Friday, 25 October 2013

The Florida Series | Day 1

I really cannot even begin to find the words to explain how magical today was. It was our first full day in Orlando, and we were slightly knackered after a whole 24 hours travelling but got up early to head to my new most favourite place, Magic Kingdom. I have never experienced anything like walking onto Main Street and seeing Cinderella's Castle and actually being in Disney. It was so emotional. The first thing me and Amber did was pick up our Minnie ears and autograph books! 

It will be easier for me to list the rides we did I think so here goes!

Tomorrow Land Speedway- So fun, driving round a track in a little race car. Considering I can't drive, Amber was quite scared about me driving!
Space Mountain- I skipped this one as I'm a wimp but the others loved it! 
People Mover- I'd liked this as you sat in the train and it went round above Tomorrowland and through some of the rides, a fab way to see a view of Disney.
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin- SO FUN. You sit in a car and shoot targets to help Buzz defeat Zurg, the car spins too!
Stitch's Great Escape- This made me anxious as I don't like the dark but it was fun. It's an 'interactive' experience about Stitch being captured to an alien prison. 
It's A Small World- You can't go to Disney and not do this ride. It is great fun and we sang the whole way round. 
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh- Amber loves Tigger so we had to go on this ride, it was actually really good. The work they put into making all these rides is so impressive. 
Mad Hatter's Tea Party- I hate my dad for how much he spun our tea cup round to the point where I couldn't see anything!
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I gave this a miss but am thinking I should man up and go on it when we go back to Magic Kingdom. I am not brave!!
Pirates of the Caribbean- I love this ride as I love the films but it stopped working halfway through and all the boats pilled up and starting colliding with each other which was funny.

I finally got my hands on a Mickey pretzel with the melted cheese dip and oh my, it was so bloody good. I love pretzels anyway but the mickey shape and melted cheese made it 500000x better. We also had the Mickey shaped ice cream bar, it's so much nicer than a magnum! Jack tackled and beat the turkey leg, it was huge but he managed to eat the whole thing. 

Me and Amber wanted to start filling up our autograph books so we met Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Buzz Lightyear. I want to meet the Princesses way to badly! We also watched the Celebrate the Magic Parade outside the castle, which was a bit emotional again, seeing all the characters going past. I really couldn't believe we were there. For dinner we went to the TREX Restaurant in Downtown Disney, the food was so good and hugeeeeeeeeee. Every 20 minutes there was a meteor shower in the sky too and all the dinosaurs were moving all the time.

I've been attempting vlogging but they are shocking attempts so I hope you don't mind me rambling on with these sort of posts each day. Tomorrow we are going to Universal to go to the Harry Potter land!

Seriously cannot believe we are here, I had to take several moments to soak it all in and pinch myself (or get Amber to pinch me) to believe it's true. I had such an amazing and happy day. <3


  1. Ohh wow! It sounds like you are having an amazing time!! Enjoy the rest of your trip x

  2. That looks amazing! Hope you have a great holiday! x

  3. Love that you're so excited & having a wonderful time. Looking forward to your updates & can't wait to see your Harry Potter photos.

  4. I am just so jealous! :-(
    Hope you have a ball chic! You deserve it!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  5. Knowing how short you are compared to me, your friend is tiny!

    Also, hate you.

    1. And, proud you went on Its a Small World *que song*

  6. I'm so jealous and I absolutely love the concentration on your face on the Buzz Lightyear Ride :)
    Looking forward to seeing your Harry Potter land snaps.

    Love Tabi

  7. I've been here a few times and I'm going for Christmas too! i really love Orlando, glad you had a good time!

  8. Can't believe I'm home now :( miss it loads! but so glad to see ur having fun xx

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  9. Oh no, I'm going to have the Small World song in my head for days now 'It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all'! I usually sing it in a little voice to annoy my boyfriend! :)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. It's so catchy, it's still stiuck in my head xx

  10. Loving your first day already!! That pretzel does look delicious!! This place is so magical!!

    1. It was reeeeally tasty! It's the best place on earth xx

  11. Aww I'm reliving my florida holiday through your posts (and getting reminded that I really do need to pick up where I left off with my disney posts! ) I too had dinner in TRex in downtown...the pullec pork burgers are divine!


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