Thursday, 11 July 2013

Simon, can I have Harry Styles' mobile number please?

So if you could ask Simon Cowell anything what would it be? See I find it really difficult because all I want to ask is for Harry Styles' mobile number/for him to arrange a date for us... 
Skype are running a competition where you can ask Simon Cowell anything you want to know, by recording a video message and sending it to Simon on Skype. It's such an easy competition to enter and really worth doing as the prizes are incredible. 

Step One- Log in to Skype and add the name asksimoncowell 
Step Two- Think of the killer question you want to ask, something different to what he is always asked, the more original and creative the better!
Step Three- Record your question in a video up to 15 seconds "Hi Simon, I'm ... and my question is..."

The more creative and interesting your question is the better your chance of winning an amazing prize. 

The Grand Prize is a trip for the winner and a guest to Los Angeles,  from October 28, 2013 to Novermber 1st, 2013. The trip includes all your travel and a four night stay in a hotel PLUS $1000 spending money AND a VIP trip to Universal Studios. IT GETS BETTER (so excited I can't explain this calmly) you will also win tickets for a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT next year! 

There are other prizes too including tv's, headphones, prize money and much more. 

I cannot explain how much I want to win this competition and I am now brainstorming the best question to ask Simon! Click here to find out more!

Get your entries in quickly before July 14th!
What would you ask Simon?

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  1. how did you find out about this? haha I must have been living under a rock :p

    I wonder if he knows Zac Efron? :)


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