Sunday, 23 June 2013

Accessorize Autumn&Winter'13

It feels funny to write about Autumn and Winter collections when Summer has barely even started but Accessorize have really pulled it out of the bag for this year (no pun intended). Watching this video has made me very excited about what Accessorize have to offer within all the trends for the season with studs, grunge and sparkle being a few of the top trends we will probably all be wearing along with all the traditional warming and jewel colours we tend to see around the season. I love the statement necklaces as I tend to forget to wear accessories some times but by throwing on a statement necklace it is easy to complete an outfit. I wanted basically every necklace shown in the video. I am very excited about the "grunge" trend as I love dark colours and am still obsessed with studded things.

What do you think of the autumn and winter collections from Accessorize?
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  1. It does seem very early doesn't it.
    The necklaces really are gorgeous, I'm never really brave enough to go for big statement necklaces but they really can make an outfit so I might have to brave it this year.
    I also really loved the bags in the collection.

  2. Amazing !!!great pics!
    Really nice blog!!
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