Friday, 1 November 2013

The Florida Series | Day 7

 It's so close to the end of our holiday now with tomorrow being our last full day! :( We spent today at Universal Studios. I didn't expect to like that much of it as I didn't really know the films that the rides were relevant too, apart from The Simpsons. First Dad and Jack went on the huge rollarcoaster where you pick the song you want to listen to on the ride. They both said it was an incredible rollarcoaster. The Simpsons ride was our next stop and we all loved it. It's a simulator of a rollarcoaster and was great fun. The area around the ride is all Simpson's themed too. We had a yummy lunch at Krusty Burger and then headed to do the ET ride. My Dad loves the ET film, so he really enjoyed the ride. It wasn't very interesting if you don't like the film but it was the perfect ride to do after eating a heavy lunch!

We then headed to the Men In Black ride, it's similar to the Toy Story ride at Disney. You sit in a car and have to shoot all the aliens you see. I was beating Amber by 100,000 points until the end where she mysteriously gained a huge amount of 'bonus points' and won! It was good fun and still enjoyable even if you know nothing about the film. Our next stop was 'Disaster', an audience participation experience. A few people were 'cast' to be actors in the filming of a disaster movie, you watch the filming process (which is really funny) and then are part of the film as you react to being in an earthquake whilst on a subway. They then show the film with everyone in it, it was genuinely really fun. I've been so surprised by so many rides at all the theme parks, most of the time the ones you aren't interested in are ones you end up loving.

We then watched the parade, which to be honest was quite rubbish, and then went on the Transformers 3D simulator. I know nothing about Transformers and am not interested in it, but this was an amazing ride. It is so cleverly done and really makes you believe you are there experiencing what is happening. After we headed to watch Shrek 4D. 4D films are always fun but I did think the Shrek one could have had a better story, it's worth watching if you like Shrek though. Dad, Jack and Amber then went on the Mummy indoor rollarcoaster (whilst I soaked up the last of the sun). Then Dad and Jack did an indoor water ride called 'Twister' and went on the first rollarcoaster again.

We hadn't seen the Disney fireworks so we went straight to Magic Kingdom from Universal to as it was our last chance before leaving. There were two different shows happening at Cinderella's Castle. The first was called Celebrate The Magic. It's really hard to explain but it was a sort of montage of Disney films and music projected onto the castle. I found it so moving and emotional that I had to stand on my own too properly take it all in and experience it. The fireworks display called Wishes was after the show and was just incredible. I was already in a bit of an emotional state but this pushed me into the 'crying zone'. Seeing the castle lit up so beautifully, along with the fireworks, music and displays projected onto it really made me appreciate how lucky I was to be stood there watching it, as well as making me so sad to be leaving. Both the displays were brilliant and I am so glad I got to see them before we leave.

We fitted in the Little Mermaid ride and two trips on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before the park closed. I genuinely love Thunder Mountain now, which is funny as I was petrified the first time I went on it! On the way back to the house we stopped at Wal-Mart and Walgreens for a last dash shopping trip. Be prepared for a stupidly large haul when I am back!


  1. Last summer I went to the Universal Studios in LA and it was amazing! Such a unique and fun experience! I loved the Simpsons rollercoaster too :)

    Helen x

  2. Looks like its been a great trip. I think I would live at the Despicable Me part. Be safe.

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan


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