Thursday, 21 November 2013

BHS We Love The Dark and Wishlist

   BHS have released a new campaign to promote their lighting ranges, the video is really fun and slightly Toy Story esque with all the lights coming to life as soon as it gets dark! The video is a great as it shows a mix of the range of lighting options that BHS sell. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I have added some new furniture to my bedroom. I am now trying to make it more like my taste by having a perfect lighting set up. I love having different types of lights in my room so that I can easily change the mood and feel. It’s also easy to add different textures and colours into a room. My room is mostly cream but with lots of florals, I’m still a Cath Kidston addict!

Betsy Floor Lamp- I have wanted a floor lamp in my room for ages and I love the style of this one. It would look lovely in the corner  of my room. I love how sparkly and girly it is but has a vintage feel so it isn’t too much!
Cristallo EasyFit Pendant- For a ceiling light I like the style of this one, it’s still sparkly but wouldn’t distract from the floor lamp. The gold and cream colour would work well too as it is neutral and keeps in theme with my bedroom.
Multi Brighton Candle Stick Lamp- I absolutely love the lamp shade of this table lamp and think it would look lovely on a bedside table. I like that the stand of the lamp is quite thin so the main focus is still the lovely floral shade.  
Lumie Arabica- A bit of a different light, but I have wanted a Lumie for so long! I hate how dark it is in winter and how little sunlight we get. The Lumie Arabica is designed for use when stuck indoors to help you feel like you are getting more natural light and works to make you feel more awake and in a better mood.
Robyn Table Lamp- I think this would look perfect on my dressing table. It is a beautiful piece that I think looks much more expensive than it is. The antique brass gives it a vintage feel and the crystals would work to make the room all sparkly when the light hits them!

What do you think of my BHS light picks?

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  1. Love the Robyn lamp, that is so pretty!


  2. These light picks are lovely. Love the vintage look of the Robyn Table Lamp :) So adorable!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  3. The advert is cute, reminds me of the PIXAR lamp :3 The Robyn lamp is gorgeous! Ohmigosh I want it so much! xx

  4. I love the Robyn Lamp!! Its so gorgeous and elegant :) xx

  5. This advert is so cute!

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