Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Review | Eva Professionals Mystic Diamond Elixir

Eva Professionals Mystic Diamond Elixir*

 For anyone with hair like mine that is prone to dryness, dullness, frizz and generally having a life of it's own then you probably understand how much a hail oil can improve the condition of your hair. I've been using hair oils every time I wash my hair for over a year now and I hate to think of the state it must have been in without them!
Mystic Diamond Elixir is no normal hair oil, it contains diamond powder! It sounds like a bit of a fad but the powder of diamonds is proven to help prevent aging of hair and too regenerate it, as well as making hair super shiny. Argan oil is brilliant for nourishing hair and keeping it smooth, it's also rich in vitamins to help keep hair strong and healthy.

It's a lightweight oil, which is great as it means I can use a few pumps and it won't way my hair down or make it feel greasy which some heavier argan oils can do sometimes. Because of how lightweight it is I have been using it on both damp hair after washing and dry hair that needs a bit more shine or nourishment. I apply it from the midway down my hair to the ends and think it's a great product. It adds a lot more shine than other oils I have used and leaves me with hair that is much more healthier looking. A small amount really goes a long way and if you love having glossy locks this is worth the investment in my opinion. It's the only hair oil/serum I have used in three weeks and it's made a good chance to the condition of my hair, it leaves it seriously soft and more shiny than it usually is!

Mystic Diamond Elixir is available here for £22.90. It seems pricey but my bottle barely looks used, so if you are into hair oils this is worth it!

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always


  1. Is it better than moroccanoil ?

    1. I've never tried moroccan oil so I can't say I'm afraid!x


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