Friday, 31 May 2013

Review | Nanoblur

In one word…magic! nanoblur is tomorrow’s high technology, today. Millions of particles refl­ect light perfectly in billions of directions to make the skin’s surface appear completely ­flawless. Within seconds, pores begin to disappear. Fine lines seem to vanish. Skin texture appears nearly perfect. With one application on skin (even your hands!), you will be convinced that nanoblur will make you look up to 10 years younger in a matter of seconds. It’s that simple.

Nanoblur comes from the clever people at Indeed Laboratories, who you will probably know for reviewing the cult product Hydraluron, which I desperately need to try! I don't really have to worry about aging skin yet as I'm 18, but Nanoblur* claims to help smooth out skin and minimise pores so I was really interested to test this out. Nanoblur is very lightweight and gel like in texture. It disappears into the skin quickly, it feels very luxurious and smooth. 

When applying Nanoblur you are told to apply it as the last step of your skin care regime if you're not wearing make up, if you are then apply after liquid foundation and before powder. If you have dry skin then mixing a small amount in with moisturiser is another way to apply Nanoblur. To apply Nanobur pat it gently onto where you need it. 

To be honest if I'm not wearing make up then I don't need my face too be at its best as nobody will be seeing it haha! I didn't like applying this after foundation as I find it does move your make up around a bit.  Adding a small amount to my daily moisturiser was the best method for me. I found if you just apply it after moisturiser and before foundation it can be difficult to blend into your skin and can be slightly sticky. 

Nanoblur definitely made a difference to my skin, it felt smoother and my pores were slightly smaller looking. I really think this works and I was impressed with the results. My skin didn't look incredible but it was a lot better and imperfections were a lot less noticable. I think it works the best when used as a primer mixed in with moisturiser. I didn't think Nanoblur would live up to my expectations but it really did. 

I will definitely consider purchasing this again in the future as it doesn't really break the bank at £19.99 and it lasts forever as you only need a tiny amount to get fab results. Have you tried Nanoblur?

*pr sample


  1. wow this sounds amazing! i've heard so many good things about both this and hydraluron, i must get around to trying them :)

  2. It does sounds amazing! And not that expensive!!! :) I might give it a try :)

    Lots of love Martha x x
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  3. Wow this sounds great and would be good for, my now, over 30 year old skin :)

  4. I wondered whether this would be any good xx


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