Saturday, 30 November 2013

Event | Brighton Stagette

So I had a bit of a different weekend last week, I was sent to experience a stag weekend with a group of fab bloggers in Brighton. #BrightonStagette (you may have seen the tweets) was organised by Eclipse Leisure who are experts at hosting Stag and Hen do's all over the country. I'd never been to Brighton before and didn't realise how easy it was to get to from London (as long as the trains run properly).
The bloggers on the trip were a great bunch, meeting bloggers is one of my favourite parts of blogging, to be honest most my closest and favourite people are all bloggers! Lorna is one of the best friends I've made through blogging, anything that involves her (mostly sushi) is always great. I've met Georgina a few times before too and we always have fun together. The other bloggers who I hadn't met before were Jayne, Gemma, Annie, Ronke and Tee.

Our weekend started at the Jurys Inn Hotel, which was next to the station so I managed not to get lost! We met our stag guide Jamie who gave us all our t-shirts to wear for the day. Everyone had to pick a t-shirt name for someone else (think Inbetweeners Movie but less harsh). Lorna proved how well she knows me, my name was 'Princess Belle-END' Belle is my favourite Disney Princess and stag t-shirts obviooooously have to be related to sex (Lorna's was Spunk and Wet Dreams!!) A quick check in and change into our t-shirts and we were ready. Our activity for the afternoon was go-karting, I was really relieved as I'd convinced myself they might make us paintball!

We arrived at go-karting and got in our attractive outfits and ate a ridiculous amount of pizza whilst we waited. Our first session was to get used to driving and to get the best lap time to decide positions for the race. It was such an adrenaline rush and I'd do it again now if I could, I loved it! We all had so much fun and were ready for our race. The race was done on a first over the line and somehow I managed to win! I got a gold trophy and everything!

After the adrenaline come down we had 45 min to get ready for the evening, which started with a quick drink before heading to an Indian restaurant called Chaulas. Unfortunately the service wasn't great but it was nice to sit down and properly chat with everyone. We then went to Platinum Lace strip club, it was definitely an interesting experience. At first I felt uncomfortable and found it weird that this was their job, but to be honest after ten minutes I was more impressed at how fit the women have to be and they are earning a lot too.

Jamie dropped us off at Shooshh, a club on the beach front, where we were lucky to have a VIP table and a lot of alcohol, there may have been quite a few shots! It was great fun after a busy day. We left about 2am and made a cheeky stop at a kebab shop before going back to the hotel. The next morning, with our heads a little sore, I made it to breakfast with Jayne and Annie before making the trek home, trust trains to be all over the place!

I had a really fun weekend, it was interesting to experience what men get up too on a stag weekend! I met some lovely bloggers and will definitely be seeing them all again!

weekend organised and paid for by Eclipse Leisure 

Friday, 29 November 2013

Wishlist | H.Samuel Watches and Discount



I never used to be interested in watches, but since buying my first proper watch in Florida I have developed a new obsession. It's got to the point where I now don't feel properly ready unless I am wearing my watch!
My favourite metal for watches is definitely rose gold, I am still in love with anything that is rose gold metal or the colour so it's not really a surprise!

H.Samuel are currently running a fab discount where you can get 25% off some of the top watch brands online and in store until the 3rd of December, including Casio, Storm, Police and many more. If you are after a watch for Christmas or know somebody who may want one then it is definitely the perfect time to start shopping! I have picked my favourite three from the offer, trust me it was dangerous searching through the hundreds of different brands and styles to find just three!

Anne Klein Rose Gold Watch- I love how simple and classic this watch is, it's a timeless style and I love the rose gold tone. I think it's very sophisticated and a long lasting design. It's not too big in size too so is very wearable.
Casio Gold Plated Watch- My best friend Amber wore her Casio watch everyday on holiday and it left me longing for my own one. It's a different style to what I would tend to go for but I think it's a watch that will always be fashionable as it goes with everything! I love the digital display too.
Oasis Two Tone Watch- I think the design of this watch is slightly more masculine and larger than the other two watches. I love the rose gold through the strap and the fact the watch face has elements of rose gold too, it makes it very feminine.

What do you think of my watch picks from H.Samuel's watch promotion?

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Meet Cheeky Chica!

If you are looking for hair extensions then look no further than Cheeky Chica! 
 photo FB_Profile6_zpsb4d4ab7e.jpg
Q: Tell us a bit more about yourself, who stands behind Cheeky Chica® Hair and what is your mission?
A: Based in South-West Britain, Cheeky Chica® is represented by a dedicated team of qualified hair extension specialists with more than 6 years worth of professional training and expertise in the hair and beauty sector. We take pride in what we do and we believe that our foundations and past experience make us today experts at our work. We do truly believe that every woman deserves to be treated to something extra special and we take our belief to a whole other level, by ensuring that you are always pampered with love and care in helping you achieve the Ultimate Cheeky Hair Makeover!
 photo 0150_zpscbc8e9ee.jpg
Q: What type of products does Cheeky Chica® Hair carry?
A: Our unique online store specialises in retailing a wide variety of 100% luxury Double Drawn Premium Remy human clip-in hair extensions and hair accessories. Our product catalogue offers a range of clip-in hair extensions, including Volume Boost Quad Wefts, the NATURALE & PRESTIGE 18", the ROYALE 20", all the way through to the spectacular EXQUISITE 24" 200g set, so you are sure to find your own perfect Cheeky look!

 photo CheekyChicaExquisite2_zps0e79c464.jpg
Q: What is the quality of Cheeky Chica® Hair extensions and can they be styled with hot tools?
A: In working closely with one of the most established international hair manufacturers on the market, we ensure that our Cheeky Chica® hair extensions are only made of the finest quality 100% Premium Remy protein rich human hair and nothing else. All the hair used to make the extensions has been carefully collected and sorted during manufacture, so that all the cuticles are kept intact and aligned in the same direction, to ensure the hair remains soft, healthy, and completely tangle-free throughout its lifespan. 
As Cheeky Chica® hair extensions are completely natural, they can be curled, straightened, blow-dried, cut and styled, even professionally coloured in the very same way as our own natural hair! 
Q: What makes Cheeky Chica® Hair unique?
A: We pride ourselves in offering the finest quality 100% Remy human hair available on the market, custom-made to our highest standards and luxuriously thick from top to bottom, at affordable and competitive prices. 
We feel that our uniqueness is expressed not only through the wide variety of luxurious hair products we make available on the website but also through our individual approach to each and every customer; we are truly passionate about what we do and we LOVE to make our gorgeous Chicas feel absolutely special and fully satisfied.
With every individual product being carefully selected, produced, inspected, and brought to perfection, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to making our customers truly happy and to give you a personalised, unique experience in ensuring that you are completely delighted with your Cheeky Chica® choice!
 photo 0100_zps056cb717.jpg
Be bold, be beautiful, be a Cheeky Chica ♥


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review | Crazy Color Pinkissimo

crazy color pinkissimo review ellie's ramblings

crazy color pinkissimo review ellie's ramblings
Crazy Color Pinkissimo* £8

So having pink dip dyed can now be crossed off my beauty related bucket list! My Nan may not be speaking to me but I really love the look of coloured dip dye, so I was very excited to try the bright pink semi permanent Pinkissimo dye from Crazy Color available at Dirty Looks My natural hair colour is brown but my ends have been dip dyed twice, recently with the Bleach London kit. I also tried the Bleach London semi permanent colours and didn't have much luck, the colour barely showed up on my hair and was gone after one wash. I was expecting a bit more from Crazy Color!

Crazy Color was definitely harder to apply than the Bleach London dye, the formula is a very runny liquid. I found it fairly hard to work quickly to apply the dye where I wanted it and keep to it even. It says on the bottle to apply with gloves but doesn't come with them and I didn't have any so ended up using my hands. Be warned it stains hands quickly but will come off after a few exfoliating sessions. I left the dye on for about 40 minutes and was quite pleased with the results! The colour pay off is brilliant, my hair wasn't the lightest before but it still took to the dye really well. It's slightly patchy and not even in places but I think it looks okay when my hair is curled or slightly messy (which it always is!)

I have washed my hair twice times since using Crazy Color and it is still a noticeable pink but the colour has toned down in brightness and is a lot more subtle, I probably have one more wash before it's gone. If you are after a non permanent change to your hair then I really recommend Crazy Color, I will definitely be redoing this again and really want to venture out to try some other shades! My Nan isn't a fan but I have had a few compliments, and what girl hasn't wanted pink hair at some point!

Crazy Color is available from Dirty Looks here.

*pr sample sent for consideration of review, 100% honest as always

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas | Very Secret Santa

Christmas is under a month away now and Very are right on the ball to help us get our Christmas presents sorted. They have launched the Guru Gift tool to help you find the perfect present for someone, by easily selecting who it is for, their personality and your price range, it then will bring up all the gifts that match that person and your criteria. Easiest Christmas shopping ever!

 I was lucky enough to be invited to use the Guru Gift tool in the Very Blogger Secret Santa! Lots of bloggers have taken part and were each given a blogger to select a present up to the value of £20 from the Very website. It was hard to choose a gift for my blogger but she loved the burgundy leather gloves I picked out so I am relieved!

My secret santa (I still don't know who it was) got me spot on and I am now the proud owner of this beauty, the Illamasqua highlighter in Gleam. It's actually a product that I have had my eye on for a while so it's almost like they read my mind! Expect to see a review of this in the future.

Thank you to Very for including me in their Secret Santa, and big thank you to my Secret Santa for picking a lovely gift! I definitely recommend checking out Very for Christmas gifts as they stock a huge range of brands, and it's worth using the Guru Gift tool too if you need some inspiration.

I was sent this product as part of the Secret Santa campaign. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gifts | Elemis Freshskin Super Glow Kit

Review | Elemis Freshskin Super Glow Kit
Review | Elemis Freshskin Super Glow Kit

Review | Elemis Freshskin Super Glow Kit

 Elemis Freshskin Super Glow Kit £11*

Elemis has quickly become one of my favourite brands for skincare and they get even more points for having a range of sets made up of minis, which are perfect for travelling or just for trying out some new products!
I took this set on holiday with me, to be far I didn't get a chance to use the mask but I loved having mini versions of two of my favourite skin care products, Peachy Perfect Wash and Softly Softly Moisturiser.

Inside the Super Glow Kit is a 30ml Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash, which I used every morning for 10 days and didn't even get halfway through. Peachy Perfect is a soft face wash that doesn't dry out the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and cleansed. There is also a 15ml Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser, this was perfect for applying after spf when away. It's lightweight but really moisturising and does a great job of keeping my skin soft. The last product is a 3ml sachet of Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask. I haven't used this yet but am sure it's going to sort my dry winter skin right out!

The Super Glow kit retails at £11 here but is currently on offer for £9.89. It's a great set for travel but is also a good idea if you are a skin care lover looking to try out some new products but don't want to spend out on full size products without testing them first. Also a perfect present for any skin care lovers you may know!

What do you think of the Elemis Set?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Saturday, 23 November 2013

YouTube | Sephora and MAC Haul

A new video has just gone live here and it's an exciting one! A haul featuring all the 'higher end' make up I picked up in Florida from Sephora and MAC. I also talk through all the products in the Superstars Kit from Sephora which you can win here.
It would be fab if you went and liked the video or commented please!
I'm off to Brighton now to experience a 'stagette weekend', more on that soon! Have a fab weekend :)/

Thursday, 21 November 2013

BHS We Love The Dark and Wishlist

   BHS have released a new campaign to promote their lighting ranges, the video is really fun and slightly Toy Story esque with all the lights coming to life as soon as it gets dark! The video is a great as it shows a mix of the range of lighting options that BHS sell. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I have added some new furniture to my bedroom. I am now trying to make it more like my taste by having a perfect lighting set up. I love having different types of lights in my room so that I can easily change the mood and feel. It’s also easy to add different textures and colours into a room. My room is mostly cream but with lots of florals, I’m still a Cath Kidston addict!

Betsy Floor Lamp- I have wanted a floor lamp in my room for ages and I love the style of this one. It would look lovely in the corner  of my room. I love how sparkly and girly it is but has a vintage feel so it isn’t too much!
Cristallo EasyFit Pendant- For a ceiling light I like the style of this one, it’s still sparkly but wouldn’t distract from the floor lamp. The gold and cream colour would work well too as it is neutral and keeps in theme with my bedroom.
Multi Brighton Candle Stick Lamp- I absolutely love the lamp shade of this table lamp and think it would look lovely on a bedside table. I like that the stand of the lamp is quite thin so the main focus is still the lovely floral shade.  
Lumie Arabica- A bit of a different light, but I have wanted a Lumie for so long! I hate how dark it is in winter and how little sunlight we get. The Lumie Arabica is designed for use when stuck indoors to help you feel like you are getting more natural light and works to make you feel more awake and in a better mood.
Robyn Table Lamp- I think this would look perfect on my dressing table. It is a beautiful piece that I think looks much more expensive than it is. The antique brass gives it a vintage feel and the crystals would work to make the room all sparkly when the light hits them!

What do you think of my BHS light picks?

*sponsored by Spreaditfast

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

#LDNXMASMEET Blogger Event!

Christmas is well and truly almost here, so to celebrate myself, Chloe and Perdi are organising a Christmas Blogger Meet in London to get ourselves in the festive spirit, eat lots of food and do some last minute shopping, all with a Christmas theme of course!

The #LDNXMASMEET will be on Saturday the 14th December from 2pm. We will be having lunch in a lovely Italian restaurant called The Piccadilly, which is at Piccadilly Circus. The lunch will be £15 per person, which includes two courses and a drink. We are also working on a few Christmas presents for you all and a few prizes to giveaway through the day and maybe some special cupcakes! :)

If you would llike to be on the list for lunch please leave your name, blog link and email address in the comments below. We have space for around 20ish bloggers for lunch and we will email you all the info when your space is confirmed. So if you definitely want to come please leave your info below!

After lunch we were thinking of hitting the shops, heading to Winter Wonderland or just generally seeing what everyone else fancies doing! I hope you can come, it's going to be a really fun day.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy

Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy

Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy

Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy
Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy
Review | Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Parade and Bright & Breezy




Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour* in Parade and Bright & Breezy £7.50 each 

Say Liz Earle and the first thing that probably comes into your mind is Cleanse and Polish, however after testing out the new Strengthening Nail Colour polishes I definitely think they deserve to be known for them too! There are 12 shades in the Strengthening Nail Colour range, which are split into three different shade groups: classic nudes, deepest darks and bold brights. I know winter means darker shades for nails but I still love wearing 'summer' colours, they brighten up my day a bit more! All the shades in the range are gorgeous and wearable, there is definitely a shade (or 11) for everyone.

I absolutely love the packaging, it is really luxurious and more expensive looking than they are. The Strengthening Nail Colour formula is enriched with avocado and borage oils to help strengthen and protect the nail as well as claiming to last up to 12 days. The formula is quite thin but very easy to apply. The swatches above are just one coat, the finish is really glossy and opaque, even more so with two coats. I absolutely love Parade, it's a beautiful candy pink that is very feminine and bright, I think it would suit all skin tones as it is very clean looking. Bright & Breezy is a fun orange based coral, it is quite creamy and slightly less glossy than Parade.

I painted my nails with Parade the day before heading  to Orlando and only had to top up a couple of nails once when away, considering I was at a theme park every day I think is really great. Nail polish can chip on me literally hours after being painted, so to keep the same colour on for 12 days is seriously impressive. The Strengthening Nail Colour formula is by far the best I have tried and well worth the money. I really want to get my hands on some more shades from the range.

Would you try the Liz Earle Strengthing Nail Colour?

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Saturday, 16 November 2013

YouTube | Disney Haul and Vlogs

I'm dragging out the Disney related stuff for as long as I can, the post holiday depression has properly kicked in, so blogging and uploading videos about it is helping me to keep the magic going for a tiny bit longer. I hope you don't mind! My newest YouTube video is a haul of all the merchandise I picked up from Disney when in Orlando. If the above video doesn't work, you can click here to be taken to the page. The beauty hauls are coming very soon!

I've also been on a vlog uploading mission and have got five up so far, which are all linked below. I'd love it if you would have a watch! :)

Day 1- Travelling to Orlando and a villa tour.
Day 2- A really magical day at Magic Kingdom and dinner in Downtown Disney.
Day 3- Universal Islands of Adventure. Harry Potter, being petrified on Jurassic Park and shopping in Downtown Disney.
Day 4- Shopping and the most incredible night time parade at Magic Kingdom
Day 5- A day at Seaworld and dinner in the Rainforest Cafe.

I've got a few more vlogs to upload so it would be fab if you subscribed to my channel! :)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas | Beauty Crackers!

As much as I am struggling to believe it, Christmas is coming round the corner pretttttttty fast and it's time for me to start getting prepared! Being obsessed with all things beauty means I am always looking for ways to incorporate it more into life and it's so much easier to do this at Christmas time. Beauty Christmas crackers are becoming more popular every year and there is definitely a cracker for everyone. I thought I'd share some of my favourites so you can get convincing everyone that these are better than getting a tape measure, rubbish joke and paper hat! (Plus you can round up the contents and hide them in your beauty stash, nobody will notice they are gone!)

Clarins- These crackers are so gorgeous, to the point where I would find it hard to pull them, but with six Clarins treats inside it would probably take 30 seconds to rip into them all. Slightly pricey at £39 for a box of six crackers but worth it for Christmas Day. Contents- Beauty Flash Balm 30ml, Eau Des Jardins 30ml, Hand & Nail Treatment Cream 50ml, Gentle Refiner 30ml, Mini Rouge Eclat lipstick in Woodrose and a Mini Wonder Perfect Mascara.

This Works - I have wanted to try This Works for a long time! Inside is a 15ml Deep Sleep Dream Cream, this can be used all over to help you relax before bed, probably perfect for unwinding after Christmas Day! It's not the best value for money, the full size 75ml cream is £18 and the 15ml cracker is £9, but it would look pretty on the table at lunch or be a great stocking filler.

Nails Inc- Nails Inc have produced one of the best value for money sets that is definitely one of my favourites. costing £29.50 for 6 crackers that each have a full size polish inside. The polishes inside are the coveted Baker Street (cobalt blue), Mayfair Mews (blue fibre optic), Marylebone Lane (red glitter), King's Road (gold foil), Kensington High Street (burgundy) and Trafalgar Crescent (silver galaxy). All the shades are perfect for the party season. 

Anatomicals- For a slightly cheaper cracker I love the look of the A Smacker In A Cracker Kissing Kit. For £3 the cracker contains a Snog Me Senseless Lip Balm and Mouth Freshener. It's a funny novelty cracker with two products perfect for taking on a night out, it's definitely not luxurious but if you want a beauty cracker that won't break the bank this could be perfect. 

Origins- I am a huge fan of Origins and have a few reviews coming up soon featuring their products, I really want to get my hands on this set of six crackers, costing £45 and out on the 1st of December. Each cracker contains two 15ml samples and an Origins headband for pamer sessions. The samples included are Clear Improvement Mask, Modern Friction, Make A Difference + moisturiser, Drink Up Intensive Overight Mask, Make A Difference + hand cream, Ginger Burst Savoury body wash and Ginger Souffle Whipped body cream. It's a brilliant way to try a bunch of fab products, it's not a set that I'd be sharing!

Which Christmas Cracker is your favourite?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

CLOSED- Giveaway | Win the Sephora Superstars Kit!

It's giveaway time and I am really excited about this one! When in Florida I picked up two of the Sephora Superstars kit. I wanted to get something for a prize that you can't get hold of in England as a way of hosting a pre Christmas giveaway to say a big thank you for reading my blog and being so supportive and lovely this year. I wanted to get something slightly special as everyone who reads my blog, watches my videos, comments, tweets etc.. really does make my day and mean so much to me!

This has already sold out online and was low in stock in store due to how popular it is, I grabbed the last two! It's a brilliant kit containing 12 of the best selling and favourite products sold in Sephora. Some of the products are miniatures and some full size, the kit is worth is over $270! I had to get one to giveaway here as I think it's full of fab brands and products that are well loved in the beauty community, and it's a great way to try products you might not have had the chance to before.

I'm really excited to be giving you the chance to win the Sephora Superstars Kit by filling in the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway is open until the 24th of December (Christmas Eve!), I hope it will be a lovely Christmas present for one of you! It is open internationally too. Good luck! :)

Review | Remington Silk Waving Wand

A couple of months back I was invited to one of the best blogger events I have ever been too by the lovely people at Remington. The event was to launch the newest collection of hair tools called Silk. It was held in a suite at The Covent Garden Hotel. The team from Remington were there along with Chris Appleton who is Remington's stylist. I was quite overwhelmed by the whole experience to be honest! I got to meet one of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Jane from British Beauty Blogger. I've looked up to Jane since starting my blog so I was a bit "star struck" to meet her. A couple of 'top bloggers' popped by but I was having my hair Beyoncefied by Chris so didn't say hi, (I probably wouldn't have had the guts anyway!) The event was brilliant and really personal, it's great to meet the team behind a brand you are a fan of. The chance to learn one on one about the Silk collection too was fab. The Silk collection is designed for people who want to look after there hair but also want results that last. That sums me up!

*ends ramble and gets on with the review*

My hair is naturally wavy but not in a good way, I wouldn't be able to wash it and go as it needs of taming or styling to make the waves look nice! I was intrigued by the idea of the Remington Silk Waving Wand as I have never used a wand with this type of barrel before. I think it looks professional but still simple enough for anyone to pick up and use. I like the pearl effect of the barrel and the contrasting red colour of the handle. The wand has a power button and then two buttons to change temperature. The power lead is really long, which is a bonus as there is nothing worse than not being able to reach the mirror! One thing I worry about with hair tools is them being able to turn on by themselves, the Remington Waving Wand has a lock system, so if it is plugged in it won't turn on unless you press the power button, it even has a little lock symbol on the screen so you know it won't turn on.

The fact you can change the temperature is great. When I need too I can turn it down to 160 to look after my hair a bit more and when I want long lasting waves I can set it to 230. It is the easiest styling tool I have ever used and gives me brilliant results. Because of my natural hair type, I can style my hair with this in five minutes and be ready to go, it adds a lot of definition and defrizzes my hair due to the silk that is infused into the barrel. To style my hair I wrap different sized sections around the barrel and hold for about 10 seconds, it gives me lovely and natural looking waves that looks like I have put a lot of effort into them. I have also been impressed with how long lasting the waves are, normal curls drop out within a matter of hours but I think because the waves are more natural they last until my next hair wash. 

The Remington Silk Waving Wand * costs £34.99, which I think is well worth the money. If you are looking for an easy to use hair tool that won't take more than 10 minutes of your time to get gorgeous hair then you know where to go! Add it to those Christmas wish lists ladies!
Are you a fan of Remington?
*wand gifted to me at the Remington blogger event. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review | Blackhead Killer Mask

Blackhead killer mask peel off review

Blackhead killer mask peel off review

Blackhead killer mask peel off review

Blackhead Killer Mask* £14.95 for 5 masks

I was recently contacted by StyleLux and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Blackhead Killer Face Masks. I love using face masks when I am having a hot bath with a magazine, candles and a hair mask on for the ultimate pampering session. I hadn't heard anything about the Blackhead Killer Mask before but was excited to find out it's a peel off mask, I used to (still do) love using them when I was first discovering beauty products. I don't tend to use them as much due to having dry skin and needing hydrating masks. The Blackhead Killer Mask is said to remove spots, blackheads and excess oil in 10 minutes. It claims that as the mask dries it 'sucks out' impurities and lifts them out of your skin. It also says to remove redness from spots, reduce scarring, and remove dead skin cells to leave cleaner, smoother and fresher skin.

I was slightly scared of applying the black product onto my face, it is a thick mask and did take a couple of minutes to apply evenly. The first time I used the Blackhead Killer Mask I applied a whole sachet evenly on my skin and left it for 15 minutes as it took a while to dry. It was really painful to remove and left my skin bright red and quite sore.

The second time I used it I applied a much thinner layer onto the skin for 10 minutes and found it a lot easier to remove. It still stung in places when I peeled it off but was nowhere near as bad. I do enjoy the peeling off aspect so it was bearable for me. The results of the mask on my skin were quite mixed, around my nose and chin, where I do get a couple blackheads and have slightly noticeable pores, I was left with softer feeling skin. It did feel like it had made a different to the appearance of the pores and it removed the blackheads. However everywhere else my skin felt tight and dry, as if it had stripped to much oil out of skin. I would use the Blackhead Killer Mask again but only in places where I need help removing impurities. I have dry skin, which is probably why this didn't work so well for me. However I can imagine this working wonders for those with oily or spot prone skin..

Would you try the Blackhead Killer Mask? You can purchase the mask from StyleLux for £14.95 for 5 sachets.

*pr sample, review 100% honest as always

Friday, 8 November 2013

Review | Firmoo Sunglasses


I'm currently wearing about 8 layers so it feels slightly weird to be writing about sunglasses, but you probably know (because it's the only thing I've talked about for a month) that I have just got back from Orlando. Firmoo, one of my favourite sunglasses brands, kindly offered to send me a new pair for my holiday. I have spoken about Firmoo before here, where I reviewed a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses.

Firmoo are one of the most popular online stores for eyewear, the prices are really fair and I have always been impressed with the quality of their customer service and speed of delivery considering orders are shipped from overseas. My favourite thing about Firmoo is that they cater for those who need prescription lenses and those who don't. It's easy to customise glasses if you need too. I actually ended up picking the same design of sunglasses as last time but in the colour black. I am a creature of habit!

The sunglasses I was lucky to receive were perfect for my holiday as they are very light weight, which made them easy to carry around with me and wear all day in the heat. I love the gradient design of the lenses. My eyes are very sensetive to the sun, but wearing these meant I was able to enjoy the sun and I think they look okay on me too. (That is a compliment for me as sunglasses tend to look silly on me!) All glassed from Firmoo come with a hard case to keep them well protected and a cleaning cloth.

Have you ever used Firmoo?
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