Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review | Serge Normant Meta Morphosis Treatment

Serge Normant Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment RRP £56*

The past few weeks have seen me attempt to ombre my hair, it doesn't look too bad but it's the first time I have used bleach on my hair and it has really killed it. I was recently sent the Serge Normant Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment from Look Fantastic and I now have a new love in my life.

Serge Normant is a celebrity hair stylist who has worked with clients including Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker to name just a few! He has now created his own range of transformative products that make hair healthy and glamorous for every woman.  

Beautiful hair requires a strong foundation. This intensive hair therapy helps restore, replenish and reinforce dry, brittle, over-worked and damaged hair to its lustrous, healthy state. With Keravis, a Vegetable Protein, to strengthen, protect and nourish the hair cuticle to help prevent breakage and enhance silkiness, shine, and manageability. An exotic blend of Moroccan Lava Clay and Cedar Bark Extract from the Atlas Mountains, works with Nopal Extract (Cactus) to help clarify and restore hair.

The Serge Normant Meta Morphosis Treatment packaging is beautiful and feels very luxurious, having a hair mask in a tub is always good as you can scoop out exactly the amount you need. The treatment is very thick and slightly grainy (maybe the clay), but melts into hair when you apply after shampooing. You are advised to leave the treatment on for 5-20 minutes, the longer you leave it the better the results. I like to apply this then wrap my hair in a turban and have a long bath. The smallest amount of this goes a huge way. It smells gorgeous and creamy, every so slightly floral.

I literally was so chuffed with this the first time I used it. After having bleached the ends of my hair the Meta Morphosis Treatment really helped my hair to feel nourished and look in much better condition. I really expected this to way down my hair as it is quite thick but it didn't at all and helped to tame frizz and add moisture to my dry and damaged hair. My hair is also left incredibly soft after using this too. I am really in love. 

Overall I am so impressed, the Meta Morphosis Treatment leaves me with stronger and more nourished hair than any product I have tried in a long time. It's expensive for my price range but I really think it's worth it if you suffer with hair similar to mine. It is currently on offer here too!

What do you think? 
*pr sample, views as always 100% honest

Monday, 24 June 2013

Haul | Topshop June 2013

Burgundy Fairisle Print Flippy Dress £15 reduced from £26

Spot Bardot Tunic Dress £18 reduced from £32

Grey Floral Print Skater Dress £20 reduced from £32

daisy earrings £2.50
earring set £3.25

Yep I liked the same dress so much I bought it twice but the sale was too good to miss! I needed some new dresses that can be worn all year round so I am glad I managed to pick these four up in the sale. They all are great quality and fit well. I love the lace vest and how it is slightly sheer at the back but still so easy to wear and it looks lovely tucked into the denim skirt, something I have wanted for ages now! I never buy Topshop jewellery unless it is reduced as I think it's way too pricey. I love the daisy earrings and have wanted a pair for years now and the rose gold set is perfect for me too. I really didn't spend that much as I had gift cards and got 10% student discount. The blue spot dress and burgundy fairlisle dress were from a Topshop concession in Debenhams but the rest were from a Topshop store. It's definitely worth looking in concessions for sale bargains!

What do you think of my haul :)?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Accessorize Autumn&Winter'13

It feels funny to write about Autumn and Winter collections when Summer has barely even started but Accessorize have really pulled it out of the bag for this year (no pun intended). Watching this video has made me very excited about what Accessorize have to offer within all the trends for the season with studs, grunge and sparkle being a few of the top trends we will probably all be wearing along with all the traditional warming and jewel colours we tend to see around the season. I love the statement necklaces as I tend to forget to wear accessories some times but by throwing on a statement necklace it is easy to complete an outfit. I wanted basically every necklace shown in the video. I am very excited about the "grunge" trend as I love dark colours and am still obsessed with studded things.

What do you think of the autumn and winter collections from Accessorize?
*sponsored by Spreaditfast

Friday, 21 June 2013

accessorising my iPhone

One thing I love about having an iPhone is that I can change the accessories I'm using when I want. Since I got my iPhone 4s I have built up a collection of cases that I change between as most of them aren't that protective. I really like this pink one from Phones 4u. It is a very sturdy plasticy/rubber style material and really protects my phone, which is fab cause I am good at dropping my phone all the time! Another key accessory for my iPhone are earphones. I'm always listening to music when out and have gone through lots of the Apple earphones as they break all the time. I've wanted an over the ear pair of earphones for a while as they have better sound and let all the drunk strangers know I'm busy when on the train late at night haha! I like the design of this pair by Hednoise and they even have a microphone built in so I can still use them when on the phone.

Phones 4u have a really good range of iPhone accessories so you can really kit out your phone!
I will definitely be going straight to their website the next time I want to get something new for my iPhone.

Are you addicted to accessorising you phone?
*case and earphones sent as pr samples

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review | Firmoo Sunglasses

I live in sunglasses as soon as the summerbhits (even though I still don't think it's started here properly) as they are great way to cover up and help me a little bit with hayfever and constant itchy eyes, anyone else really badly suffering this year? I was offered the chance to review sunglasses from Firmoo and I decided to go for this pair* as they are a little different to something I would normally try and I think they are really lovely with the tortoise shell print. I was very impressed that you receive a hard case and a soft case, as well as the cleaning cloth. The sunglasses are really great quality and I basically live in them now! They arrived really quick too and I was very impressed with the service Firmoo provide, they are actually the top online store for eyewear. They offer prescription lenses and normal ones at really affordable prices. I really recommend checking Firmoo out if you wear glasses or are after a new pair of sunglasses!

What do you think of this pair?

 Firmoo are offering the chance to claim a free pair of glasses too as long as you pay the shipping, just click here.
*pr sample

Monday, 17 June 2013

Review | Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer

benefit fake up hydrating concealer
benefit fake up hydrating concealer
benefit fake up hydrating concealer
benefit fake up hydrating concealer
Fake Up in Light, Medium and Deep £18.50

A while back I attended the launch of the new Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer*. I was verrrrry excited about a concealer that claims to be hydrating and and cover up under eye darkness. I have personally never come across a concealer before that works like this one.

Cover-up goes incognito!This hydrating crease-control concealer - with Vitamin E & apple seed extract - hides dark circles & diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultra-natural look.Available in three shades, it’s proven to keep skin hydrated for 6 hours!

Unsurprisingly I love the packaging of Fake Up. The packaging is so sleek and pretty with the shiny silver tubes and pink detailing. I think it is really lovely and they are all sitting on my dressing table for me to admire every day! It is also very compact so you can easily add it to your make up bag or handbag.

Fake Up has an outer ring of hydrating balm with vitamin E and apple seed extract to give immediate moisture and help with the prevention of aging. The middle of Fake Up is the concealer, which covers dark circles, illuminates and smooths the skin. Fake Up comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Deep. I am pale skinned and the shade Light is a good match for me. I can also get away with using Deep as a contour shade, which is a big bonus!

Fake Up is so easy to use and gives me an immediate result of brighter looking eyes and covers up any darkness really well. It is light in coverage and sinks in so quickly that you don't even really need to blend it. I expected the balm to move everything about and be slippery but I was wrong! It feels very silky and hydrating on the skin, which is perfect for the skin that is under the eyes. It doesn't crease til about 8 hours after applying. Fake Up works really well under the eyes and on any areas you want to highlight but isn't designed for blemishes as it is so lightweight. 

I can't really compare Fake Up to any other product as I haven't seen anything like it but I am completely addicted to it and it has become a staple in my make up routine. Benefit I love you. 
You can purchase Fake Up at Benefit Counters or here.  
*pr samples given at event

Saturday, 15 June 2013

June New Reads

I'm Georgina, an 18 year old student and blogger, starting university in September to study Media Production. I've been running livelaughlipstick for over a year. It's mainly a beauty&lifestyle blog, I talk about products I'm loving and review different makeup, skincare and haircare. I also write lifestyle posts including recipes, photos of trips and holidays I’ve been on and personal advice posts.
My name is Rosie and I'm a 19 year old uni student studying information technology. Half of my time is taken up obsessing over beauty, fashion and makeup related items and the other half is sharing my obsessions over the Internet, whether it be on my blog or on my YouTube channel. If you are like me, and you can't get enough of beauty, fashion and makeup then go and check out my blog!
HI I’m Christina, Kimi and me is my little blog, about all things pretty! I love to blog about fashion, home ware and my two naughty beagles! I started my blog this year, and I’m enjoying every minute! I live in Wales, and I often blog about the gorgeous walk me and the boys go on. I would love you to check out Kimi and me, please let me know what you think. I hope to have some exciting things to share this summer!! 

I'm Sophie and I run sophielouisew_ a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. I am in my final year as a fashion buying student. My blog shows how I keep up my fashion and beauty buying addictions on a student budget! I am currently interning at ChalkPR, a beauty PR company, and I really love it. Expect lots of reviews of all the beauty products I am testing whilst working there! I am currently holding a 100 follower giveaway too!

If you would like to advertise on Ellie's Rambings click here to find out more.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Holiday Hair Removal

would like to say these are my legs however I found this on Tumblr

My fingers are firmly crossed that summer starts here properly soon, but right now it is not looking that promising! However I am lucky enough to be going to Florida this year and I am already starting to worry about all the preparations that come with a holiday. The main thing that I think can be a problem is hair removal. It can take so much time and I will be honest and say my leg hair regrows a bit too quickly for my liking. I love the feel of smooth legs too much to not doing anything about it. I'm going to ramble about all the different hair removal types and my thoughts on them and why I want too (or don't want too) try them!

I always end up shaving to remove hair as it's just what I have always done. However I find it takes ages to do properly and I never finish without having given myself at least one injury somewhere. Shaving only leaves me with smooth legs for about two days at a push before I need to do it all over again and it gets so frustrating having to waste tanning time doing this when the suns out!

Yeah, I could in no way put myself through that pain. Sorry fans of the epilator!
(It's basically a small hand held machine that graps the hair then pulls it out of the root)

I have always been interested in waxing however I am the biggest wuss ever. I do not cope well with pain at all, as much as I want to try it might destroy me! Plus the idea of having to wait for leg hair to be a certain length to get it done between each wax isn't very convenient. However it does give a more long lasting result than shaving so I really should man up and give it a go. 

Laser Hair Removal
The way of hair removal I am most interested in is safe laser hair removal, something I have been considering for a while now. If you want permanent hair removal then laser hair removal from somewhere like Sk:n Clinics seems to be the way to go. It is apparently almost painless and works by beaming a laser at the hair folicle to stop hair from regrowing. Imagine unwanted hair being gone forever and never having to shave, wax etc again. I am desperate to give this a go now.

What do you do to remove unwanted hair? Have you tried laser hair removal?
*this is a sponsored post written by myself

Event | Soap & Glory Skin Genius

Last week I was invited to the Soap & Glory Skin Genius event in London to check out their new ranges of skincare which includes a few new products, the old ones we all love already and a few new formulations. Plus some snazzy new packaging thrown in for good measure but still with the pink vintagey feel we know.

Soap & Glory have developed their skin care ranges in four categories, adding a few new products, reformulating a few favourites and a few name changes so it easier for people to see what products would work for them. And of course the new packaging. The new categories are

Daily Youth- want your skin to have more energy and look "lifted"? Need a daily boot of youth, protection, hydration and repair? Products in this range:
-For Daily Youth (6 in 1 multi-active moisture lotion)
-Beauty Sleep Accelarator (night & flight moisture miracle)
-The Ultimelt (deep purifying hot cloth cleanser)
-Feel Good Factor (translucent bb cream spf25)
-Scrubatomic (daily face polish)
-Peaches and Clean (3 in 1 wash off deep purifying cleanser)
-Puffy Eye Attack (turbo-boost hydragel)
-Smooch Operator (lip butter balm)

Fab Pore- battling breakouts? Clear and purify oily clog-prone complexions with these amazing skin perfecting forumlas. Products in this range:
-The Fab Pore (2 in 1 facial pore purfiying mask and peel)
-No Clogs Allowed (super self-heating deep pore detox mask)
-Scrub Your Nose In It (pore refining formula facial scrub)
-Face Soap and Clarity (3 in 1 daily-detox vitamin c facial wash)
-The Fab Pore (daily micro smoothing moisture lotion)
-DR Spot (super strength breakout clearing gel)

Make Yourself Youthful- Deploy these anti aging formulas- with clinically proven wrinkle fighting actives, for smooth, rejuvenated, younger looking skin. Products in this range:
-Make Yourself Youthful (super serum)
-Wish Upon A Jar (peptide plus rejuvenating night cream)
 -MakeYourself Youthful (rejuvenating facial serum)
-Make Yourself Youthful (rejuvenating eye cream)

The Bright Stuff- Looking a tad tired? Luminise in an instant and energise your complexion with these skin brightening formulas. Products in this range:
-Glow Job (sunkissed tinted moisture balm)
-Bright Here Bright Now (instant radiance energy boost balm)
-You Won't Believe Your Eyes (tired eye brightening moisture serum)

Very exciting stuff right? I am so excited about so many of these products I could go on forever with what I learnt at the event, so if you'd like me to do a post about each range with a lot more information please leave a comment below! I can explain about all the products, what's new and what's changed a little bit, what the products are for, any name changes etc. I really did learn a lot! :)

The event itself was great fun, the Soap & Glory team were really lovely and took the time to explain all the products to me and let me have a play around with everything too. There were cocktails and some lovely food too, which I did restrain myself on. We were offered the chance to take two products home, which was really generous of Soap & Glory so thank you! I chose the Beauty Sleep Accelerator as I have very dry skin and I also picked the Bright Here Bright Now  (this was as accident as I actually meant to pick Glow Job but we all got in a bit of a muddle at the dispensary haha!)

Thank you Soap & Glory for having me!
What do you think of the new ranges? I am pretty sure they are launching later this year around September time!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Review | Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Smoothing Scrub

mandara spa tropical blooms smoothing shower scrub
mandara spa tropical blooms smoothing shower scrub
mandara spa tropical blooms smoothing shower scrub
mandara spa tropical blooms smoothing shower scrub
Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Smoothing Scrub £6.50

 I have been a fan of Mandara Spa and their product range for a while now as it is reasonably priced and brilliant quality. Mandara Spa products are used in their spas over the world and the products are available to buy online and in Sainsburys so you can recreate spa treatments at home. All Mandara Spa products are free from all the nasty chemicals and parabens as well making them even better for your skin.

Exfoliating peach stone granules and soothing frangipani flower milk blended with sweet almond oil will leave skin smooth and moisturised. Immerse yourself in the exotic fragrance of jasmine and ylang ylang and be transported to a calming tropical garden where you can escape, relax and wind down.

The Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Scrub* smells gorgeous with a scent of jasmine and tropical flowers. It is incredibly creamy and milky to apply, and the exfoliating granules aren't harsh on the skin at all. Applying this in circular motions to wet skin every day has left me with really soft and hydrated skin, it is a really lovely exfoilater that works well to remove dead skin and I can use it daily without it being too much. 
If you were going to apply fake tan or wanted a deep exfoliating scrub then this might not be for you, but it is really good for a product you can use every day to keep your skin smooth and soft. 

I am really impressed with this scrub and will definitely be picking up other products from the range. 
All Mandara Spa products are currently 50% in Sainsburys too!

*pr sample

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Haul | Primark May 2013

dresses £10 each 

boyfriend tshirt £3

socks £2.50

diffuser £1

ring set £2.50

bracelet set £2

I went a bit mad in Primark in May, but I think I got a lot for my money. The dresses were £10 each, which is a bargain! I love the crochet dresses, the cut out is so slight around the waist that I can get away with wearing them and not flash my stomach flab. The denim look dress is very Cath Kidstony so I was obviously going to love it. I love maxi dresses for summer, the striped one with the crochet back is lovely but Bertie got stuck in it last week and it's now going to have to be cut down to a midi dress to get rid of the evidence! Both these two dresses come with belts, always a bonus. I needed a plain white tshirt but was no way going to pay £12ish in Topshop when the Primark version is a quarter of the price. I picked up the USA socks because I am going to Florida this year and am obsessed with all things American! The fragrance diffuser was a opick up at the till whilst queuing but smells lovely. I can't go to Primark without picking up some jewellery and I love turquoise for the summer so the ring and bracelet sets are perfect. 

I've already got the craving to go shopping there again!
Have you picked up any bits from Primark lately? Also have you seen they are now selling a few bits on ASOS?!
ps. sorry for the awful pictures, I wanted to film a haul but having a puppy means I have no free time ever and I wanted to get this up as quick as possible before the stock changes

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