Thursday, 2 May 2013

Review | The Great British Florist

the great british florist
the great british florist

A couple of weeks ago I was sent the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from a company called The Great British Florist. It probably sounds silly, but I have been feeling quite down lately but receiving this bouquet put a huge smile on my face and my Nan loved them too! I am gutted to say I lost my memory card and all the pictures on it, meaning I only have these two pictures that I did put up on my Instagram too show you, which is a big shame as you can't see how beautiful they all were. 

The bouquet was presented really lovely and are hand tied. I don't honestly know much about flowers or the how to look after them but the bouquet came with food and instructions on how to keep them for longer. They lasted about 10 days before my Nan sorted out the ones that had died and made her own mini bouquet from them! If you are looking to send a bouquet to someone or need flowers for an event then I'd really recommend The Great British Florist, they use only British flowers and have great customer service too!
The bouquet was gifted to me by The Great British Florist


  1. I love love love the great British florist!! We bought our wedding flowers from them and arranged them ourselves on the day, not only did I save a tonne of money that way it meant I had locally grown flowers (big bonus).

    They arrived on schedule, lasted ages (we sent guests home with flowers) but the customer service provided was great, they phoned to make sure I was happy with delivery. If I ever need flowers for an event I will use them again!

  2. I have never heard of them before but the flowers look gorgeous!! :)

  3. There is nothing nice than a room full of flowers :) xx

    Angelica // OneLittleVice


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