Friday, 29 November 2013

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I never used to be interested in watches, but since buying my first proper watch in Florida I have developed a new obsession. It's got to the point where I now don't feel properly ready unless I am wearing my watch!
My favourite metal for watches is definitely rose gold, I am still in love with anything that is rose gold metal or the colour so it's not really a surprise!

H.Samuel are currently running a fab discount where you can get 25% off some of the top watch brands online and in store until the 3rd of December, including Casio, Storm, Police and many more. If you are after a watch for Christmas or know somebody who may want one then it is definitely the perfect time to start shopping! I have picked my favourite three from the offer, trust me it was dangerous searching through the hundreds of different brands and styles to find just three!

Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch- I love how simple and classic this watch is, it's a timeless style and I love the rose gold tone. I think it's very sophisticated and a long lasting design. It's not too big in size too so is very wearable.
Casio Gold Plated Watch- My best friend Amber wore her Casio watch everyday on holiday and it left me longing for my own one. It's a different style to what I would tend to go for but I think it's a watch that will always be fashionable as it goes with everything! I love the digital display too.
Oasis Two Tone Watch- I think the design of this watch is slightly more masculine and larger than the other two watches. I love the rose gold through the strap and the fact the watch face has elements of rose gold too, it makes it very feminine.

What do you think of my watch picks from H.Samuel's watch promotion?

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  1. I prefer the one on the left! I always worry about gold jewellery looking too tacky.

  2. All of these are amazing! I can't pick a favourite :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  3. I'm in love with the Casio digital watch - it's definitely my next buy! x

  4. I've asked for a Casio for Christmas and hopefully I shall be getting one!! x


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