Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Florida Series | Day 8

...Our last full day! :( Let the crying commence. Today we went to Epcot and it was an interesting and different day to what we have been doing. I didn't know much about Epcot and it definitely wasn't my favourite of the parks but it was nice to go somewhere a bit different. The park itself is split into two different sides, one has the majority of the rides and the other has the "world". This side has different countries with famous landmarks and relevant shops, ride etc in the lands. We first used our fastpass for Soarin' as it's the most popular ride at Epcot, with the longest wait times. We did Soarin' in California 6 years ago and loved it, it's a brilliant ride.

We then did the other rides on that side of the park, to be honest apart from the Finding Nemo ride they were all pretty rubbish in my opinion. There was a 3D film with Michael Jackson, a ride with cartoon dinosaur about imagination, a boat ride about growing vegetables and a film about conservation. I personally thought they were all not very interesting but other people liked them so it's just individual opinion. We wanted to go on Test Track but it was broken for half the day, when it did reopen the queues were 80 minutes long.

We walked to the Food and Wine Festival that was happening in the part with the countries. We each bought a giftcard that you wear on your wrist as it makes it easier and quicker to pay at the booths for everything. We should have really done this at the start of the holiday as we were eating in Disney all the time so it would have made everything a lot easier! In each different country there was a booth where you could buy a 'bite' of their foods. I tried the chicken terakyi sushi from Japan, the beef pitta from Morocco, chicken dumpling from China and the chocolate orange cupcake from the desert stand. All the food costs $2-$5 and was really tasty, the dumplings were my favourite!

We met Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom part, she was great and so beautiful. We also met Belle in France, Belle is my favourite princess so meeting her was definitely a highlight for me! Our last two rides were Mission Space and Soarin'. Mission Space has two different intensity options after getting complaints about how the ride makes you feel. Dad and Jack did the high insensitivity ride and said it makes you feel like there is no gravity in the simulator. Me and Amber did the low insensitivity level, it wasn't bad but is quite claustrophobic. We then did Soarin', which was amazing! It's a fantastic simulator and has to be done if you are ever at Epcot! I had a fab day at Epcot but did feel like the park was out dated and needs a refurb. Most of the rides clearly haven't changed in the past 15 years and it just felt like it needs a bit of TLC!

We came back to the house to do all the packing as we are leaving tomorrow at 4pm for the airport! :( I've no idea how I am going to get everything into the case. After we pack we are going to grab some chinese from the buffet across the road and get an early night so we can spend a couple of hours in Magic Kingdom before leaving.


  1. Aww, I did a post on Epcot yesterday and thought exactly the same - definitely my least favourite. I did the intense training on Mission Space and it was horrid, haha, so I think you made the right choice! It's horrible coming home (especially coming bk to the winter weather!). Hopefully get to return back soon! x

  2. I have loved your posts about your holiday. Seems you like have had a fantastic time :) xx

  3. I really liked Epcot, but I went at night but it has nothing on magic kingdom, god I'm so jealous of you!


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