Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Instagram Update

Yes I still would fancy 1D | They don't make an Ellie coke! | Finally can get Sinful colours in Boots
Beyonce tickets | Queen B on stage | Florida countdown has begun
Quick OOTD | BBQ season | Bertie is gorgeous

It was a bloody good week. Monday I went shopping with my Nan and picked up quite a few summery things so expect hauls up soon. On Tuesday I went to see Beyonce with one of my best friends Amber. We started planning our trip to Florida that's happening this year too! Beyonce was absolutely incredible, she is the Queen in my eyes! The show was fantastic and I was for once speechless when it ended (and gutted that it was over). The best thing to happen this week was that I BOUGHT A PUPPY! :D Bertie, my new cockapoo, is coming home this week and I absolutely cannot wait, there will definitely be more puppy related things coming up on my blog soon as I am already in love with him. 


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