Monday, 9 September 2013

Review | One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Wish (Zayn)

One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Wish £3
The One Direction make up range recently launched in Superdrug by MUA Cosmetics. So far I think I have been quite restrained having only purchased all of the five lipsticks (THAT IS RESTRAINED) . It's like my two favourite things have combined- One Direction and lipstick! Insert jokes about how excited I was to smear One Direction over my face. The range also includes five tinted lip balms, five nail polishes and three blush sticks, I'm sure if this collection is popular they will be adding a few more products to the range! 
Each of the five lipsticks is associated with one of the boys from the band, they are also named after a One Direction song (it just gets better)! I really like the packaging of the Kiss You lipstick, it's probably not everyone's taste but I love it. The lipstick come in red and black packaging with 'Kiss You' written in the One Direction font. Inside the bullet the signature of the band member is printed, which I think is a lovely touch. The lipstick also has the 1D logo and 'xo's embossed into it.
I Wish is Zayn's lipstick from the range. Zayn is known for always hitting the high notes and making melodies sound peeerfect (also famous for his appearance as hot lady Zayn in the Best Song Ever video). I Wish is a bright bubblegum pink shade with blue undertones. I Wish is incredibly pigmented and very creamy in formula. It's impressive how the lipstick lasts, after four hours it will need reapplying. I Wish has a more glossy finish than I Want and also leaves a slight stain. This One Direction lipstick to be really moisturising and comfortable on the lips. I really love the colour, top marks Zayn! (Lady Zayn definitely picked the shade!)

I Wish costs £3 and I am so impressed with it. I will repurchase again and again. Even if you aren't a Directioner it really might be worth picking up the Kiss You Lipsticks! Considering you can get all of the Kiss You Lipsticks for the price of one from MAC, they are amazing for such a cheap price. 
One Direction make up is available from Superdrug. Have you picked up anything from the range?
I spent most of last night laughing with Sara from Pretty In Pink about this quiz by Vue Cinemas,"Which member of One Direction is your perfect match?" No guesses for which member is destined to be mine. I actually knew which answer related to which band member when I was reading through them, bonus points to those of you who can figure it out too! Let me know in the comments who is your perfect One Direction match (BUT BACK OFF HAZZA). 


  1. Does Louis really have that great abs?! I need to Google. I don't want Liam, Ellie, I DON'T WANT HIM :'(

    1. Oh God, he does!

      I'm even more attracted to him now... #fail

  2. I love my Harry lipstick. I'm not a fan of 1D so I did put off buying it for a while, but now I want to try the rest of the range now because it's amazing. :D

    My next choice is a toss between this one and Liam's. :D

    Juyey xx

  3. These lipsticks look so fun, i really need to pick some up!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. I honestly was so doubtful about these lippies but that colour is gorgeous!

  5. I haven't tried anything from the 1D range but I love the MUA £1 lipsticks! Their quality is amazing xx


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