Saturday, 31 August 2013

YouTube | The Sibling Tag

I recently uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, The Sibling Tag with my brother Jack! I'd love it if you subscribed and gave it a like(or a dislike if you didn't like my brother, totally wouldn't blame you...)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tresor Paris Summer Collections

Tresor Paris have launched a whole lot of new collections and jewellery designs for the Summer, I thought I'd show you my two favourite collections from the new launches as well as my favourite pieces. 
I was kindly gifted the Gold Crystal Pear Drop Earrings * from the Ara Collection. They are different to the earrings I would usually wear, I tend to be quite plain and stick to studs but I love these. They are really elegant and quite glamorous, I almost don't feel special enough to wear them! I have worn them with a simple outfit on a night out and they looked beautiful, especially when they sparkle in the light. They aren't heavy either, which is the problem I thought I may have with them. I really love them and have my eye on the silver pair now!

Tresor Paris have recently launched two new crystal colours, Belle Rose and Purple. With a girly elegance, I think the Belle Rose is perfect to match any outfit. Purple is a great vibrant colour that would brighten up any look. Belle Rose and Purple are fashioned with stainless steel accents. The stainless steel emphasises the Purple and looks subtle and wearable with the Belle Rose, Both collections have the black Tibetan style cord in the pieces. There are a lot of variations of the colours in different jewellery types too.

I still love the stud trend, and punk is meant to be making a comeback, I think these bracelets from the Tornade Collection are perfect for adding toughness to a look. They are available in a three stud design or full stud bracelet in Rose, Silver and Gold. Some silver bracelets feature a crystal in the middle and there is a full crystal version. The crystal makes slightly more feminine for those that don’t want to go for all studs! I really love the rose gold full stud bracelet and would wear it all the time! The collection also includes earrings and ring designs, which are softer and a more feminine interpretation of the stud trend. 

What is your favourite piece from my picks?
*I was kindly gifted the earrings shown but wanted to show you the collections myself, I was not given any incentives etc.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Review | Kiss Nail Wraps in Mini

Review Kiss Nail Wraps
Review Kiss Nail Wraps
Review Kiss Nail Wraps
Kiss Nail Wraps* £5.99
Review Kiss Nail Wraps
Kiss Nail Wraps in Mini*- £5.99 available from ASDA

I am a huge fan of nail wraps, they are perfect for when you don't have time to wait for your nails to dry or want a slightly more interesting design. Kiss Nail Wraps come in a variety of different designs and prints, I tried the Mini print, which is a silver base with a black lace flower overlay and a hint of sparkle. In the pack you get 18 different sized wraps so you can match the right size to each nail, I have tiny fingers but was still able to match up sizes easily without having to trim them down. 

The Kiss Nail Wraps were so easy to apply, it took less than five minutes to do all my nails. To apply the nail wraps you stick the right size onto the nail and file off the excess. If you haven't applied nail wraps before it might take a couple of goes to get used too but it is really the easiest and quickest way to get amazing looking nails! The nail wraps are really sticky but you can peel them off to re position them if you don't get it right the first time. The Kiss Nail Wraps lasted a week before I decided to peel them off, I could have worn them for longer but I had got a bit bored of the pattern so peeled them off in less than a minute and they didn't damage my nails. 

I am really impressed with the Kiss Nail Wraps and will definitely be picking up a few different pattern when I am next in ASDA. I love the look of the pattern with jewels on! Kiss Nail Wraps cost £5.99 and considering they can last about two weeks I think they are really worth the money. 
What do you think of nail wraps?

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*pr sample- review 100% honest as always

Monday, 26 August 2013

YouTube | About Me Tag

My first YouTube video attempt, an About Me Tag is now live on my channel xElliesRambling. There will hopefully be more videos coming up soon if you'd like to see anything in particular! But if you fancied subscribing that would be brilliant. Also there's only three days left to vote for Ellie's Ramblings as Best New Beauty Blog in the Cosmo Blog Awards here if you fancy it, I'd really appreciate it!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Guest Post | Ashly London Frog Nails

Hello! It is Ashly from here with a little nail tutorial. This summer, I have been enjoying lots of different brightly coloured nails. I also love anything animal, cute, fun related and adore these little froggy nails. They are so quick and fun.

All you need is:
Green nail polish
White nail polish
Black nail polish (or a sharpe pen)
A dotter tool (I used a pin stuck in to the rubber on the end of a pencil)

1. Give your nails a quick file.
2. Paint 2 coats of green nail polish ( I used Barry M Gelly in Key Lime) for full coverage. 
3. Use your dotter tool to place 2 white 'eyes' on the tip of your nail
4. Use your black nail polish and the dotting tool to gently add pupils to the frogs eyes

and your done! Quick and easy.

I added Barry M Gelly in Lychee to the other nails!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know on twitter

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review | Topshop Suffuse Nail Polish

Topshop Suffuse Nail Polish
Topshop Suffuse Nail Polish
Topshop Suffuse Nail Polish
Topshop Suffuse Nail Polish £6

I am on the hunt for a rose gold nail polish and it is a lot more difficult to find than I thought it would be! The closest I have come so far is Suffuse by Topshop. It's a gorgeous coppery bronze colour with a hint of rose but is slightly more of a champagne colour. I have really fallen in love with this colour and have been wanting to apply it every time I paint my nails. Suffuse leaves a metallic finish that I usually wouldn't like on most nail polishes but for this shade it looks gorgeous and would suit all skin tones. It applies really easily and two coats gives you a lovely opaque finish with a metallic slightly sparkly finish. I like the brush on Sufuse because it doesn't leave a streaky finish that can be common with a shimmery nail polish. It chipped after about three days wear, which I think is pretty standard for a cheaper nail polish. 

Suffuse costs £6 here. Have you tried a Topshop nail polish and if you know of any other rose gold shades please let me know!
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Event | My Summer In The City Experience 2013

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend Summer In The City with Sara from Pretty In Pink. I want to make it clear I had a great weekend and am really glad I went! Sara got the tickets through a ballot, which I don't know about as I didn't apply, she was lucky to get them as thousands of people applied!

Summer In The City is the UK answer to Playlist Live or Vidcon. It's a two day YouTube convention/meet up that took place at Alexandra Palace in London. I haven't been to SITC before, this was it's fifth year and first time that it was ticketed. SITC previously has been held in Hyde Park and Jubilee Gardens and was free, it cost £12 for the ticket. I didn't see a problem paying that (if it goes up a lot next year though I might). I understood they need to pay for the venue and security etc as it's not safe or legal to hold an event like this in a public space. This year over 7,000 people went to SITC!

I had no idea what to expect at SITC. We were in the older side of attendees, it was mostly girls about 14-16, obviously not a problem at all. There was a few rooms and halls with different things happening, but pretty much everywhere had a really long queue. Sara and I watch different sides of YouTube, she knew pretty much all the 'Content Creators' (the name for YouTuber's), I only really knew the Louise/Zoe/Tanya/Jim/Alfie/Joe etc group - but I have subscribed to about 30 new channels from all the people I saw! 

When we got to SITC on Saturday Sara really wanted to meet Dan and Phil, we joined a really long queue and waited for ten minutes without moving, I learnt there was no guarantee of us getting anywhere near the front unless we were prepared to wait 3 hours+, deal with lots of queue jumpers and just chaotic madness. We gave up as it was not worth it just to get a photo. I didn't go to any of the scheduled meet&greets over the weekend as I personally didn't like the idea of queuing for hours for a three second picture with someone. Fair enough to the people who did, but in my eyes the Content Creators are just other people like us and I find it a weird concept to get my head around the whole meet and greet thing when as mad as that.

This brings me to "fan girls". I have nothing against them, if you're passionate about something that's fab, I'd have a meltdown if Harry Styles walked past, but some things we saw girls (it was pretty much 80% teen girls) doing was bad. When a YouTuber like Alfie from PointlessBlogTV would be trying to walk to the Green Room and would literally have hundreds of girls screaming and chasing him, making it impossible to get anywhere. That sort of thing happened lote, there was constant screaming. I think fan girls" did ruin some of SITC for attendees and definitely for YouTubers. They couldn't walk around without being mobbed, bigger YouTubers were always in the Green Room unless doing something scheduled or they had security to help them have impromptu meetups (which of course involved more long queues). I did have to tell a few girls how a queue works, they seemed to think to get in a Panel it was okay to shove in front of people that had been waiting ages.

If you weren't queuing for a meet and greet there wasn't a great deal to do apart from watch the Main Stage or two other rooms that would have a panel on (but again you have to queue for a long time to make sure you got in). We watched a few great panels with a variety of different YouTubers and I really learnt a lot. My favourite was the Jack and Finn panel as I have a huge soft spot for them. They talked about running JacksGap, their future plans as well as answering questions (nobody asked for their numbers!) Sara loved the Collaboration Panel with Tyler Oakley, a.k.a the Queen, Marcus Butler, Troye and a few others. The best panel I saw was 'Becoming YouTube' where Content Creators debated issues that are found on YouTube such as the gender gap, how much someone should share and other topics. It was really interesting to watch and is here if you have some time to kill! 

I was really lucky to briefly meet Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter when she was coming out of the Green Room, Louise was the only person I said I really wanted to meet! We had a quick chat about my infamous Zara City Bag. She was so lovely and I really want to be her friend! I wish I had longer to chat with her as she inspired me to start my blog. Unfortunately by the time we were talking I was getting crushed by people trying to shove through to get to her and I think Louise may have been a bit overwhelmed by people screaming at her. I also met Baby Glitter who is the cutest child I have ever seen! We also met a few Content Creators that were hanging around the Main Hall over the weekend, which was great.

It probably sounds negative but I really did have a brilliant time. I'd most probably go back next year but I can only see the things that weren't that good getting worse. The amount of people will increase and I'm sure there will be bigger queues and lots more screaming! The SITC organisers mentioned it might end up similar to a festival in the way it is organised over the next five years because of how YouTube growth is happening, which is quite a weird thing to get your head around!

I love the concept of SITC, it's great to give people the opportunity to meet some of their favourite YouTubers, the chance to learn a lot from the panels and to meet other people with the same interests. However I really do find the whole YouTuber celebrity thing quite weird and the fan girls do make it a lot more intense for everyone. I came home from SITC feeling motivated to start my own channel (tiniest possibility it may happen), having found lots of new YouTubers to watch, having been in the same room as my loveeees Jack and Finn and generally having a great time. If you love YouTube definitely consider going next year!

What do you think of events like Summer In The City and the whole concept of the YouTube Celebrity?

Review | One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade

 One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade
 One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade
 One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade
 One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade
 One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want - Liam's Shade
One Direction Kiss You Lipstick in I Want £3

There was no way I was not going to buy the One Direction make up range available in Superdrug by MUA Cosmetics, you probably all know how much I love them. It's like my two favourite things have combined- One Direction and lipstick! Insert jokes about me stating how much excited I was to smear One Direction over my face, IAMSANE. I might have (I did) bought all of the lipsticks from the range, one for every member of the band. The range also includes five tinted lip balms, five nail polishes and three blush sticks, I'm pretty sure if this collection is popular they will be adding a few more products to the range! 

Each of the five lipsticks is associated with of the boys from the band and they are also named after One Direction songs (it just gets better)! I really like the packaging of the Kiss You lipstick, it's probably not to everyone's taste but I love it. The lipstick come in red and black packaging with 'Kiss You' written in the One Direction font. Inside the bullet the signature of the band member is printed, which I think is a lovely touch. The lipstick also has the 1D logo and 'xo's embossed into it, I didn't want to swatch the lipstick but I took the plunge and am so glad I did!

I Want is Liam's lipstick from the range. I could talk about how much I love Liam for a reeeeeally long time but I would probably annoy a lot of you so I shall keep it to the lipstick! I Want is a bright red orange coral shade, I actually bought MAC Lady Danger recently and now wish I hadn't as holding the two together they seem very similar. I Want is so incredibly pigmented and very creamy in formula. It's impressive with how the lipstick lasts considering the price, after about four hours it just starts to fade and leaves a nice stain. I Want is quite moisturisng and great on my lips as it doesn't cling to all the dry patches.

I Want costs £3 and I am so impressed with it. I will repurchase again and again until One Direction are no more. Even if you aren't a Directioner it really might be worth picking up the Kiss You Lipsticks! Considering you can get all of the Kiss You Lipsticks for the price of one from MAC, they are amazing for such a cheap price. One Direction make up is available from Superdrug. Have you picked up anything from the range?

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Skater Skirts

Skater skirts are in no way a new trend, but one that keeps coming back into fashion or that never really goes away! Super flattering on all figures, its flared shape emphasies curves and helps create a small waist and incredibly long legs! High waisted, mini length and with a flare, the skater skirt can be worn day or night in a especially with the amount of patterns and styles available!

Skater skirts were originally produced in the 1980s, trends were inspired by ice skating dancers seen on television and sporting events. This is how the skater skirt got its name, being based on the high-waisted and full circle skirts worn by athletes to best show off their grace and beauty during routines. The skater skirt is not just for icy months, though, it's versatile enough to wear in spring, summer, autumn and winter alike.

Summer is the perfect time to wear a skater skirt, with warm weather being an excellent opportunity to spend time in the sun and bring out the sandals. The skater skirt is the most fashionable skirt of the summer because you can wear it with anything! More playful than other trends, with so many comic book and cartoon print designs, it's the perfect outfit for fun in the sun. By autumn, people consider putting skirts to the wardrobe until the sun comes back– but with tights and boots, a chunky cardigan or some casual layers, the skater skirt is just as fashion forward. In winter with leggings to keep warm and boots, any winter coat or jacket can be worn with a skater skirt to look on trend as well as weather appropriate.

Whether it’s plain colours, animal prints or anything else in between there is sure to be a style that appeals. Try the skater skirt and it will become a wardrobe favourite, easy to wear with anything and everything!

Post in collaboration with WearAll.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Guest Post | Face Of The Night

Hello lovelies! 

I'm Ellie's guest blogger Meg, from :-)
So this week me and probably 80% of 18 year olds in the country got our AS/A level results - ps, well done! And me and my friends decided to hit the pubs and town to celebrate... So here is my FOTN and the products that I used to achieve the look! - Might I also add that the title pictures are before I had done my hair and got changed, haha embarrassing!

Product List:
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 
  • elf Cosmetics Pressed Powder
  • Brit Rocks Eyelashes
  • Duo adhesive eye glue 
  • Body shop eyelash curlers
  • elf Cosmetics Bronzer & blush duo 
  • MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup
  • elf cosmetics eyebrow kit 
  • Benefit They're Real mascara
  • Urban Decay Perversion Eye Liner Pencil
  • elf cosmetics eye liner cream in black 
  • No7 Airbrush Away Primer
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige 
  • Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in Soft Beige 
  • Elizabeth Arden Powder brush
  • MAC Foundation brush 
  • Body Shop Blush brush
  • Body Shop Contour brush
  • & Various random eyeshadow brushes!
& the finished item, ta-da! 

Hope you guys liked my post & if you did please check out my blog - or let me know on twitter - @mgnhndly

Thanks lovelies & thanks Ellie for letting me be a guest blogger!

Meg xo

Friday, 16 August 2013

Event | Very Christmas 2013

 I was lucky enough to attend the Very Christmas Press Event a couple of weeks ago and loved so many of the things I saw I decided to show you some of my favourite picks for this Christmas. (Yep it sounds very weird talking about Christmas in August but it's always good to be prepared!)

Very stock a variety of brands as well as having their own designers such as the collections by Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby. It was great to see the designs by Fearne and Holly, I think their personalities come through in their collections. Fearne's collection is slightly more edgy where as Holly has a lot of flattering dresses. I love printed trousers at the moment and the gold baroque print ones would look perfect for a Christmas party! The cream dress would be lovely for Christmas Day, I love the collar and sparkles. I loved pretty much the whole collection by Love Label so found it hard to pick just a couple of things to show you! Nothing beats an oversized jumper when it is cold, I like the colours of the animal print one. The playsuit is my favourite thing from the event, I'd buy it now if I could, I think it could be made to look formal or casual and I love the print. I think the black heels with the metal ankle detail, they are a classic design that would last you forever.

Very also had a great collection of gifts and decorations for Christmas, you could probably do your whole shop on their website. Being a beauty blogger I couldn't not show you a beauty item! I really liked the look of this Brow Kit, it's a really good price for what you get in the set. I think the Earmuff Headphones are an essential for the cold weather and I am definitely going to get my hands on some. Lastly I love a cushion and am going to try to convince my Nan to get this as it would look great on the sofas at home.

What's your favourite item from my Very Christmas picks?

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

ootd | The Original Fashion Decade Filofax Challenge

denim jacket* | missi clothing
crop top | primark
necklace | primark
bracelet | pandora
denim skirt | topshop
converse | asos

I was recently offered the chance to take part in a blogger challenge organised by Filofax based on the idea of 'The Original Fashion Decade'. I was lucky enough to pick a Filofax to include in a shoot picking the decade of fashion that is my favorite from the 20's through to the 90's. Being a 90's child I couldn't not pick that decade. I have always wanted a Filofax as I love stationary, diaries and being (trying to be) organised. 

For my 90's outfit I decided to 'go there' and rock the double denim, something that might not be on trend now but was very popular when I was young. I quite like how it looks and wish we were back in the 90s so we could listen to amazing music and wear fun clothes.The Filofax I picked was The Original in the Personal size, I love the fluorescent pink colour, it is super bright! I am so happy to own one as it means I can keep everything in one place and it will hopefully last me years as you can just replace the inserts with what you want too or the next year diary. I've already bought more inserts, stickers and things to decorate it with!

If you fancy it you can 'like' my pictures on Facebook here. The bloggers with the top three amount of likes will win Filofax's to giveaway to their readers!
*Filofax sent as part of blogger challenge.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review | NSPA Bathing Rituals

NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
NSPA Bathing Rituals
I was recently contacted by NSPA asking if I would like to review a selection of their Bathing and Beauty Rituals products in a kit specially made up for beauty bloggers, I was very excited to receive this lovely bag in the post filled with NSPA goodies to try out and review. NSPA have an amazing range of bath, hair and beauty products that have been specially created by industry experts from Nirvana Spa. I have never been to a spa before but always love using spa products to try and relax and have a pampering session at home. 

NSPA have designed a three step body care routine- cleanse, exfoliate and mositurise. Cleansing draws out impurities from the skin and clarifies it, exfoliating buffs away the dead and dull skin cells to leave smoother skin and finally moisturising restores and nourishes skin. I was scent products with the Jojoba and White Jasmine scent which is quite floral but very fresh and and not overpowering. 

Step 1 Cleanse - Jojoba & White Jasmine Moisturising Shower & Body Wash* | £2.45 for 225ml
This Shower and Body Wash is a creamy wash that lathers up nicely with just a small amount of product. The wash contains rose hip and jojoba oils, which work to cleanse the skin and help it to become more firm whilst improving elasticity. I really like this as it feels luxurious and leaves my skin feeling softer and cleansed.

Step 2 Exfoliate - Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Polish* | £2.95 for 225ml
The Body Polish contains walnut shell to buff away dead skin cells and leave the skin a lot more radiant and smooth. This polish is a very gentle scrub that I have been enjoying using every day as it is not harsh at all. The rose hip and jojobs oils in the body polish mean skin is left feeling smooth and soft.

Step 3 Moisturise - Jojoba & White Jasmine Body Lotion* | £3.95 for 250ml
I can be really bad at moisturising my skin as I am not patient enough to wait for products to sink in but as my skin gets quite dry it is important for me to use something to restore moisture and nourish the skin. The Body Lotion is quite light and silky but contains shea butter as well as the rose hip and jojoba oils to hydrate the skin. The lotion sinks into the skin almost straight away and does improve the dryness of my skin. 

The three step system from NSPA can be mixed and matched to suit each persons needs, for example I would probably benefit sometimes from swapping the Body Lotion for the Body Butter for even more moisture and hydration. I think it's a brilliant way of creating an at home spa and using really good body care products that don't break the bank.

NSPA products are available exclusively from ASDA so you can pick up a few when doing your shopping!
*pr sample, reviews 100% honest as always
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