Saturday, 30 November 2013

Event | Brighton Stagette

So I had a bit of a different weekend last week, I was sent to experience a stag weekend with a group of fab bloggers in Brighton. #BrightonStagette (you may have seen the tweets) was organised by Eclipse Leisure who are experts at hosting Stag and Hen do's all over the country. I'd never been to Brighton before and didn't realise how easy it was to get to from London (as long as the trains run properly).
The bloggers on the trip were a great bunch, meeting bloggers is one of my favourite parts of blogging, to be honest most my closest and favourite people are all bloggers! Lorna is one of the best friends I've made through blogging, anything that involves her (mostly sushi) is always great. I've met Georgina a few times before too and we always have fun together. The other bloggers who I hadn't met before were Jayne, Gemma, Annie, Ronke and Tee.

Our weekend started at the Jurys Inn Hotel, which was next to the station so I managed not to get lost! We met our stag guide Jamie who gave us all our t-shirts to wear for the day. Everyone had to pick a t-shirt name for someone else (think Inbetweeners Movie but less harsh). Lorna proved how well she knows me, my name was 'Princess Belle-END' Belle is my favourite Disney Princess and stag t-shirts obviooooously have to be related to sex (Lorna's was Spunk and Wet Dreams!!) A quick check in and change into our t-shirts and we were ready. Our activity for the afternoon was go-karting, I was really relieved as I'd convinced myself they might make us paintball!

We arrived at go-karting and got in our attractive outfits and ate a ridiculous amount of pizza whilst we waited. Our first session was to get used to driving and to get the best lap time to decide positions for the race. It was such an adrenaline rush and I'd do it again now if I could, I loved it! We all had so much fun and were ready for our race. The race was done on a first over the line and somehow I managed to win! I got a gold trophy and everything!

After the adrenaline come down we had 45 min to get ready for the evening, which started with a quick drink before heading to an Indian restaurant called Chaulas. Unfortunately the service wasn't great but it was nice to sit down and properly chat with everyone. We then went to Platinum Lace strip club, it was definitely an interesting experience. At first I felt uncomfortable and found it weird that this was their job, but to be honest after ten minutes I was more impressed at how fit the women have to be and they are earning a lot too.

Jamie dropped us off at Shooshh, a club on the beach front, where we were lucky to have a VIP table and a lot of alcohol, there may have been quite a few shots! It was great fun after a busy day. We left about 2am and made a cheeky stop at a kebab shop before going back to the hotel. The next morning, with our heads a little sore, I made it to breakfast with Jayne and Annie before making the trek home, trust trains to be all over the place!

I had a really fun weekend, it was interesting to experience what men get up too on a stag weekend! I met some lovely bloggers and will definitely be seeing them all again!

weekend organised and paid for by Eclipse Leisure 


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