Friday, 21 February 2014

A Lush Haul

I'm a bit awol from my blog at the moment, working a full time internship and everything else life brings means I am still trying to find the balance to keep blogging and YouTube update regularly. I am really missing blogging and hopefully this weekend I will have some time to sit down and write lots of lovely posts.

I did just upload a brand new video to my YouTube channel for you all to (hopefully) enjoy! It's full of really lovely stuff from Lush and all about their brand new book 'Danger, Cosmetics To Go!'. It would seriously make my day if you had a watch and subscribed to my channel here.


  1. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel! :) Lush is so nice I love the smells of there products! x

    Tiny Tania Talks

  2. Lovely haul! Jealous!




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