Sunday, 1 September 2013

Guest Post | MAC Blush Cleanser and 217 Brush

Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte from the blog ‘Charlotte Christmas’ and Ellie has kindly allowed me to write for her amazing blog! Ever since I started reading Ellie’s blog, I have been an avid fan! We've been having lovely weather in England, hence why I've taken the photos in the beautiful sunshine! Recently I went into MAC and it was a weird experience for me as I only bought two things... how peculiar. Anyway, I bought the Brush Cleanser and the famous 217 brush (finally!). I've had these products for a couple of weeks now and I thought it was about time I gave my opinion on them in the style of a well-deserved review! I've been so excited to try these products out, not just for me, but for you all too.

MAC Brush Cleanser 
So I finally purchased the MAC Brush Cleanser for the first time and now that I have it, I'm asking myself why I didn't buy it sooner. I finally got fed up of giving my brushes a deep clean every few days and I had seen a lot of makeup storage collections on YouTube with this product in shot. When I was in the MAC store, I just dived in and purchased it without no clue of how to use it, which meant I had to go on YouTube, to find out how it's done. I watched a very good video which instructed how the makeup artists at MAC use this product.

The main reason why I purchased this product is for spot-cleaning, cleaning my brushes every few days was taking its toll and getting boring and annoying. This way I could have nice, clean brushes without having to wait overnight for them to dry and instead I could have them in half an hour, fabulous! This product lasts a long time, mine would last longer if I wasn't prone to spilling...damn. Also it's a back to MAC product so collect 6 of these and get yourself a luscious lipgloss.
 MAC 217

 The MAC 217 brush is probably one of the most used and raved about makeup brushes on YouTube and now I can see why. If you can’t already tell, I spend a huge amount of my time on YouTube and I watch a fair deal of makeup tutorials, most of which use this brush. In my head, I've waited long enough and I thought I would jump in and buy this brush. When I saw the price, I thought it was a bit much for "a brush" however when I got home, I tested it out straight away and now I know why they have the hefty price tag. Regardless of this I will definitely repurchase a few more of these.

This brush is good for applying and blending eyeshadow and having tried this brush multiple times, I am now a firm believer that "money well spent on a good quality brush provides a better outcome"(quoted by me from me!). I did however try this using a cream eyeshadow and if the truth be told, they're not a great match because the fibres are real and not synthetic. Nevertheless it does a lot and provides a nice and professional finish. I highly recommend this product as it's one of the best makeup brushes I own and like I said, I will buy more in the future!


  1. I love both of these products! I couldn't live without the MAC 217 now:)xx

  2. I use this :)

  3. I've not tried MACs brush cleanser before but will be sure to check it out now!

    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter!


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