the packaging, it's definitely different for a lip lacquer and looks cute, the applicator is much smaller so can be a bit fiddly but you get used to it quickly.

The lacquers are enriched with argan oil and vitamin E so are really hydrating and softening. They have the glossiest finish from any lacquer type product I've tried, they can be slightly sticky but nothing I can't deal with (I tend to avoid lip gloss because of it's stickiness!) Some shades are very pigmented and some sheer. 

I really like the colour and pigmentation of Hot Lips, Dangerous Lips and Crispy Lips (I think something went wrong in the naming here!) The darker shades have better colour pay off however it takes a little longer to get an even application. If you prefer a sheerer colour then Sweet Lips and Flirty Lips give a really subtle tint of glossy and are much quicker to apply evenly. 
The darker shades last around 3-4 hours before fading to stain and needing topping up. The sheerer shades aren't noticeable on me after about 2 hours. 

The Gosh Lip Lacquers aren't game changing but I think they are a really great thing to keep on hand because of how small they are and how lightweight they are on the lips, plus they smell nice and fruity. 
If you are a gloss lover then they are worth checking out. Available here and in Superdrug stores. 
What do you think of the Gosh Lip Lacquers?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Friday, 18 April 2014

Review | Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday Nail Polish

Review | Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday Nail PolishReview | Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday Nail PolishReview | Barry M Superdrug 50th Birthday Nail Polish

Barry M 50th Birthday Nail Polish for Superdrug* £2.99

This year Superdrug are celebrating their 50th birthday, and to get the celebrations going there are lots of fun things going on which you can find out about here! There are discounts, competitions and special product repackaging or releases including this super snazzy polish by Barry M! 
If you are a pink lover or sparkle addict then this is going to be right up your street. I barely ever wear pink clothes, but bright pink nails and lips are an obsession of mine, especially as we get closer to summer. 

Birthday Nail Polish is a hot pink colour with different sized pink, silver and purple glitter bits in. It's got a slight holographic look too it and has a shimmery finish. I love the mix of glitter shapes and sizes, it really makes it a fun polish to wear. I love this because it's completely opaque with two coats, unusual for a polish that's packed with so much glitter and sparkle! 

The formula is slightly thicker than standard Barry M nail paints, I have been layering one coat on top of a bright fuchsia polish so I still get the lovely glitter effect but not as thick a finish. You can also play around and use this as a topcoat on different colours like white, silver, black and more. I'm pretty much obsessed with this at the moment, it's such a fun way to celebrate Superdrug's big birthday! I definitely think Barry M should release some more of this type of polish in different colours as it's really gorgeous. 

You can pick up the Birthday Nail Polish for £2.99 here or in Superdrug stores, I really recommend you do before it goes as it's the ultimate party polish!
Are you a fan?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Primark Haul

Warning, in this video I show you underwear! 

Here's my latest YouTube upload, and yep it's a Primark haul!

Everything blog and YouTube related has taken a bit of a backseat at the moment as I've just started a new job working on a really exciting brand called flopZ! Head over to the Twitter page @flopzuk to find out more about it. I promise when I've settled in I will be back blogging and uploading really regularly! :)

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review | Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel

Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel
Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel
Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel* 50ml £19.50 

I've discovered a new skin care love the past couple of months that I've been using every week for an instant pick me up that makes my skin brighter, smoother and a lot less dull. Masks and treatments are a big part of my skincare routine, I love nothing more than a hot bath with a face and hair mask whilst I watch Breaking Bad! 
The Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel is a gel formula peel that can be applied for as little as 3-10 minutes. It contains Glycolic Acid and Pomegranate Enzymes which work with together to remove dead skin cells to reveal more radiant skin, whilst also resurfacing the texture of the skin. 
Does it work? Yes, 100%! It gently remove the top layer of dead skin to reveal the brighter layer underneath and really improves the texture of my skin. I pop this on for about 15 minutes then remove with a muslin cloth or flannel and am left with super soft skin that is much more radiant than before. I thought the peel might dry out my skin but after using this it feels much more hydrated and smooth. It is a very gentle exfoliator that leaves my skin radiant and glowing but not harsh or like it's been attacked! 
If I need a quick skin pick me up then this is the perfect mask to use. It's very gentle and suitable for all skin types. If you don't have time for a full pamper session then this might be up on your street!

Find out more about the Merumaya Skin Exfoilating Peel here. I'd definitely repurchase when this tube runs out, however I use so little each time that it will definitely be good few months away!

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Friday, 11 April 2014

Zatchels Birthday Flash Sale

It's that time again, the legendary Zatchels Flash Sale is about to begin and oh my my bank account is screaming at me not to spend! It was an amazing sale last year so if you missed it or have always wanted a Zatchel then starting at 6pm tonight til midnight on Sunday there will be up to 70% at

For 48 hours only there will be huge discounts across the range to celebrate Zatchels 3rd birthday. There are so many bags I've had my eye on that this is half amazing and half dangerous! The quality of Zatchels bags are so impressive and worth the money full price that I seriously recommend having a look during the sale as you will be saving so much money on a bag that's really an investment.
Have a read of my Zatchels bag review here and see how amazing the quality is.

Get your wishlist and bank card ready! What Zatchels bag are you lusting after?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Closed- Giveaway | Win a Beauty Bundle with Baobella

Fancy winning a bundle of beauty goodies courtesy of Baobella? They've kindly offered you the chance to win a fab collection of lovely beauty things, to enter please use the Rafflecopter widget below! 

Prizes are:
Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Treatment Mascara
Yuko Phitenbella Shampoo
Yuo Phitenbella Treatment 
Beauty UK Nail Polish in Banksy, Printworks, Pink Orchid and Blue Himalayan 

Baobella is an online community for beauty lovers, it's great for finding new products and getting inspiration for make up looks. It's great for sharing your own knowledge, passion and everything beauty related. You can share make up looks, favourite products and tutorials, as well as following other beauty addicts to see what they are loving and wearing. 

Baobella members can also get discounts and savings on beauty brands with new deals added daily to the Baobella Boutique. New deals are added at midnight and last up to 72 hours unless they expire before! Once each deal is gone, it's gone forever, so if you see something you want (need) then get it before it's too late.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. This is a UK only giveaway ending on April 24th.
I will check all entries to make sure they have been completed properly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*prizes provided by Baobella

Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Perfume Collection

If you're like me then you loooooove perfume, I'm nosey so finding out what perfumes are in someone's stash is one of my favourite YouTube videos to watch! You can have a peak at mine here.
Love and cookies to anyone who subscribes to my YouTube Channel! :)

What's your favourite perfume?

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Review | Method Disney Hand Wash

Mickey Mouse Lemonade Foaming Hand Wash
Minnie Mouse Strawberry Fizz Foaming Hand Wash*     £4 each

 I don't think I've ever been so excited about hand washes before. If you are a Disney fan I dare you to not want to have these in your house!

Method are the 'people against dirty', they have a huge range of all things cleaning related from washing up to laundry and specialty products like steel cleaner. All Method products are made of non toxic ingredients, work really well and look so good that you wouldn't want to hide the products under your kitchen sink! A genius person obviously decided to fulfill the lack of Disney in my bathroom by creating 'Whistle Whilst you Wash'  hand washes and dual shampoo/body washes that just make me so happy!

I was sent over the Mickey and Minnie hand washes to put to the test and even my Nan loves them! She is more than happy to have them on display in the kitchen and bathroom (and I made her promise we can keep the bottles to refill them when they run out). The packaging is just amazing, I genuinely smile every time I use them, I love the little details on the back of the bottle too. You don't have to be a child to appreciate how fantastic these are!

The Mickey Mouse hand wash is Lemonade scented, think summer days in the park with an ice cold home made lemonade. The Minnie Mouse hand wash is 'Strawberry Fizz', sweet and inviting but not sickly, I'd eat this stuff if I could. They are a light foam formula, which you need a teeny amount of. They are naturally derived, biodegradable and really gentle. If you have sensitive skin this is great as it doesn't irritate or dry out the skin.

You can purchase the Method Mickey and Minnie hand washes and body washes from Ocado, Waitrose and Method. I bet you've never seen anyone so enthusiastic about hand wash? And yes I will be buying the body wash!

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Review | London Retro Sunglasses

Piccadilly glasses by London RetroPiccadilly glasses by London Retro

Piccadilly glasses by London Retro

Piccadilly glasses by London Retro

Piccadilly glasses by London Retro* £79

You may have noticed that big yellowey orange thing in the sky... Yep the sun is starting to appear more and it's getting ever so slightly warmer! I may still be living in my coat and sleeping with a hot water bottle but it's getting better at last. One thing that's great about the warmer weather is the excuse (and need) to live in sunglasses, I cannot cope without a good pair because as soon as Spring hits my eyes get really sensitive to the brightness and I am always crying thanks to hay fever. I now have a new snazzy pair to help me battle through the seasons!

My Optique stock a great range of designer brands including Ray-Ban, Burberry, Michael Kors, Prada and lots more. Trust me you will fall in love with so many pairs of glasses if you start browsing! I was offered the chance to review a pair of glasses from the brand 'London Retro' and picked out the Piccadilly pair. All the glasses can be made prescription glasses or sunglasses, mine are normal non prescription sunglasses.

The Piccadilly sunglasses come in a gorgeous brown leather case with a cleaning cloth, it's actually the best case I've ever had for keeping sunglasses safe. The sunglasses themselves are really lovely, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They have a vintage feel which is something London Retro has included in their whole range, they feel special and are a really great quality. They are a really simple and classic design that is easy to wear and goes with everything. Perfect for carrying with me all the time!

If you need new glasses or sunglasses then have a look at the London Retro range! It's affordable and you definitely get more than your money's worth in quality and style.

You can see me wearing theses in an ootd here.
What do you think of the Piccadilly sunglassses?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always
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