Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Florida Series | Day 6

Today we went to Animal Kingdom and had a really fab day out. It was another really hot and gorgeous day so being outside but in a shady place was great. The first thing we did was head to the Everest rollarcoaster so that Dad and Jack could tick that off their lists of things to do. We then headed to the Safari ride, which was great fun. I thought it might be dull as you can see animals at any zoo but it was a really fun experience and I would put it on the must do list if you are ever in Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom also has a few 'trails' that you can follow round to lead you to see other animals like the gorillas.

We then went to see The Festival of the Lion King which was my favourite part of the day. The Lion King is my favourite Disney film and the music is fantastic. It always makes me so happy and emotional! The show was a 20 min montage of songs and bits of the story, I reallllllllllllllllllly loved it and would have watched it all day if I could have. After the show we were hungry, so we headed to the 'Asia' part of Animal Kingdom to get some lunch. I love American food but after a week of chips it was nice to have a different sort of meal. I had crispy honey chicken with rice and it was seriously tasty. We then headed to the Dinosaur ride, I was a bit dubious about this one but it was actually good fun and not scary at all. Dad and Jack headed to another rollarcoaster whilst me and Amber met Goofy and Pluto!

It was then time for the river rapids, it was the perfect time of day to go on them as it was so hot we dried out really quickly. The rapids were fun but the ride was really quick, you do get wet but nowhere near as soaked as the Universal Studios rapids. My Dad loves A Bugs Life so we watched the 4D film, which was kind of fun but not so much if, like me and Amber, you do not like bugs! Our last stop of Animal Kingdom was the train to meet Rafiki from the Lion King, before heading back to our house for a couple of hours to relax.

We headed to Downtown Disney for a quick dinner and spent the rest of the time browsing the shops and the rest of the entertainment on offer. We only have two more full days left before coming home Friday evening! :(

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Florida Series | Day 5

Today we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios, it was the hottest day we have had so far and we all got a little bit burnt! The first stop was Tower of Terror, me and Jack gave this a miss, there was no way I was getting on that, and had an ice cream each (the biggest ice creams ever). We saw Donald Duck and got our autograph books signed. Our first group ride of the day was The Great Movie Ride, it takes you through some of the famous scenes from a few well known films. We then watched the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, which was really impressive and cleverly done. Then we had lunch at Pizza Planet! Me and Amber were so excited to go here as we both loooooooove Toy Story, it was exactly like you'd think it would be and had lots of arcade games inside and the little green aliens hanging from the ceiling, we did sit outside though because of how hot it was!

After lunch me and Amber watched the Beauty and The Beast Show, it's my second favourite Disney film so I found it emotional! I love Belle way too much! The characters were pretty spot on to with their acting and singing. We then met Mike and Sully, a kid actually full on kicked Mike which was pretty harsh! We watched Monsters University on the plane here so it was great to see the Monsters University set up there. Then we did the best ride of the park, Toy Story Midway Mania. It did have a long queue but was so worth it. It's a similar concept to the Buzz ride at Magic Kingdom but way more fun and is 3D. Amber was chuffed to beat me! Our last stop of the day was the Fantasmic show, I haven't seen Fantasia before but had a feeling the show would be good and it really was! It's about Mickey battling against his enemies and has lots of fireworks, dancers and water displays going on. If you ever are at Hollywood Studios you have to go see this show, it's seriously amazing.

We were all pretty tired and have a long day tomorrow, so we grabbed a Taco Bell (cue Mean Girls quotes) and had an early night. Tomorrow we are off to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom!

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Florida Series | Day 4

Today we went to SeaWorld to see all the amazing shows and sea animals! Our first stop was the Shamu Show called 'One Ocean'. We visited the San Diego SeaWorld six years ago and its quite different now as the trainers do not go into the water with the killer whales. The show was incredible, it's amazing to think that the killer whales understand the commands of their trainers and it looks like they have such a great bond. After One Ocean we walked round to the shark exhibit with the huge tunnel that you walk through, we fed the sting rays and smaller sharks too.

We then watched the sealion, otter and walrus show, which was a funny one. It's based on a story of a pirate ship trying to find treasure. The weather was absolutely beautiful and hot so we ate lunch outside by the lake and I befriended the ducks by feeding them chips. Everyone else then went on the scary looking ride called Journey to Atlantis, which has the biggest log flume style drop I have ever seen. Our last show was Blue Horizon, which was incredible. It was full of dolphins, parrots, acrobats and more. There was so much happening it was hard to know where to watch, but it was really impressive.

We then did the new simulator ride called Empire of the Penguin, it was fun but absolutely freezing. At the end you arrive at the penguin enclosure which was even colder! I've never been so close to penguins before, they are fascinating to watch. We then went up the Sky Tower where you get an amazing view of Orlando, the sun was setting as we went up so it was really beautiful. Our last SeaWorld experience was the Wild Artic ride, which is also a simulator, it makes you think you are flying over the Artic on a helicopter through a heavy storm.

We had dinner reservations at The Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, it's so much bigger and better than the London one! I had ribs (again) and everyone else had shrimp. We came back to the house for an earlier night as tomorrow we are off to Disney Hollywood Studios!
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