Friday, 21 June 2013

accessorising my iPhone

One thing I love about having an iPhone is that I can change the accessories I'm using when I want. Since I got my iPhone 4s I have built up a collection of cases that I change between as most of them aren't that protective. I really like this pink one from Phones 4u. It is a very sturdy plasticy/rubber style material and really protects my phone, which is fab cause I am good at dropping my phone all the time! Another key accessory for my iPhone are earphones. I'm always listening to music when out and have gone through lots of the Apple earphones as they break all the time. I've wanted an over the ear pair of earphones for a while as they have better sound and let all the drunk strangers know I'm busy when on the train late at night haha! I like the design of this pair by Hednoise and they even have a microphone built in so I can still use them when on the phone.

Phones 4u have a really good range of iPhone accessories so you can really kit out your phone!
I will definitely be going straight to their website the next time I want to get something new for my iPhone.

Are you addicted to accessorising you phone?
*case and earphones sent as pr samples


  1. I love being able to change my covers too!its almost like back in the day when we all had Nokia 3310 phones n were obsessed with changing our phone covers hehe!:)

  2. I love accessoring my phone too, but since I have a HTC Wildfire S I find it difficult to find cases I really like (because my interests are pink, sparkly and covered in rhinestones!). I do have eight phone charms attached to my phone though, and at the moment my case is a pink silcone cat which I absolutely adore.

  3. I love changing my phone case, because then it feels like a whole new phone haha.
    Great post :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  4. I wish I had an iPhone! I love phone cases! I have a HTC Desire C at the moment, it's hard to find cases that I like for them!


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