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Review | The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box 3rd Edition

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box
The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box 3rd Edition £5*

I am addicted to perfume, to the point where I don't feel 'ready' unless I have spritzed one of my favourite scents on. I own quite a few perfumes and love how a scent can uplift your mood or match an occasion. I love finding new perfumes, especially ones I had not heard of before as I can be easily sucked in to buying perfume that is hyped or promoted by a celebrity (One Direction perfume review coming soon!) The Fragrance Shop have a fragrance box that you can subscribe too called the Discovery Club. The idea is clever and I haven't seen anything similar which is just about fragrance. 

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box costs £5 per box, boxes are sent quarterly through the year. Each box usually contains 5 perfume samples but the 3rd Edition box contains an extra male fragrance sample. Inside every Discovery Club Box is always a book of vouchers for The Fragrance Shop with money off the fragrances in the box, inside the 3rd Edition Box the discounts have been doubled to £10 off each fragrance. 

Alien Aqua Chic by Thierry Mugler- A floral scent with orange and lemon tree blossom. It has a woody and rich base with notes of amber and jasmine. It's quite a strong fresh scent but is not my sort of perfume. 
Legend Pour Femme by Mont Blanc- Another floral scent with strong notes of orange, pear, lily and jasmine. This is a slightly more mature scent but is still quite sweet and wearable.
Quizas, Quizas, Quiazs Pasion by Loewe- I love the berries in this scent, it is very feminine and quite sweet. It also has woody notes but they balance out well with the fruity notes to make a romantic lasting scent.
For Her by Elvis Jesus- I love the grapefruit scent with a slight hint of peppermint of cherry that comes with the first spray of this. Might sound like a weird combination but it works! It has a mix of floral, sweet and woody scents that work well to create an edgy and different fragrance.
Eau de Lacoste Noir by Lacoste- This is really refreshing with watermelon, basil and lavender. It has a hint of chocolate too! I love this and think it is a gorgeous male fragrance.
Gentleman Only by Givenchy- This is spicy and fresh with hints of orange and pink peppercorns. With slightly woody hints of nutmeg and birch leaves that make an elegant masculine fragrance.

I am a big fan of perfume samples as they give you the chance to test a perfume properly through the day and see how it wears, they are also great for throwing into your bag to take on the go. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but I have found shops to be a lot more stingy when it comes to giving out fragrance samples. I think The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club is a brilliant idea if like me you love testing out perfumes and are always on the hunt for a new favourite. I think £5 is a fair price to pay for the box, especially as you get generous discounts if you decide to purchase one of the fragrances. 

Would you consider signing up to The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club?
*pr sample, review 100% honest as always


  1. Oh wow I've not seen anything like this before that's such a Good idea. I really want to buy alien for a/w.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Great post.

    Definitely agree that testing with samples is a great way to go about things before buying.

    Rach x

    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

    1. Definitely, I always try so many fragrances in the shops I never remember what I like on me!x

  3. this is so cool! I'm addicted to perfume too! Xx

  4. Oh my I love this idea! I might have to sign up to it myself!

    I have a blog sale if you'd like to take a look. Http://

  5. I love this idea! And its so cheap. How have i not heard of this before! I live the samples you got aswell ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    don't forget to enter my Real Techniques giveaway here

  6. At some level testing is good but still you should aware of the quality of the product and go for some reputed perfume shop otherwise using low quality of perfume or fragrance even as sample may harm your skin.


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