Wednesday, 15 May 2013

May- New Reads

Hi Lovelies, I’m Elysa and I’m 17. My blog is all about makeup and beauty. As a Makeup artist I can share with you some good makeup tips and tricks. I have loved beauty from a young age but only last year I decided to start my blog on a night that I was very board. I do have dyslexia so please excuse the occasional spelling mistake. I would love it if you could pop over and say hi, it always makes my day. 

I'm Emily! By day I work in a pre-school and by night I blog about my love for all things beauty and fashion. My blog consists of beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts with food posts thrown in. I've been blogging for 14 months and love it! I love sharing my thoughts and reviews with my lovely followers. I'd love you to pop on over and say hi or tweet me. I love nothing more than meeting new people with an interest for anything girly!

I've always loved to write and as an English student what I'm forced to write about isn't glamourous. What did I want to write about- Makeup! So 'Beads of Jade' was born. A place where I natter about make up to my hearts content. I review any brand, from Illamasqua to 17 and chuck in some lifestyle posts too. I've had some training in skincare, haircare and beauty, so I share the little bits of knowledge I've learnt! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog and say hi! 
Just Jess is my little place for sharing bits and pieces of my life, from beauty reviews and recipes through to nail art, what inspires me and even the occasional bit of fashion! I love posting wishlists and favourites, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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  1. What gorgeous finds,
    I've been looking for some new reads :)
    Thank you <3

    Kelly ||

  2. oohh, yay some new reads! <3 x

  3. Ooh, a couple of new reads here! Thank you Ellie :)

    Jess xo


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