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Review | FHI Heat Platform Straighteners

FHI Heat Platform Straightener
FHI Heat Platform Straightener
FHI Heat Platform StraightenerFHI Heat Platform Straightener
 (right picture taking after ombreing hair)
FHI Heat Platform Straightener £69.99*

I was kindly sent the FHI Heat Platform Straightener* to review a few months ago from Look Fantastic, this is long over due but my hair has been through a lot this year and I have been trying to keep the heat off of it. I had only used ghd's before testing the FHI Platform Straightener, obviously I love them and they are a holy grail hair tool but they are are quite expensive and only work on an extremely hot temperature that doesn't help my hair much.

The FHI Heat Platform Straightener has great and sturdy packaging with the red and black colour scheme running through the design and onto the straightener. Inside the box is a roll up heat proof mat that has a removal heat proof pouch to keep the straightener in when you are not using it. I'd never really appreciated the need for heat proofing until I started using this, it makes transporting the straightener really easy. 

The design of the FHI Heat Platform Straightener is very professional but simple to use. I have been testing the 1inch straightener. I love the red ceramic plates, the ceramic increases shine and smooths hair. The cord to plug the straightener in is very long, which makes me really love them as the ghd length was always too short for me to reach my mirror! My favourite part of the FHI Heat Platform Straightener is the temperature dial, you can decide how hot you want the straightener, between 60 and 230 degrees. It heats and cools quickly and stays at the temperature you want unless you change it.  

The FHI Heat Platform Straightner has meant I haven't been using my ghd straightener and I think in ways it is much better. I love the length of the cord, it has made a huge difference to how easy it is to style my hair and I am not stuck next to the plug! The temperature function is the reason I really like the FHI Straightener, my hair is damaged at the moment and in need of a cut but I still need to straighten it sometimes, so I adjust the temperature to about 100 degrees and am able to sort my hair out without burning it! The straightener is easy and versatile to use, you can create a lot of looks with it and it gives you much more freedom!

You can buy the FHI Heat Platform Straightener from Look Fantastic.
*pr sample, reviews 100% honest as always


  1. I love my fhi's, had them for about 6 years and are still going strong! xx

  2. These sound really good, i havent heard about the fhi brand before! your hair looks lovely x

  3. Never heard of these before but they sound good! :)

    1. They are, it's fab to find a new brand that are really good!x

  4. Wow the look so good!

    Emma x

  5. I'm actually looking for a new streghtner, and this looks awesome :)

    Great review, sweet! x

    Mlhauken // Beauty, Lifestyle & a bit Fashion

  6. I am in love with curly hair style :)
    check out my blog :) if you like it follow me! And I follow you back
    good luck

  7. This looks amazing hun! I am really curious to try it! I like that you can actually create different hair styles with it! LOVE how you've curled your hair btw! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Thank you, they are so easy to use and really versatile! Especially for me as I am rubbish at styling hair!xx


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