Monday, 13 May 2013

meet Bertie! :)

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So my new best friend, Bertie, is finally home and its been an interesting couple of days. We picked up Bertie my cockapoo puppy on Saturday morning and he is sitting on my feet as I write this! He is so cute it is impossible to be mad at him when he is a bit naughty (luckily that hasn't been too often). He loves cuddles and napping on my lap, to be honest he barely leaves my side unless food is involved, we are best buds already it can be difficult as he cries when I leave him alone or put him in his crate at night. Toilet training him is not that easy either as he is so quick and I can't get him outside fast enough so if anyone has tips please tell me! I love him so so much and he is the cutest bundle of fluff. I'm so lucky to have him even if it does mean gaining a new shadow and loosing my freedom. (blog posts might be slow for a while!) But I am constantly posting puppy updates on my twitter and instagram!
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If you have any tips on puppies please let me know! I'd love to know training ideas including how to get him to cope better in his crate, toilet training or good toys to get etc. Anything, I'd love to know :)


  1. He looks adorable!!! I want cuddles!!! xx

  2. I used to put really 'tasty' chews etc in my dogs crate when it was a puppy a few months back so it was preoccupied and she soon started to associate her crate with a treat, she didn't ever particularly love it but now she doesn't cry etc xx

  3. I want him!!! Lots of reassurance and make sure there are some things in his crate that smell of you so he doesn't get too stressed. Oh, and feed him on a good quality food like James Wellbeloved.

    Now following your blog so I can see lots more cute piccies!

    Hels X

  4. One thing to remember is never ever discipline him in his crate. His crate needs to be a place where he knows he is safe and content. He is very cute :)

  5. He's so cute x

  6. He's gorgeous! I really want a puppy, I miss having a dog so much now I don't live with my parents!
    It's easier to toilet train indoors at first if you can? Puppy training pads or newspaper, and as he gets older move it nearer to the door and eventually outside, then do away with it altogether.

    Jess xo

  7. How damn cute is Bertie!! I am in love

  8. He is the most adorable thing ever! x

  9. Awwww he is so damn cute!! :)

  10. He's a cutie, sooo adorable.

    K xx

  11. Bertie is ridiculously cute! :)

  12. Oh my god he is amazing! I am DESPERATE for a cockapoo x

  13. Your dog is so adorable! I'm so jealous, I really want a puppy :) xox

  14. Aww I love your little pooch! So cute he never leaves your side. Looks like you had a fun week :)

    Amy xxx

  15. OMG he is adorable, just like a little teddy bear. Toilet training wise, try and get him to go isolated to one area, you can get puppy pads, then slowly move the pads closer to the door. oh and definitely reward when he does go out, we used to cut cocktail sausages in half, and use a half from a bumper packet :)


  16. Awwww Bertie is adorable, I have a cockapoo shes 10 months now. She looked just like him when she was younger. They really are such a lovely breed, so frenziedly :-)


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