Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Event | Soap & Glory Skin Genius

Last week I was invited to the Soap & Glory Skin Genius event in London to check out their new ranges of skincare which includes a few new products, the old ones we all love already and a few new formulations. Plus some snazzy new packaging thrown in for good measure but still with the pink vintagey feel we know.

Soap & Glory have developed their skin care ranges in four categories, adding a few new products, reformulating a few favourites and a few name changes so it easier for people to see what products would work for them. And of course the new packaging. The new categories are

Daily Youth- want your skin to have more energy and look "lifted"? Need a daily boot of youth, protection, hydration and repair? Products in this range:
-For Daily Youth (6 in 1 multi-active moisture lotion)
-Beauty Sleep Accelarator (night & flight moisture miracle)
-The Ultimelt (deep purifying hot cloth cleanser)
-Feel Good Factor (translucent bb cream spf25)
-Scrubatomic (daily face polish)
-Peaches and Clean (3 in 1 wash off deep purifying cleanser)
-Puffy Eye Attack (turbo-boost hydragel)
-Smooch Operator (lip butter balm)

Fab Pore- battling breakouts? Clear and purify oily clog-prone complexions with these amazing skin perfecting forumlas. Products in this range:
-The Fab Pore (2 in 1 facial pore purfiying mask and peel)
-No Clogs Allowed (super self-heating deep pore detox mask)
-Scrub Your Nose In It (pore refining formula facial scrub)
-Face Soap and Clarity (3 in 1 daily-detox vitamin c facial wash)
-The Fab Pore (daily micro smoothing moisture lotion)
-DR Spot (super strength breakout clearing gel)

Make Yourself Youthful- Deploy these anti aging formulas- with clinically proven wrinkle fighting actives, for smooth, rejuvenated, younger looking skin. Products in this range:
-Make Yourself Youthful (super serum)
-Wish Upon A Jar (peptide plus rejuvenating night cream)
 -MakeYourself Youthful (rejuvenating facial serum)
-Make Yourself Youthful (rejuvenating eye cream)

The Bright Stuff- Looking a tad tired? Luminise in an instant and energise your complexion with these skin brightening formulas. Products in this range:
-Glow Job (sunkissed tinted moisture balm)
-Bright Here Bright Now (instant radiance energy boost balm)
-You Won't Believe Your Eyes (tired eye brightening moisture serum)

Very exciting stuff right? I am so excited about so many of these products I could go on forever with what I learnt at the event, so if you'd like me to do a post about each range with a lot more information please leave a comment below! I can explain about all the products, what's new and what's changed a little bit, what the products are for, any name changes etc. I really did learn a lot! :)

The event itself was great fun, the Soap & Glory team were really lovely and took the time to explain all the products to me and let me have a play around with everything too. There were cocktails and some lovely food too, which I did restrain myself on. We were offered the chance to take two products home, which was really generous of Soap & Glory so thank you! I chose the Beauty Sleep Accelerator as I have very dry skin and I also picked the Bright Here Bright Now  (this was as accident as I actually meant to pick Glow Job but we all got in a bit of a muddle at the dispensary haha!)

Thank you Soap & Glory for having me!
What do you think of the new ranges? I am pretty sure they are launching later this year around September time!


  1. okay, i want literally everything especially Glow Job and Beauty Sleep Accelerator. i love the new packaging too, much more professional looking!
    Sophie x sophielouisew_

  2. This looks like such a fab event, I can imagine them putting on something incredible! I love how they've split their skincare into categories and the new packaging looks very sleek!
    Megan xxx

    1. It's a really good idea :) So easy to see what products would work for you xx

  3. Ahh the packaging looks amazing, it must have been so lovely to see everything up close!

    Jade x

  4. Looks like a great event - I've been wanting to try a few soap and glory bits for a while! Love your blog too, now following!

    Sarah |

  5. I really like the packaging a lot more, before hand there was quite a lot of writing on the front and as you said, was really hard to tell what certain products suited which skin problems!

    This event looks amazing!

    1. It was great fun :)
      The products still look like Soap & Glory but are a whole lot easier to identify now xx

  6. Ahhhh I am totally in love with Soap and Glory! They cannot do anything wrong!

  7. This event sounds amazing!
    I wish I could've gone and learn lots about their products, as I love every product I've tried so far! :)

  8. OOOh I bet the place smelled amazing.

  9. The event looks fabulous! Such a shame I can't say the same about the new packaging :( You mentioned Glow Job. This new version is marketed as tinted - does it come out of tube already coloured/tinted or is it like the old version with bronzing beads you have to crush to get some colour out of it? Thanks

  10. Really don't like the new packaging, looks really boring :( Hope they've not screwed up any of the products in the process.

  11. That weird moment when you see yourself in someone elses photo! (brunette girl at the dispensary) Loved this event and love your blog!

    Kate x

  12. I need to understand the difference between 2 products as I'm just starting to use soap and glory. I found the wish upon a jar 21 day collagen boosting wonder cream and everywhere is out of stock but in my local boots I found wish upon a jar peptide rejuvenating night cream. I assume that one of these 2 creams is the new formulation. Can you guide me please.

    1. Hi Carolej. The " wish upon a jar 21 day collagen boosting wonder cream" is the old version and is now discontinued. The " wish upon a jar peptide rejuvenating night cream" is the new and ONLY version. As you can see Soap&Glory is undergoing a huge skincare change, some products are the same, some reformulated and some discontinued and replaced by the new ones.

  13. Ah I'm disappointed, I preferred the old packaging! The old packaging was unique, this just looks plain like any other skin care brand x


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