Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Party Planning!

So the countdown is well and truly on! The party season is upon us so it's time to get prepared. Christmas parties are one of the most fun things about the festive season but I know that planning one can be scary! I'm currently helping to plan a Christmas Meet Up so I completely understand how organising an event in the Christmas build up can seem a bit over whelming, but I've got together my tips to help make the planning easier :)!

The first part of planning a Christmas Party is deciding on the date! If you've got an idea of who will be attending then you can suggest a few possible dates and pick the one that suits everyone the best. The end of the week tends to be better as nobody wants to worry about having work or school the next day!
If it's a party at home then it's a good idea to set a budget for how much money you are willing to spend on decorations, food, drinks etc. Asking guests to bring a dish of food or something to drink is normal now and guests are always willing to help! A good idea for decorations and small party favours could be to get some beauty crackers for the party!

Inviting everyone is obviously really important, most events are now organised through social networks like Facebook. Using an app like Party Planner means you can create the event and add all the info so your guests are prepared too. Party Planner is also great as you can use it to explain the theme of the party and also add your outfit if you have a theme or dress code so that nobody turns up wearing the same thing! The app lets you invite your Facebook friends and send them all the info so they can accept your invitation.

Music and entertainment is important too. Once you've sorted the food and drinks out picking music is something that will easily influence the mood of the party. For Christmas you've got to whack out all the classic tunes that everyone loves. I'd personally use Spotify as it's easy to create playlists and search for different types of music. They have literally every song on there so if anyone has a request you are definitely prepared! For entertainment organising a small secret santa might be a fun idea as all the guests can get involved, a small budget and maybe a novelty theme would make it a fun game.

Most importantly, have fun! :)

What are your top tips for organising a Christmas party?

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  1. You're very brave! x

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