Wednesday, 31 July 2013

celebrating my birthday with One Direction (sort of)

Last Friday was my 19th birthday and I was kindly sent a cake* through the post from Baker Days to celebrate! Baker Days are an online company that let you personalise and order hand made cakes to be delivered to your door. I was asked to pick a cake and obviously was not going to turn down the chance to have a One Direction cake with my name on it! The cake arrived through the letterbox in a cute tin with balloons, candles and a little note card. If you are not a One Direction fan you probably think I am crazy right now but I loooooooooooooooove the look of the cake, and to be honest it is probably the closest I will ever be to being Harry Styles' girlfriend... I was sent a carrot cake which I am not a fan of so I didn't like the cake but my Nan loved it, I can say the buttercream icing was lovely though. 

The Baker Days service is really impressive and you can personalise so much of your order, adding names and pictures to cakes. My favourite part of the service is if you are sending the cake as a surprise to somebody through the post you can get "no peeking until your birthday" added to the box! All the cakes are hand made and fresh for up to three weeks from when you receive them. 

I think this is a brilliant gift idea, especially as a surprise for someone, you can pick the cake size but if you go for a letterbox size then will be a real treat for them as they wont know what it is until they open it!

What do you think of my One Direction cake?

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Charcoal Challenge

The sun comes out and the BBQ addiction begins! Money Supermarket got in contact asking if I would like to take part in The Charcoal Challenge, a challenge to have the best BBQ possible with a budget of £50! We took the opportunity to have the BBQ on my cousins 5th birthday, it was great as it meant my family (8 of us) all got together to celebrate, spend time in the sun and enjoy lots of yummy food. Being pretty clueless about cooking I let my Uncle do the shopping and spend the majority of the money on a lot of food for us all, I didn't realise how much you could get, especially when buying meat on offer. We had enough left in the budget to get a couple of birthday banners and balloons too for the birthday girl! We had every BBQ food possible (although I really just like the meat and a little bit of pasta) burgers, sausages, chicken, lamb chops, kebabs, corn on the cob, potatoes and a few cold bits like salad. It was so good my mouth is watering thinking about it. I think £50 is more than enough to hold a brilliant BBQ, the only thing I didn't remember to budget for was drinks but I think we did really well to feed us all on £50 and have a little bit left over for Bertie to enjoy!

Do you love a BBQ?
*money gifted by moneysupermarket in order to take part in the challenge

Monday, 29 July 2013

Review | Elemis Fresh Skin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

elemis fresh skin peachy perfect gentle face wash
elemis fresh skin peachy perfect gentle face wash
elemis fresh skin peachy perfect gentle face wash
 Elemis Fresh Skin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash* £12

A face wash is an essential skin care product but it can be so hard to find a good one, even though it is basically just like soap for your face, I have tried lots of face washes but often find that whilst they cleanse the face they can leave my skin feeling dry and tight because they have stripped it of the natural oils. The Elemis Fresh Skin range is designed for young skin, from teens to twenties, to help skin appear brighter and more radiant, with naturally active ingredients chosen specifically for younger skin. 

I like the pump packaging of Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash as you can easily dispense the right amount of product without wasting any and you will get full use of all the product in the bottle. It is also very sturdy and I wouldn't be worried travelling with it. The ingredients are free from all the bad things like parabens and artificial ingredients that strip the skin and dry it out. The face wash contains hydrating chicory extract, conditioning elderflower and skin-awakening lemon to leave the skin soft and radiant. 

Peachy Perfect is a light gel wash that lathers slightly and feels really gentle on the skin. I can't describe how light and soft this is! I didn't expect it to be that good at cleansing because of how gentle it is but it removes dirt and make up really well. I like to use this as a second cleanse after removing the bulk of my make up to leave me with clean soft skin that looks much brighter. It doesn't leave me with tight dry skin like so many of the cheap face washes I have tried.

The Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash is a simple and gentle product that has become a staple in my morning and evening skin care regime because of how well it does its job. I think this would work brilliantly for all skin types and I definitely think it is worth paying more for than the cheaper face washes I have been using. 

Would you pay more for a face wash?

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Meet Sassy's Space

Sassy's Space

Hello there lovely people!
I'm Saskia and I blog over at Sassy's Space. I was an avid blog reader for quite some time and I begun to think how much I would love to write one - so earlier this year I did exactly that! My blog is a happy, chilled out place where I welcome new readers and lots of feedback. The content is fairly varied, from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and DIY - I simply blog about things I love and am passionate about.

I would love for you all to pop by and have a nose around - we all love a good nose so I welcome you all! I am loving being part of the blogging community as it is such a unique place where all are welcomed by all and I love the interactions that go on all the time. I enjoy blogging so much and am very excited for the future and want my blog to grow with the help of you lovely lot! 

Thank you so much for reading this little blurb - hope to see you over there!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Review | The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make Up Brushes

the vintage cosmetic company make up brushes
the vintage cosmetic company make up brushes
the vintage cosmetic company make up brushes
the vintage cosmetic company make up brushes

A good set of make up brushes is an essential part of a make up collection in my opinion, the quality can have a big effect on how make up looks when applied. I have learnt the hard way it's much more cost effective to spend a bit more on brushes that will last instead of constantly replacing cheaper ones. I was kindly sent some of the make up brushes from the range made by The Vintage Cosmetic Company and was really excited as I don't own that many make up brushes suprisingly!

The packaging is gorgeous and right up my street! I love the girly and vintage theme that really fits in well with the brand. The colours on the packaging are lovely and the floral print is a nice touch too. The actual packaging is very sturdy and it took me a while to get into each brush but it means they were well protected. The back of the packaging tells you the best way to use each brush too. The cream handles of the brushes are wooden and have the name printed on so you know what its intended use is. 

Powder Brush £16* - A duo fibre, natural bristle brush which allows you to apply powder easily to even out skin tone and create a smooth, flawless look that will last all day. This brush is so soft and works well to apply powder to set your foundation, I've also liked using this to blend liquid foundation into skin.
Bronzing Brush £17* - The bronzing brush is quite a large domed brush with natural bristles. It is perfect for picking up a light amount of bronzer to warm up your skin tone and get a sunkissed look. This could also be used as a powder brush because of it's large domed shape!
Blusher Brush £14* - The blusher brush is similar to the bronzing brush with it's flat but domed shape and natural bristles. It works great when contouring and highlighting, it's the right size to apply blush where I want it. It also doesn't pick up to much product, you can easily sweep a light amount of blush and build up. 
Foundation Brush £14* - The foundation brush is a flat synthetic bristle brush to be used with liquid or cream foundation. This is the first brush like this I've used, I do prefer a stippling brush but have found this works well with certain foundations to create a flawless base. I like using this the most for cream highligher.
Concealer Brush £7* - This small brush is great for applying concealer under the eyes and on blemishes. You can easily control the coverage you are creating and blend out concealer well. I didn't expect much from the concealer brush as it is so small but it's worked its way into my essential brushes!
Brow and Lash Brush £8* - I love these double purpose brushes, they are really handy to have. The lash side seperates any clumps in mascara and the brow end is great for removing excess powder after filling in eyebrows. 

All of the brushes are very soft and well made, they have worked their way into my collection. Each brush can be used for lots of different purposes as well as what they are meant for. They wash really well with minimal shedding only on their first wash, and are a great quality. 

What do you think of the brushes?
You can purchase products from The Vintage Cosmetic Company here or on in Boots. 

You can save 25% off The Vintage Cosmetic Company brushes on their website by using the code ELLIESRAMBLINGS

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Miss Luxe Style Challenge

I was recently invited to take part in the Miss Luxe blogger style challenge. 12 bloggers are taking part in a challenge where we have had to style a dress for three different themes, summer nights, best friends bbq and beach break. Here are my three looks! :)

 summer nights
dress | Miss Luxe
blazer | H&M
necklace and bracelet | Topshop

 best friends bbq
dress | Miss Luxe
denim jacket | New Look
bracelets and bag | primark

beach break
dress | Miss Luxe
sunglasses | firmoo
bag | Cath Kidston
necklace | ebay

I wanted to keep all my looks quite simple so that the dress stays the main focus of the outfit as I really love it. My look for summer nights is the most formal and I would wear it for a meal out or to a party. I kept the pastel theme from the blazer with the jewellery, which both have pastel pink, blue and cream coloured skulls. My look for 'best friends bbq' is quite casual, the denim jacket is essential as it always get chilly at night in England! I added a few stack able bracelets and a small over the shoulder bag to keep everything simple. The 'beach break' look is my favourite as I love my basket style bag and think it looks really cute with the dress, paired with a simple silver necklace and sunglasses so that the outfit is ready for the beach!

What do you think of the three looks, do you have a favourite?

I would really love it if you would like to vote for me in this challenge. To do so just copy and paste the sentence below into twitter and tweet it as many times as you want too!

I am voting for @elliesteadman  in the #missluxestyle challenge!

Voting will also be open on the Miss Luxe Facebook page, I will let you know when it is open.
Please let me know if you vote so I can say thank you! :)
*dress gifted from Miss Luxe so I could take part in the challenge!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

OOTD | we danced all night to the best song ever.

white lace dress - Miss Luxe

I was recently contacted by Miss Luxe to ask if I would like to take part in a blogger styling challenge, knowing I don't stand a chance as I am not overly fashionable or good at taking outfit pictures, but I was still keen to take part. There are 12 bloggers taking part and the idea is we style our dress to match the three themes and then everyone can vote for their favourite looks out of all the bloggers on the facebook page. I will be posting my three looks tomorrow but wanted to show you the dress first as it's really cute and perfect for the hot weather we are having right now! 
Bertie wanted to join in too!

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*dress given as a pr sample for the Miss Luxe Blogger Challenge

Friday, 19 July 2013

Review | Scaredoo 2 in One Hair Brush

scaredoo hair brush
scaredoo hair brush
scaredoo hair brush
scaredoo hair brush
Scaredoo 2inOne Hair Brush £10.99*

I have never liked brushing my hair. It takes a while to get it tangle free and can be painful because I have quite long and thick hair! My hair care routine changed when I purchased a Tangle Teezer and since then I hadn't really given any other thought to using a different brush until I was introduced to Scaredoo through their twitter. I was really interested in the Scaredoo 2inOne brush, it's obviously very similar to the Tangle Teezer, but this made me very excited to give it a try.

Your Scaredoo brush will take out all knots and tangles with no pulling or damaging of the hair, keeping it in excellent condition and reducing split ends. After the de-tangling you can use the new “flip & finish” system on the brush by turning the bristles over in one easy click to reveal a fantastic paddle brush to style your hair to perfection, exactly how you like it. Perfect hair, anywhere!

The Scaredoo is different to any other detangling brush I have come across because of it's 'flip system' where you turn over and click the brush into place to swap between the detangling side or the paddle brush. The detangling side has three different sizes of bristles to make sure all the knots and tangles are brushed out then on the other side there are paddle brush bristles for styling hair. 

In my opinion the Scaredoo is so much better than the Tangle Teezer! It fits perfectly in my hand and is easy to hold onto (I always drop the Tangle Teezer.) I think it is brilliant having the two different brush sides in one system that is so easy to use. The tangle side doesn't hurt my hair and easily gets rid of the knots. The paddle brush side is great for keeping hair smooth or when I use a hair tool. It's really soft on the hair and scalp so it would be suitable for anyone, it's really lightweight and compact, I take mine everywhere now.

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

my Bertie love has reached a new level..

I thought it wasn't possible to be any more obsessed with my pup Bertie. At night I genuinely miss him when I am on my own, but now he can always be with me (as much as he doesn't appreciate it!) My friend Grant has recently set up a personalised printing company called JGB Canvas Prints and sent me this cushion with a picture of Bertie on a few days after I got him, I really wanted to show you it as I think it's so cute. He has grown so much since it's scary!

The cushion is brilliant quality and the picture turned out really well considering it was an iPhone Instagram picture. The cushion cover material is really high quality too and very soft. It sits next to my bed and is a lovely reminder of how lucky I am to have my puppy and how much I love him (not that I need reminding)!

JGB Canvas Prints produce prints on canvas or in a framed print so you can get your own photograph made in any size to keep forever. You can also send any image and text and get a personalised poster made for you! Perfect if you want to prove that your favourite One Direction member says they love you ;)

What do you think of my Bertie cushion?
You can find out more about JGB Canvas prints here or on their Facebook page.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Money Supermarket Big Night In

Money Supermarket recently held a bloggers competition called the "Big Night In", I was invited to take part just after the competition had closed, but it was still great fun to see what you can get for £50 to have a fab night in. Going out is expensive, there really isn't much you can do for a fair price now a days, even the cinema is outrageous! (Don't get me started on ticket prices) 

Me and my Nan decided to have a relaxing night in and get a Chinese takeaway as we both love it. I bought Les Miserables for us to watch as it's our favourite film and I also ordered The Devil Wears Prada for me to start reading as I want to finish it before reading the sequel. As if having a takeaway wasn't bad enough I picked up a lot of goodies for us to dig into. Pink Lemonade Lucozade is my latest addiction, after all this I realised I had about £6 left so bought Nan a bottle of wine. A seriously unhealthy but relaxing evening.

Chinese Takeaway- £19.50
Les Miserables DVD- £9.99
The Devil Wears Prada book- £4
Treats - £10
Wine- £5.49

Total = £48.98 

Thank you Money Supermarket for giving me the opportunity to take part! I had a lovely evening, ate a ridiculous amount of food, cried my eyes out at my favourite film and have got stuck into a book that I love.
*£50 gifted by Money Supermarket to take part in the Big Night In Challenge. 

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