Sunday, 25 August 2013

Guest Post | Ashly London Frog Nails

Hello! It is Ashly from here with a little nail tutorial. This summer, I have been enjoying lots of different brightly coloured nails. I also love anything animal, cute, fun related and adore these little froggy nails. They are so quick and fun.

All you need is:
Green nail polish
White nail polish
Black nail polish (or a sharpe pen)
A dotter tool (I used a pin stuck in to the rubber on the end of a pencil)

1. Give your nails a quick file.
2. Paint 2 coats of green nail polish ( I used Barry M Gelly in Key Lime) for full coverage. 
3. Use your dotter tool to place 2 white 'eyes' on the tip of your nail
4. Use your black nail polish and the dotting tool to gently add pupils to the frogs eyes

and your done! Quick and easy.

I added Barry M Gelly in Lychee to the other nails!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know on twitter


  1. haha, I love this! It looks awesome x

  2. This is super cute! :D


  3. Haha, so cute!
    I recently created 'watermelon nails' if you wanted to see!

    zofia xo

  4. I love doing froggy nails and these are so cute :D

    Juyey xx


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