Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Baking with Baking Mad!

I am not a domestic goddess in any way at all, I wish I was able to whip up a batch of cupcakes or cook a roast dinner but I am awful at all things kitchen related! So when the team at Baking Mad challenged me to make something from their website in time for Valentine's Day I thought it would be an interesting experience to say the least!
Baking Mad is a really lovely website with hundreds of different recipes of super yummy things to make. It's such a great website to look through but might be best to avoid if you are on a diet as you will want to make everything!

It's easy to search the Baking Mad recipes if you know what want to make, you can search by ingredients or recipes that don't include an ingredient. You can also browse through the recipes at well, so if you know you want to make a cheesecake just click that section. All recipes have a skill level (I went for the easiest of them all) a prep & bake time, ingredients with metric lists you can change and serving amounts. It's so beautifully designed and easy to use, it's definitely made me want to try and attempt to bake more often! The recipe is shown step by step, but you can also enter 'Bake Mode' where your screen just shows the step you are on until you click through to the next one.

I decided to attempt the Chocolate Truffle Cookies. If you look at the picture on the website they look amazing and admittedly different to my result. I found it really easy to follow the recipe and the end result was pretty decent by my standards. I did have to make two batches as I got a few things the wrong way round, but the second attempt was a whole lot better. I should have taken them out the oven a couple of minutes earlier though! I was quite impressed by my result as I have set fire to kitchens before (three times).

If you are interested in baking then definitely check out the Baking Mad website, or even if you aren't go and look at the yummy pictures! Are you a baking anything for Valentine's?

*some ingredients were provided by Baking Mad, no other compensation was given (expect the experience of making cookies)


  1. This looks yummy! I want to bake for v-day, I may try this for my friends

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. looks and sounds soo good! x

  3. They look delicious! Mine always turn flat, burnt and crispy, think I need to check out baking mad!

  4. These look so good - I have made a frosted chocolate sponge for my Valentine, just fighting the temptation to start on it...

  5. OMG they look so yummy - look like a domestic goddess to me! x


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