Thursday, 10 October 2013

BHS Get Dressed Up For Autumn

As much as I hate the cold, Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year for fashion. I love wearing warm clothes and layering up, plus I end up living in grey and black til the sun comes back next year, which I love doing! BHS have upped their game lately, to the point where I have seen a coat in a magazine that I must have and am pleasantly surprised to see it's from BHS. I think BHS is one of those shops that has a bit of a sterotypical shopper around it as they do cater for slightly older customers but there new arrivals for AW is full of on trend pieces that I'd love to get my hands on!
I love the campaign video above as it is different to what you might expect from BHS and makes you want to go browse and see what else you can find in store. I really like the look in the video and would wear the whole outfit to work if I had an office job.My favourite piece from the video is definitely the bag, I really don't need a new one but the black bucket style is one that never goes out of fashion and is so versatile, but I also love the shirt as it's bang on the monochrome trend and looks like a great quality piece. Somebody take my debit card away from me!
What do you think of BHS and the video above?

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