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Now Magazine and Body Shaming

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You've probably seen this picture floating around Twitter the past couple of days, it's from this weeks issue of Now Magazine and the headline pretty much speaks for itself. I don't even know what to say. I am so angry that someone could even consider this an article, let alone actually publish it and put it on the front page.

The media is one of the biggest influences around and the fact it is being used to shame celebrities for their bodies is awful. It's really not surprising that the amount of females suffering with eating disorders is at a high when you have things like this broadcast for anyone to see. Of course everyone is entitled to have an opinion but it is in no way acceptable for a publication targeting young women to use images of celebrities that they deem to have unattractive bodies on a front cover or anywhere inside their magazine. I am genuinely appalled by this, there is no such thing as a 'normal body' and to put people that are small and big on the front cover of their magazine and basically ask us to cast judgment on them is one that should not be allowed. It probably isn't going to make people who see the magazine who think they are similar to the images feel that good about themselves if they are able to compare themselves to an image deemed as 'shocking'. I also cannot imagine how much it must hurt to be one of the women shown as having a 'shocking body', they seem pretty happy in the pictures too me and not afraid of wearing a bikini on the beach! I think its great they are showing real women instead of a photoshopped stick, but they way they have called these celebrities out to say they are 'abnormal' is something that should not be even considered as a publishable idea.

I personally, like most, have issues with my body and there are lots of things I'd change if I had the chance but looking at the front cover of Now does nothing to make me feel better about myself or that I am 'normal'. All it does is assure that I will never be purchasing Now again. It's not just Now that body slam, I wrote an open letter to Heat magazine a while back, which you can read here. I am absolutely sick of the media being obsessive and mostly negative about the way people look, young girls are growing up in a world where they are being told certain body sizes or shapes are wrong and as much as size zero is becoming less desirable, it still seems that unless you are a size 10 or below there is something 'shocking' about you.

I really hope that Now, it's writers and the editor are ashamed of themselves for publishing this, but my hopes aren't that high as nobody involved with the magazine has said anything about it online or even hinted at an apology or statement to explain why they decided to publish this.
I really think its time media moved on and stopped shaming women for their bodies and started to be a more positive influence for the next generation.


  1. A lovely post (I did wonder what you were angrily tweeting about!). I think one of the things that gets me most are the photoshopped GIFs you can find of celebs flicking back and fourth between touched-up and real images, not only is that crushing for the millions of young girl who read that magazine and think 'oh, I'll never look like that' but it's also crushing for the celebs who really shouldn't be touched up at all! So, on one hand I'm glad they're showing something real. But the way that they went about it was just plain wrong!

  2. I've not seen this issue yet (clearly been living in a hole all week) but I've had to stop buying this, Heat and many others due to them basically saying 'unless you are a teeny tiny airbrushed size, you're fat/ugly/useless etc' and as a curvier person, this finally annoyed me so much that I stopped buying them and I used to LOVE reading them! This has just made me even more angry about the situation!! It's normal to be all shapes and sizes so will be avoiding this issue and the magazine even more now. *breath* Okay, rant over and thank you for shaming them for what they are doing!
    Tania xx

  3. I never buy magazines like Now and this has put me off ever doing so. A similar "article" was floating around on the Daily Mail website last week and it just makes me disgusted that the media scrutinises celebrities like that. It angers me so much, it's wrong if your normal sized, it's wrong if you're skinny, it's wrong if you're overweight.

    It's such a shame that people in the entertainment industry are photographed at their most personal moments and then have them splashed all over for people to judge. I hope the reactions to these "articles" kick some sense into the people behind them!

  4. magazines need a slap on the face with a wet fish !
    no wonder people are so body conscious !
    we are women no matter our size , beautiful regardless
    great post hun x
    melissa x

  5. totally agree! As a size 10 even when I look at these its not comforting. The pictures are horrifying when you think these people were just on a normal holiday enjoying themselves.
    I haven't bought a magazine in a long while because I was fed up of reading the same stories just with different pictures every week. On that cover alone there's every type of female so how can they say they're not normal?!

  6. It's crazy that there's all the hype about lads mags degrading women when this is out there!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  7. I totally agree so much with this post and your letter to the Editor of Heat. I can not believe that on the other post they thought being 8st is big. I am a 20 year old mum and a size 22 (okay I am embarrased by this) - but my own fault as I eat far too much. I do want to lose weight but not because of what soceity shows through stupid magazines like this, I on the other half hand want to lose weight so I am healthier, can do a bit more things like take Corey to the park and not get out of breath etc. I personally even now think it is silly how people are still discriminating due to weight too, they have recently introduced plus size maniques in stores too. But some people classing size 12 as plus size is beyond me. My 22 just look ginormous compared to that. A silly world we live in, doesn't matter on size or weight as long as we are all healthy & happy :) I certainly am happy and couldn't care less anymore even after years of suffering from bullying, even though my weight has been up and down dramatically (smallest being a size 12 last year!). Great 'rant' post though :) hopefully this magazine will read this!! xoxo

  8. I saw this image of the magazine on Twitter today, it's pretty appalling that they've chosen to publish this. They've picked on women from of all sizes so what exactly is "normal"? By the looks of the photos, these are all women who are happy and confident in their own skin. That's the most important thing above all.

  9. I saw this cover in the shop the other day when I was with my boyfriend who actually spotted it first & said 'why are these magazines so obsessed about weight & writing stuff like that there's nothing wrong with them' which is completely true. I haven't bought magazines for while because I'm sick of stories like this women are beautiful & come in all shapes and sizes regardless of their celebrity status Xxx

  10. I can't get over how ignorant these magazines are! I saw your tweets earlier and was so disgusted, the article is wrong on so many levels, using the women on the cover as subjects to make people feel 'normal'. Urgh it makes me angry just looking at it! Sadly all of these gossip magazines will continue to write horrific stories shaming women's shape and appearance x

  11. I will never buy magazines like Now, it is sick that these editors think they can judge others like this. There must be some over size 10 ladies that work for Now, I wonder how they feel? Seeing this about to be published, just sick!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  12. I can tell you exactly why Magazines don't advocate any larger ladies or embrace being curvy or chubby. Because then you get people writing in suddenly wondering if magazines are saying being fat is healthy, or that they are saying to be fat or overweight is okay. Next thing you know magazines are eating their words (so to speak) and posting about how so n' so's lost 4 stone and is feeling fabulous and you can too with this new lettuce drink diet!

    Don't get me wrong, If I wasn't busting my ass working 60 hour weeks, If I were famous or had a few bob, I might have a personal trainer and someone that tells me what to eat and drink and does all that for me and then maybe I'd lose 2 stone and feel great. But I'm a normal woman who worries about 3243653254 other things before I think, Snazzy pants is going to think I look hefty at the Oscars. If i found time to make myself a salad before my 13 hour shift when I get up at 6.30am, I'll consider that a good start.

    I think if someone is loving their curves, surely places like newlook inspire and evans very and simply be and all those other curvier plus size outlets can piggy back from those artists. When I read about plus size people in magazines its either people slating them, saying they got fatter or the complete opposite, them going on a " im fat and I love it so sod off " rampage. Never anything inbetween. Never a " Here's a chubby looking lovely and we love her all the more for it ".

    wow.. I'm off for a cuppa lol got a little carried away here, apologies :P

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // My latest post ( Get Ready With Me | New Years Eve Smokey Sparkle look!) Vote for me in the #UKBA14

  13. I think for a national magazine, this headline was so thoughtless and insensitive. They might have wanted to create a talking point but curves should be celebrated, not bashed like this! Horrible.
    Bea x

  14. Yay! I saw you tweeting about this and I'm so happy to see it translated into a full blog post. Can we put a stop to magazines like this in 2014? This I feel is so much more psychologically hurtful to women than fashion magazines having skinny models. To point out someone's flaws so publicly is humiliating, bullying and should be illegal! My heart breaks for all the women on this cover..I want to give them giant hugs. Spread love not hate people! When you hate on someone's physique, it only shouts to the world your own insecurities.


  15. I have just come across this post, and was glad to see someone else raising this issue. I previously stated a campaign regarding this issue because it's not right and it's not responsible! I am currently looking for support on my campaign, please let me know if you fancy getting involved.

    My email is

    Thanks xxx

  16. I completely agree with you Ellie. I'm fed up with being shown this idea of what everyone woman should look like, which is mostly unachievable without photoshop. How can an editor publish this and think it's okay? It's absolutely appalling.

    Rosie x

  17. You're right, it's getting way too acceptable and normal. I've stopped buying magazines for good recently and feel lots better for it, and with a healthier purse!


  18. Oh wow, that is horrible! Looks like they were going for the 'shock' factor her to get some publicity/sales. Seems more like they have a lost a load of readers. Good.

    Corinne x

  19. When I saw this in the shops I was shocked. It is no wonder we have body image problems in the world. Not only are we bombarded with pictures of perfect girls, we're now told anything remotely normal is disgusting. I don' think any of these woman could be considered anything other than normal! Xx


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