Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Girls Night In

Ladbrokes recently conducted a survey to find out what women prefer, a night out or a night in. I personally love both, getting dressed up for a night out in town and dancing til the stupid hours of the morning can be so fun. But everyone loves a night in with the girls, eating loads of food, pampering and watching rubbish tv! 

The results from the Ladbrokes survey show what 2000 woman in the UK think makes a great night. I thought I'd share some of the results and I'd love to know what you think about them!

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Do you ever think a night out isn't like what it used to be?
All The Time- 34%
Sometimes- 50%
 Never- 16%

Have you experienced or been annoyed about any of these things happening on a night out?
Toilet tissue stuck to heels- 26%
Laddered tights early in the night- 31%
Caught in the rain before even going out- 45%
Drink dropped on outfit- 46%
Paying and queuing to get in a club or bar- 51%
Long queues at bar- 60%
Overpriced drinks- 65%
Sore feet- 49%
Being the designated driver- 11%

What are the biggest appeals of a girls night in?
Cheaper than going out- 60%
Choosing your own music- 38%
No bar or toilet queues- 48%
Being able to chat properly- 57%
Making your own drinks or cocktails- 35%
No sleazy men- 31%
Wearing comfy clothes- 22%
Comfy chairs- 53%

Do you prefer a girls night in to a girls night out?
Yes- 69%
No- 31%
The top things we all like to do on a night in are watching tv and films, having a good catch up and ordering a takeaway, and of course takeaway is the most popular food for a night in by a landslide. About 70% of all woman prefer a night in with the girls and nearly 80% said a night in is always best for having a laugh. 75% of women said that a night on the town is too expensive but 62% said it is the most exciting. 
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I still love a night out with the girls but to be honest I think I much prefer having a girly catch up with a takeaway and a cheesey film! What do you prefer?
*in a collaboration with Ladbrokes


  1. I love a good night in with my girly friends... No sore feet and saves some pennies too!

  2. I love this post! Definitely a girly night in, it's always fun!

    Charlotte xx

  3. I love both but think I prefer a night out, love getting glammed up!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  4. I do love a good girly night in! Nights out are good once in a while but they can be so expensive! Being able to chat properly and no sleazy men are definitely a bonus for staying in! x x

  5. Oh I like both! Can't beat getting dolled up but it's good to sit in comfort of your own home/friends home.

    Natalie xx

  6. I do love a good night in. I hate paying to get into clubs especially if it's more than 5£. If you're going in to give them custom then what is the need!? It really annoys me!

    I'm giving a way a MAC Lipstick of the competition winners choice on my blog if you would like to enter!


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