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This is a 'if I win the lottery' wishlist. I think it's nice to want nice things and I use it as motivation to aim high, so one day I will be able to spend £600 on a leather jacket. I am a huge fan of the 'biker' look, which may be why I love this brand. BLK DNM brings together the life and attitude of downtown New York. It's targeted at a girl who will throw her leather jacket on over any outfit, even a posh dress. I think a leather jacket, white t shirt and jeans is a look that is always on trend, no matter the season, which is why I love my BLK DNM picks.

leather jacket- Since getting a leather look jacket two years ago I don't have a clue what I used to wear before! I wear it with absolutely anything. I'd love to own a real leather jacket one day and I love the detail that has gone into this one, the cropped fit would highlight the waist and the quality looks incredible. I think a real leather jacket is something worth spending more money on as it will last you forever. 
grey sweatshirt- It might be boring but grey is my favourite colour for the colder months and I love to wear oversized jumpers to keep warm. The material of this grey melange sweatshirt means it is super soft, like never want to take it off soft. This would go perfectly with jeans and a leather jacket, I think it's a wardrobe staple. 
leather trousers- Since watching Grease I have always wanted leather trousers, these are effortlessly cool, probably so cool that I wouldn't have a chance at pulling them off! I love the ribbed knee detailing, it makes them slightly more edgy and biker chic. I think with a plain white top and stacked jewellery these trousers would look amazing. Might be a bit hard to get on though!
black wayfarers- No rock chic look is complete without a pair of black sunglasses, the wayfarer shape is timeless but this pair are slightly more modern and different to the typical wayfarer design. I love the shape of these and think they would flatter most face shapes.
white t shirt- A classic white t shirt is an essential wardrobe item, I have yet to find one on the high street that I really like. I love the boyfriend cut of this white t shirt, the material looks great too. This would look fab paired with any of the other pieces I've mentioned, especially tucked in loosely to the leather trousers. 

What do you think of my BLK DNM picks? Are you fan of the biker chic look?

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  1. I literally WANT/have all of these (from a different store)
    A leather jacket is a must in everyones wardrobe!

  2. I've been wanting some basics like a white t-shirt too, but I feel stupid for going out to buy it because it's the sort of thing you can buy any time so I don't buy it but then I still need it so.. nice wishlist :)

  3. Those jeans are lovely!


    My inner rock chick wants it, and wants it now. I better hide my debit card.

  5. I love this outfit you've put together. So cute yet so rock chick! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  6. Love this look! It's a brand that i've just come across and have quickly made a wishlist in my head! It's so laid back but super chic too, i'd like to layer on loads of fine gold jewellery with it :)

    Great picks :)
    Rosie xo


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